Saturday, January 27, 2018

#UndiRosak's Letter to Pakatan Harapan

From Jason Kay:

Dear PH,

Think of #UndiRosak like a poor copy of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, without the marching or camping out. Yes, it’s that lame a “movement”, I readily concede. It’s lame and it’s lazy. It exists only in social media.

And, that’s exactly why it is so scary, isn’t it? It’s an idea. And you cannot fight an idea other than with a better idea. And so far, critics of #UndiRosak have relied mainly on ad hominem insults, doomsaying of what awaits Malaysia should BN win, and general appeals to ‘do the “right” thing for the “greater” good’. These all fall short of addressing the main reason (as I see it) of the movement. 

The main reason for #UndiRosak is Tun Mahathir (Tun M) being named prime minister (PM) designate should PH win GE14. Many people do not like this, myself included. It boggles the mind that the man so reviled by PH before (and its earlier incarnation Pakatan Rakyat, PR; and Barisan Alternatif, BA) is now leading it.

Yes, many PH leaders, who had actually suffered under Tun M’s premiership, have now let bygones be bygones. They have embraced him as their leader to fight BN in GE14. Well and good. That is their right, and I respect that. But they do not speak for me. And they do not speak for their sympathisers who are now supporters of #UndiRosak because, obviously, we vehemently do not want Tun M to be PM designate. We do not want Tun M to be PM of Malaysia ever again.

That’s the long and short of #UndiRosak, to me anyway.

I do not want PH to be hypocritical. I want PH to take stock of its original values and motivations and if it means postponing its march to Putrajaya for five years, then so be it. And if you think I am a shill, I don’t care. I know I’m not.

The goal, for me, of #UndiRosak? To use my one vote, and voice in social media, to remind PH that in a democracy, the electorate has the power (for this issue, now more than ever) and that it will use that power as long as it is able to, not because it hates PH but because PH did not listen to the many admonishments in the past few months before it named Tun M as PM designate.

Now, PH is listening. And that’s very good. Because we have gotten its attention. What PH does from now on is up to PH. The ball is in PH’s court. It can listen, or it can ignore. Either way is fine by me.

This is what a vibrant and mature democracy should be. Didn’t PH use that very same reason when defending street protests during Bersih? It’s the same reasoning here: Vibrant and mature democracy.

Supporters of #UndiRosak will not be bullied or guilted to abandon our stand. If you can convince us with logical, intelligent, and unemotional arguments, please do so. If they are good, I will abandon my support and promotion of #UndiRosak. 

Let me be absolutely clear — I fervently believe that it is PH and its supporters who are the ones who have lost the plot. I am just reminding them of how far they have strayed from their original path. And I’m doing it with my one vote, and a hashtag.

Let’s discuss, as intelligent adults, if you want. This is a democracy after all, isn’t it?



  1. Well said, Kelab Penyokong Najib.

  2. Well,now with widespread corruption shooting through the roof,subsidies,scholarships and other benefits being cut to feed the feeding frenzy of the rich and powerful,let us all ponder over having cooler heads.

    Firstly there were two options.(1)BN with Najib as PM.(2)Pakatan with Mahathir as PM.Now there is another option #UNDI Rosak option.

    Let us all go back to Mahathir's popular choice of words.Melayu (Malaysians) have very poor fucking memories.Take the recent US presidential elections.Many voters dislike Hillary Clinton but will never vote for a groper,raper and porn star pussy lover like horndog Donald Trump.So what do these people do.They voted for third parties who never had a chance to even begin with or the other option,the #UNDI rosak option.

    They woke up the next day and the rapist,groper and horndog is being elected the next POTUS.Since his inauguration there have being countless demonstrations over the US with millions taking to the streets.All the programs for the poverty driven poor have been cut and 150-200 billion tax cuts for the very top 1% of the population.And well,rumors coming out of the white house kitchen is that female staff have to wear double tampons everyday to protect themselves from being rape from Donald Trump.People who voted for Donald Trump have already starting to regret.Well,what to do.They are stuck with the horndog for the next four years unless special counsel Mueller have enough evidence to prosecute the Donald.

    Do not make the same mistakes as the "VERY SMART American" voters.There is no such option as the #UNDI rosak option.There is only one option.My way or the highway.As Malaysians have three or more options including mosquito parties,in choosing their government,that can only mean one thing.Malaysia is still a democracy.So make your best choice of either Najib or Mahathir.Afterall,how long will Mahathir want to stay in office at his age?

  3. Let there be democracy. Let the spoilt be counted. Let the mahjong players be counted. It does not matter if the government to be appointed in this GE14 is to be decided by a quarter of the population. The hypocrites of common enemy have asked for it.

  4. ad hominem? not really, its clear this undirosak hoard is a bunch of stupid. reason? ph never in power yet, n we r still under one party rule for the last 60 more years.

    stupid is as stupid does. n for sure the not so stupid type already stuff with dedak, or hatred.

  5. idealistic youngsters who have yet to witness a pair of mumbas making out among the bushes, highly impressionable, think highly of themselves and with some egging and funding imagine they can change the world but would probably be discarded like soiled disposable the ec have a 'legit' excuse for unprecedented increase in spoilt votes....imagine more oppo votes being declared just consider these suggestions...stay home, play mahjong..spoil your votes...choose the lesser evil...

    1. stop ranting at those so-called "idealistic youths" and answer their legitimate concern of Mahathir being designated by Pakatan as PM-anointed.

      Just scolding them at your pleasure-anger-frustration does NOT help. WTF do and why should they care about your wish as it's different from their wish.

    2. 5 more years of Malaysian Official 1 rule is not bad, just as 4 more years of Donald Trump is really quite OK.
      Stop the Doomsaying.

  6. the oppo have declared their choice candidate...did you think they pick him out from a handful of straws? don't you think they would have taken everyone's concerns and grouses into consideration and the ramifications? its either a or b now...trying to be a clever dick now serves no purpose

    1. the oppo have declared? everyone's concerns?

      has a significant section of PKR, especially those in selangor agreed?

      have all amanah and dap agreed? Sangeet Kaur deo?

      what about those not members of Pakatan? who is pakatan to dictate to these people who they should vote for? Podah

    2. DAP agreed , officially.
      Sangeet Kaur has a right to speak up, but she does not speak for DAP.

    3. and neither has the DAP party the right to speak for every member and supporters (like me, wakakaka)

  7. the majority have decided, I remember you suggesting Khalid Ibrahim should step down.... wakikiki....the you know what the majority means?

    1. do you mean the pakatan coalition majority or the silent (non-bn malaysian) majority?

  8. In the end, it is all about selfishness. My view is that the connected, strong & powerful are either aligned with PM Candidate Option 1 or 2. If they are really concerned with the future of this country, a real Third Force will be formed to bring the real concerned people together for the benefits of the country. Alas, now we are ended with 3 shitty options, follow Dedak Option 1 or 2 as this site's audiences are pretty much accusing each other of or forget both by spoiling both options which benefits Dedak Option 1 more. Real concerned people who needs to make a living to feed our mouths and our loved ones' mouths just need to face the shitty options ahead and wonder where are the real genuine Malaysians have all gone to?


    God works in mysterious ways.... Eakakakaka

    It may have started as a mischievous attempt to damage Pakatan' s electoral chances...possibly even by Najib Tun Gasak's Black Ops.

    BN supporter types are suddenly screaming against it as they realise support is now spreading like wildfire among.... UMNO supporters...

    This sword has 2 edges...


      Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Prof Sivamurugan Pandian also believed that the bulk of protest votes will likely come from younger voters.

      “High voters turnout will be an advantage for the Opposition but if voters choose to protest, it will most likely come from the younger generation.”

    2. of course it'll be the younger voters as they're the very ones who have been disgusted by Mahathir becoming Pakatan PM-designated. That appointment has betrayed their refomasi-spirit