Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Ever since I read about Michelle Yeoh going to Bangladesh to visit the Rohingya refugees, I have been waiting for this to happen in Malaysia, and it did:

The abuses against her was staggering. The humanitarian reason of her visit was totally ignored.

On the Malaysia Net, there exists no bipartisan stand for, say, humanitarianism, compassion, charity, decency, freedom of expression and silly issues like democracy, democratic choice and democratic preferences.

It's the now-current totally brainless vile vitriolic vicious toxicity of our politics a la George Bush Junior's "You are either with us or against us".

Maryam Lee of #UndiRosak received far worse abuses than Michelle Yeoh just for expressing her democratic rights.

The abuses have been so barbarously obscene it reflect puerile 'Otak-Rosak' Malaysians in the midst of our society.

Maryam Lee

Sangeet Kaur Deo 

Earlier Sangeet Kaur Deo (daughter of the late Karpal Singh) had been similarly victimised. Sangeet is a DAP member but had bravely opined that Mahathir was an ill-considered choice by Pakatan as its PM-Designate.

She was abused with the uncouth and insensitive remark for her to go find out from her late father. Distractors vilified her as brainless, but it would seem those who abused her and disrespected her democratic right to express her opinions have been the totally brainless midgets with their otak already rosak.


vicious foul mouths 

evil-intended hearts 


  1. There has been no outburst of vitriol against Michelle Yeoh over her Rohingya visit.
    A few snide remarks about Malusia...these people have a right to their views as well.

    Where did you get the Fake News from ?

    1. http://bernama.com/bernama/v8/ge/newsgeneral.php?id=1431407

      Things started getting political when, instead of focusing on humanitarian matters, she turned her visit into a "Hail To Najib" event.

      That is sure to attract detractors.

      I wouldn't be so rude as some of the others, but she was asking to be criticised when she herself turned this into a political matter.

    2. we are NOT talking about criticisms, but about the sheer barbarity of foul-mouthed obscene abuses

    3. Reading through the article, I wonder whether as part of a Malaysian Special Delegation, Michelle Yeoh had praise Najib's and by extension Malaysia's efforts to moderate the situation.

      Also, is she incorrect in saying that Najib had initiated certain measures to attempt to help help resolve the Rohingya over their situation. Is there no truth in this at all?

      That said, I wouldn't say that some elements amongst the Rohingyas are entirely blameless. For example, a Buddhist friend in Thailand posted me this You Tube video which alleges Muslim violence on Buddhist Burmese, which in turn attracted revenge attacks against the whole Rohingya community.


      Either this video its fake news (fabricated propaganda) or it is true but is not highlighted much online or in the western media.

      That said, it appears that Buddhist Burmese violence on Muslim Burmese is more prominent and there are some Burmese Buddhist monks who are championing it, which is against the spirit and discipline (vinaya) of the Buddhist monkhood. Also, the military has the weapons and Aung San Su Kyi has not come out more strongly in trying to resolve the situation.

      Thus I am cautious about getting drawn in on either side in this conflict since there could be valid reasons for grievances on both sides. However, something must be done to calm it down and try to resolve it peacefully and fairly for both sides, though it appears that Malaysia leans more to the Rohingya said.


      Michelle Yeoh Praises Najib On Rohingya Issues

      Last update: 28/01/2018

      COX´S BAZAR (Bangladesh), Jan 28 (Bernama) -- Malaysian born Hollywood actress Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, who is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme, praised Prime Minsiter Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and the Malaysian government´s efforts to help Rohingya refugees and to fight for their plight.

      She said Najib and Malaysia had done amazing work on the issue and it was very important for Malaysia as a neighbouring country to help the Rohingyas who faced suffering and oppression in Myanmar.

      "We are very proud to recognise the fact that he was the one who championed this in the first place as a good neighbour and doing the right thing as a human being. Our PM has shown great leadership together with the Bangladeshi government with our partners in Saudi (Arabia) and UAE (United Arab Emirates)," she told reporters during her visit to the Rohingya refugees´ area here Saturday.

      Yeoh was part of the Malaysian special delegation to Cox´s Bazar led by Armed Forces chief General Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohammed Noor. The delegation visited the Malaysian Field Hospital that started its operation on Nov 31 and also the Balukhali refugee camp, located about 10 minutes from the field hospital.

      Yeoh said the delegation represented Najib and would report to the Prime Minister once they return to Malaysia.....


    4. All I read was her giving due credit to those who brought their plight to fore and helped made the humanitarian effort a success, namely the PM, Bangladesh, and UAE. Credit must be given where its due when its for a good reason, especially when dealing with life.

      How this can be spinned to elicit hate towards her is beyond all logical sense and human reason. Its as if, some people has traded their humanity for politics!

    5. re your " Its as if, some people has traded their humanity for politics!" you are spot on.

  2. I do not condone such behavior but this is part and parcel of being a celeb, you associate with the corrupt and phony you get the sink..if she had accompanied macron she would have been inundated with praises... works both ways... shila majid got her share too and she was only talking about the state of the economy

    1. we are NOT talking about criticisms, but about the sheer barbarity of foul-mouthed obscene abuses. Is that to be expected from members of the Malaysian society?

    2. If you want an example of brickbats against Michelle Yeoh, here is one


      Anyway, KTemoc, you should provide links to those sites contain articles or readers' comments where they abuse Michelle Yeoh.

      I don't disbelieve you as I have seen similar brainless, vitriolic comments to articles about other issues but it would help if you exposed them.

  3. U & I know as clear as daylight dat females r lowly regarded in Malaysia context. Even in parliament, u hear extremely insulting remarks all e time & no serious punishment is given 2 any male MP. so e general public is following by example of their respectful leaders.

    1. Ktemoc , too, has made sneering attacks on Sheila Majid and Siti Nurhaliza when they made oblique criticisms of the Najib administration.

  4. Anything for humanitarian reasons/causes should be above all politics la..

    These otakrosak evil-intended hearts as depicted from their phrases of torture have shown their capability of even disowning their spouses if they found out that their spouses support Najib.

  5. i think the brainless description suit this maryam lee well, or u think stupid is a better term?

    1. Sorry to break it to u KT but, u had part in stirring this hatred. And now that this hate has taken a life of its own, u come to realise how vile it became.

      Well, its too late now. Once Pandora's box is opened, it can never ever be closed again.

    2. Hmm... now why does it sounds like dejavu when BN people were using these same exact words to describe Refomasi followers?

    3. i still dun understand whats the problem to call one smart intelligent brainless or stupid, whether u r from bn or pakatan. what pandora box r u talking abt?

      btw is kt words on mahathir anwar azmin hadi less vile?

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    1. What was released was budaya toxic politics. This never happened prior to 1998 and it reached a crescendo in 2008 & 2013. Each side now dug-in in their trenches, overlooking No Mans Land (3rd party, fencesitters). And as any historians can tell you, no one actually won WW1.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. WW1 was just a metaphor to describe the political situation now of having BN & Oppos facing each other at the Front, both sides committed to killing each other till the last opponent. And like the No Mans Land span between the 2 opposing sides, there is no survival for those in between (3rd party, #UndiRosak, fencesitters). So how did we come to this dreadful situation? It certainly didnt exist b4 1998.

    4. So how did we come to this dreadful situation? It certainly didnt exist b4 1998.???

      Bolihland comes to such dreadful state of affairs bcoz there were/r no leaders with teloq, after mamak, to do the sopo necessities, no matter how unpopular!

      Mamak is now, hopefully, coming out to clean his mess. He might not BUT then he won't be 'roaming' freely as he once was.

      Case in point, currently my favourite country under study - Colombia.

      Whatever legacies that cause the despicable state of Colombia, before the coming of President Santos, one of the biggest contributor was the lack of leaders who were willing to make tough, unpopular sopo decisions to bring the multiple fighting sectarians to compromises that CAN eventually bring peace to the country.

      No Mans Land is never as it's implied.

      Someone just needs to do something drastic & out of norm to bring life's back to that land!

      A chorus of X'mas choir by some soldier brought silence & peace as in the case of Western Front of WW1 around Christmas of 1914.

    5. Christmas of 1914, happened during the start of the war. Once the toxic gas comes out, its all 'U die or I die'. And this is reflective in the toxic politics of today.

    6. AGAIN, u miss the point!

      Hello, think - out of box, for a second lah.

      Iff someone could JUST expand that feel good idea of the X'mas 1941, there wouldn't be a ww1¡!!!!

      The toxic politic of today IS that doing nothing reflective.