Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Aiyoyo Nga Kor Ming, wakakaka

From Malaysiakini:

Storm over school block: PSM tells Nga to learn from Dr M

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PSM has censured Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker Nga Kor Ming over a school block in Taiping, Perak, named after him.
Central committee leader S Arutchelvan dismissed the Perak DAP chief's explanation that it was the SJK(C) Sin Min board's decision to do so as “disgusting and unacceptable.”
“Even if it was the school board's decision to pick his name, he can always be magnanimous in declining and telling the board not to do so,” he added in a statement this afternoon.
Arutchelvan said the Teluk Intan MP should learn from Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad on such matters.
The PSM leader quoted Mahathir (below) as stating that when he became prime minister, he did not allow his name to be attached to any building or road.
“Mahathir also said that he forbade schools to be named after him because he did not like to create a personality cult around him,” he added.
Arutchelvan said Nga is supposed to be undoing such practices instead of claiming that it started during the BN administration.
“Being a deputy speaker, he should show exemplary qualities and decline or direct the school board not to do so,” he added.
Sinar Harian reported Nga as stating that the issue should not be politicised
"Soon after we (Pakatan Harapan) took power, I helped the school to obtain CCC (certificate of completion and compliance) in my capacity as (Aulong) state assemblyperson. Later, we tried to get funds for the school facilities," he said.
As for the school board wanting to name the block after him, Nga said he could not prevent them from doing so.
“Malaysians are courteous in their culture. If the school wants to do so, I cannot say no.
"We should help when the school has problems instead of tainting its image. So, regardless of what people said, I will continue to help any school in need," he added.


  1. thats the problem when all tis dap dickhead brag too much in the past.

    y lks yet to put up a motion to cut this nga salary?

    1. HY.. don't rub it in bcos u r going to ruin it. Enjoy ur iftar with this:

  2. another one of those cakap tak serupa bikin bloopers, what's the hurry, just tell the school board to reserve your big fat name after your stint, position has gone to your head is it

  3. Nga should learn from Karpal Singh, not Toonsie.

    Be patient, after die can have road named after you in Ipoh, like Jalan Karpal Singh in Jelutong.

  4. A storm on the tea cup from those who DON'T understand cinapek culture & those who keep mourning his decayed pet cat!

    Naming a building for a contributor has been a eon practice amongst the cinapek. Even bricks & roof tiles had been named!

    For those blurred semi-socialist, they want to tie this no-issue as their (mis)understanding of the bourgeoisie conflicts!

    For the cat mourner & shit-stirrers, it's their chance of venting their pressurised fart!

    1. no one hv problem with the culture or naming, they r talking abt the attitude n conduct of that "contributor". u dun hv to refute anything n everything. i sometimes feel embarrass reading yr justification aiyoyo.

    2. Mfer, can u for once read what u have written?

      What attitude n conduct of that "contributor" r u farting about?

      Clarified for once in yr f*cking life lah.

  5. Talking about naming rights the joke now making the rounds on WhatsApp is the acronym KWAP stands for Kumpulan Wang Ajibkor Punya, and KWSP Kumpulan Wang Saya (ie Jibby) Punya.

    That was why he was angry and upset (no he wasn’t pretending) when told that 42M was deposited into his personal bank accounts. “I approved 4B withdrawal from Kumpulan Wang Ajibkor Punya) but I only got 1%? Who got the other 99%”?

    But PAS, UMNO, UMMAH, ISMA, MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc all silent about this. No anger, no rage, no protest, no press conference, no shame.

    1. It was reported that Najib was shocked and upset to find 42 million in his bank account.

      I think there's a spelling mistake in the reporting. It is supposed to be "shiok and upset". Dia sangat upset because 42 million is only a fraction of the 4 billion he had approved. But he is also shiok because immediately after having received the money, he and wify got on their jets for a wild shopping spree at all the world's most luxurious and prestigious boutiques and high-end shops. Remember Bijan ? wakakaka

      Not only PAS, Umno, Ummah, Isma, MCA, Gerakan MIC all silent about this. Ah Mok and his Botak Sifu too were struck numb and dumb. anger, no rage, no protest, no press conference, no shame.

      Ah Mok and Sifu and some others here are only angry at LKS, LGE and Mahathir...their rage and their protest knows no bound here, everyday we hear them moaning and bitching non stop...betul pun dia marah, tak betul pun dia marah. In the end, it is just marah, marah, marah...they finally found their outrage which they have lost during the Bossku era.

  6. There is a a brick in a Chinese School building with my name on it....wakakka... it was a bit of a stunt by the fundraisers to get larger contributors, but it was fun.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      Yr attitude n conduct as a contributor WILL stunt the pet cat mourner if not the blurred semi-socialists!