Monday, January 22, 2018

Forced to makan nasi tengik

Malaysiakini - Regardless of Dr M or Najib winning GE14, M'sia might lose (extracts):

I'm gonna get you, you punk.

(thinks) let's see how I'd get you

Tokyo-based journalist and author William Pesek is the latest to weigh in on the [pending Malaysian GE14] issue in an article published in Nikkei's Asian Review, titled “Malaysia pays high price for political drama”.

On Mahathir helming the opposition, which he once condemned, and his former adversaries embracing the 93-year-old politician with open arms, Pesek said the optimists argue that the end justifies the means.

“Malaysia has effectively been a one-party state for decades, empowering Umno to gerrymander voting districts, close ranks around a stable of corporate champions and perfect a massive patronage machine.

“That hold on power explains why an educated and sophisticated nation of 31 million people ended up with two contenders battling over who is less corrupt.

There is no denying Malaysia cannot or dare not divorce itself from the same group of politicians who have muddied our political waters for aeons, not just years. Their respective backgrounds and pathetic track records have been reviled at, covered up, cursed, praised etc etc but we are still relying on them.

I am talking about politicians like Mahathir, Najib, Anwar Ibrahim, Muhyiddin, Hadi Awang.

Note I have left Lim Kit Siang out of above group because he is a Chinese and therefore whether he likes it or not, he needs to sit it out in Malaysia's top leadership competition.

By the by, if not for Lim Kit Siang, the DAP would have fresh generational leaders in, for example, Lim Guan Eng, Teresa Kok, Ramkarpal Singh, and company.

Whatever we may say about the MCA, MIC and Gerakan, at least they have fresher faces and not old timers like Ling Liong Sik and Samy Vellu, etc.

The DAP and Gerakan saw its old-time leaders like Karpal Singh and Lim Keng Yaik passed away. Koh Tsu Koon while politically young has wisely kept himself quietly away.

While there are fresh or younger faces who are experienced enough to lead, people like Azmin Ali, Khalid Samad, Hanipa Mydin, Saifuddin Abdullah, they have been 'forced' to loiter in the second row because their parties either don't trust them (like PKR not trusting Azmin) or they still lack the sort of party and public popularity reserved for Mahathir, Najib, Anwar and the latter's family.

Like their fathers, Lim Guan Eng, being a Chinese, and Ramkarpal Singh, being Indian, of course have to be disqualified from the top post, both by choice and by party political strategy.

But aren't Malaysians missing opportunities for good leaders in not considering them (nons as they might be) and of course bumiputera mentioned earlier like Azmin Ali, Khalid Samad, Hanipa Mydin, Saifuddin Abdullah.

I have no doubt some of you may want to include Nurul Izzah but I have my reservations about her due to her indiscreet track record and inexperience.

That leaves us with only UMNO members or former members as the nation's very top leaders, people like Mahathir, Najib, Anwar and Muhyiddin. Thanks UMNO for shafting us and for your manipulated political structure (including racial doctrines, policies).

Politically, we Malaysians are forced to  continue makan nasi tengik.


  1. The ultimate insanity would be to allow the same old, same old tired corrupt regime to remain in power, and expect any different outcome in the country's governance.

    It is not about the absolute age of the leaders.

    1. Your "same old, same old tired corrupt regime" has been in existence since 1981

      as long as you refuse to face that fact, or make excuses for your idol, we will continue to have "same old, same old tired corrupt regime"

    2. Correction...the same old , same old tired corrupt regime has existed since 1957.
      I was around to see the corruption and racism in the 1970's when you young punk were still wearing diapers.

    3. How does your refusal to stand up to the corruption and abuse of power of the current Prime Minister help this country's governance ?

    4. answer my question first; don't fend it off with a question

    5. Pariah..... Trying to divert/twist just like yr sifu!

      "same old, same old tired corrupt regime" - blaming the syndrome while totally ignoring the cause!

      Mamak ke, pinklips ke, they r the products of umno regime! Tau tak?

      Moreover, what's the use of having fresher faces while they come from the similar ketuanan gene pool! They learn from their elders too well about enriching themselves while playing the petrified alifbata game.

      Thus, no new tricks from these freshies whom one might kindly labelling them as the 2nd best from the bottom up.

      Yr usual rojak of putting in some Nons, to add spice for the ultras, is just a pathetic fronting for u trying hard to look sensible.

      Hence same to u - as long as you refuse to face that fact, or make excuses for your idol, we will continue to have "same old, same old tired corrupt regime"