Monday, January 22, 2018

PAS must watch out for PKR syndrome

Star Online - PAS eyes at least 130 seats and Putrajaya (video not included):

PAS is aiming to win enough parliamentary seats from at least 130 seats they are contesting in the 14th General Election to form the Federal Government.

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said this on Sunday when asked to clarify conflicting reports on the number of seats to be contested by PAS.

PAS reminds me of PKR, wakakaka, especially so in the last two Sarawak state elections.

Sarawak has 71 state seats - guess how many PKR claimed in 2011, the earlier of the last two elections?

49 seats!

Yes sirree and what percentage does 49 over 71 make? Well, don't bother to take out your calculator as it's well over the 50% mark of 35.5.

And there were only two significant Pakatan Rakyat component parties contesting seriously in Sarawak, namely, PKR and DAP.

Anyway, PKR contested in those 49 seats after barking off SNAP who asked for a few in conjunction with its attempt at joining Pakatan Rakyat. That's right, PKR refused to give any to SNAP who would have been a useful ally in Sarawak.

But in the end, PKR lost 46 out of 49, wakakaka, obviously biting off more than it could chew, the greedy monster.

The DAP contested in 15 and won 12.

The PKR merajuk-ness that followed was not conducive to Pakatan friendship and solidarity. Its Sarawak Chief Baru Bian went ballistic with jealousy and his words were shameful for a party leader and worse, directed at an ally, the DAP.

Nik Nazmi, PKR chief of communications or whatever, had (post-election) jealously sniped at DAP in an article he wrote for the now-defunct The Malaysian Insider, challenging the Rocket Party to stand in a Malay-Melanau majority seat. Aiyoyo, Nik, all the wiser after the elections, BUT before the election, his party would NOT allow anyone to touch any of those 49 seats.

But a gluttonous party being what it has been, gluttonous, continued its avaricious ways. I believe it was in late April or early May in 2011, after the elections, that the "royal princess" of PKR (wakakaka) declared firmly that PKR will not cede to other PR members any of the those 46 state seats it lost.


I wonder how many of the 130 seats PAS will contest in GE14 will be won by the Islamic Party?

Berhati2 pak haji, jangan kena syndrome PKR, wakakaka. 


  1. pas already said their target is 40. 130 mean they would contest the mix n chinese seat as well, a cny gify to dap. btw, dap allow others to touch their chinese seat kah?

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    1. wakakaka, I love the low-downs on Trump - thanks matey

  3. Wakakakaka... wordsmith ain't u showing too much of yr scheming??

    Many a time when seat allocation is raised, u play both ends!

    HP is giving too much seats to pribumi lah - irregardless the chances of winning.

    For u, this is a sign of kautaw.

    Now, with pas, u r playing 'good' advisor - asking pas not to swallow what it can't chew!

    Both ends kenal tickled, mana bolih!!!

    To the zombies, u need to be 'verified' by jakim for yr weird preferences!

    They only allow straight lah.

  4. Ya lah.. to challenge Pribumi (52), PKR (51), Amanah (27), and to make DAP tu lan.

    1. What to tu LAN ke?

      90mil from pinklips is more than enough to cover the pas erection expanses (sure loses), with bini's expensive VS undergarments included!

      Just hope that these zombies can remember that their maker is watching them from under.


  5. The scheme is part of Mullah Hadi's secret collusion with Mullah Najib.

    PAS is to maximise its contests to siphon off and split Opposition Votes, as UMNO is condident ITS Fixed Deposit voters will remain steadfast...thus ensuring UMNO victory.