Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Aide-de-camp to Captain Mahathir tok-kok

Francis Paul Siah has been the bloke who wanted to ensure "Captain" Mahathir gets a safe seat to ensure the Pakatan Leader emerges from GE14 with a guaranteed victory. No point in being Pakatan's PM-designate if Mahathir can't win a federal parliamentary seat.

mistaken for his adopted brother, Moses


The Constitution says a Senator cannot be PM, thus no masuk melalui pintu belakang Dewan Senate, wakakaka, so Mahathir MUST win his selected federal parliamentary seat.

Thus a concerned-for-Maddy Francis Paul Siah, so shit-worried for his "Captain" Mahathir, previously wrote in Malaysiakini's Let ‘Captain Mahathir’ win in a safe FT seat (extracts):

In the case of 'Captain Mahathir', I don’t believe in taking chances like hoping for the Malay vote to swing or depending on his stature and past influence for support.

There should be no 'ifs'; everything on the table must either be black or white. For this once, don’t even trust yourself that you can make the impossible possible. Many will not be able to stomach the moans of regret and remorse after GE14 should Mahathir falter.

So where can Mahathir secure a sure win? That route takes me to the Federal Territory (FT).

There are 13 FT seats. Apart from Putrajaya and Labuan (a 'no go' for Mahathir in my book), the others are Kepong, Batu, Wangsa Maju, Segambut, Setiawangsa, Titiwangsa, Bukit Bintang, Lembah Pantai, Seputeh, Cheras and Bandar Tun Razak.

Of the 11 seats in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, only Setiawangsa and Titiwangsa are held by Umno. The other nine are either with DAP or PKR.

Some of us must be hoping (perhaps hoping against hope) that one of the nine MPs would be gallant enough to offer Mahathir his or her very safe seat.


Of course, I would love to see the grand old man in Kepong, Seputeh or Cheras. Then, he could just file his papers on nomination day, go on holiday during the campaign period and return to bask in glory on counting night.

Since then Francis Siah sneered at some Amanah members for weeping because they didn't like surrendering their claimed seats to Pribumi - we'll come to that shortly.

Hell, it's not just Amanah members weeping. Poor naive sweet kaytee has been so moved by Francis Siah's concerns for Mahathir (read above) that I too weep, wakakaka.

Always helpful, kind-hearted kaytee recommended a DAP blue-ribbon seat, Kepong for Mahathir - see my post Put Captain Mahathir in Kepong for sure-win.

Coincidentally, Azmin also stepped forward to recommend giving his getting-hotter seat Gombak to Mahathir, wakakaka also.

But I believe in the end Mahathir will stand in Putrajaya because Ku Nan is a such a pushover for a wolf-fox like Mahathir, wakakaka.

Oh, BTW, does that mean Mahathir did not trust either sweet kaytee or Azmin Ali? Wakakaka.

Well, Francis Paul Siah, Mr Ultra Pro Mahathir (& virtually his ADC, batsman and butler), is back to inform us that he hasn't been impressed by Amanah whinging, whining and weeping over lost seats taken by Pribumi, seats like Titiwangsa.

In Malaysiakini's Now, everyone wants to be a YB Francis Paul Siah wrote (extracts):

In Malaysia, as the first step towards achieving that goal, you have to become a YB (meaning Yang Berhormat; Yang Berkhidmat).

He was then a Yang Berhormat

think Chinese would still hormat him after he said above? 

If you lack the stamina to fight, you can cry.

Just review the scene at the Federal Territory (FT) Amanah meeting the other night. It was reported that some FT Amanah leaders were weeping (yes, in tears) because they were not given an FT seat to contest in GE14.

Amanah president Mohamad Sabu was there to pacify his members and offered them a shoulder to cry on.

What’s going on here?

While I think I can understand their outburst at being left out, I would also describe their emotional display as most childish, pathetic and unbecoming of aspiring politicians.

What does FT Amanah really want? Either Setiawangsa or Titiwangsa to contest. And what does this mean? It simply means fulfilling one ambitious leader’s desire to be a YB. Isn’t this the case?

This is a classic example of a “Now, everyone wants to be a YB” case. I apologise to FT Amanah for using them as an example on this subject. But it so happens that it is the most glaring case which was widely reported.

The same is true elsewhere. Johor Amanah was also grumbling about Pakatan Harapan’s seat distribution.

After insulting Amanah (see my highlighted parts above) he apologised to them in a condescending manner a la "I apologise to FT Amanah for using them as an example on this subject".

That's right, he apologised for using them as an example, not because he insulted them for wanting to be a YB. As Penang Hokkien would say, "Ee-ay suan-siao cheen chia-lat", meaning his insults have been far too drastic.

Francis Siah in undeniably a Mahathir admirer so much so I think he considers other Pakatan parties should be delighted or honoured or both to give up their allocated seats or would-be allocated seats to Mahathir and Pribumi, and then smile.

Politically he lives in a dream world, not even aware that for political parties like Amanah to exist, they must win seats, and not because as Francis Siah had put it, someone in that party wants to be a YB.

How can a coalition party like Amanah win seats in the Federal Territory if it cannot get a seat allocated by Pakatan, like Titiwangsa?

It's one thing to admire and hero-worship Mahathir and even carry his gonads, but it's another to noxious-ly dismiss other Pakatan parties' genuine concerns and unhappiness with Mahathir's Pribumi getting a disproportionate lion's share of Pakatan's seats.

Four parties in Pakatan, thus each should have gotten 25% plus minus 5% as suggested by Khalid Samad. Peninsular has 165 federal seats while the Eastern States have 56 (Sabah 25 and Sarawak 31). That should have worked out to be approximately 41 seats each in Peninsular.

Francis Siah should ask (with a bloody bit of balanced logical thinking) why Pribumi gets 52, PKR 51, DAP 35 and Amanah only 27?

Amanah is both a Malay and Islamic party and if the Heartland needs to be penetrated, why dismiss Amanah's capability?

While Amanah is not asking for 41 seats, as a Pakatan member far more senior than newbie racist Pribumi, it should deserve a fair share.

Therefore, should we be sneering at Amanah members for weeping when Pribumi has secured twice the number of seats allocated to Amanah or taken away Titiwangsa (held by PAS thus a logical Amanah seat)? 

Thus Francis Siah should apply the clutch in his otak before he engages gears in his mouth.

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