Sunday, May 19, 2019

Refugess who bite welcoming hands


Refugees, migrants, terrorists

  • We welcome these refugees out of compassion or other factors, making them new migrants and exposing ourselves to latent dangers the moment we let down our guard, blinded by religious empathy.

Sin Chew Daily
First and foremost, kudos to the newly minted IGP Abdul Hamid Bador.
Several days ago, the police arrested two Rohingyas, an Indonesian and a Malaysian.
It was reported that the people were prepared to launch a terror attack during the holy fasting month, and this would include assassinating people involved in the death of fireman Muhammad Adib, as well as targeting churches, temples and entertainment outlets.
The police found explosive device said to be able to exterminate thousands if going off at crowded places.
This reminds me of the terror attacks on Sri Lanka last month targeting churches and hotels and killing almost 300. The attacks shocked the world and paralyzed the island nation.
Fortunately the Malaysian police are much more efficient and capable than their Sri Lankan counterparts.
Although Sri Lanka had been tipped by India of the attacks, the authorities did nothing to stop them.
What if, in Malaysia, the terrorists are a little wiser and more cautious, or the police a little less efficient, would we become another Sri Lanka?
The thought of this is enough to make my heartbeat race.
I'm not here to exaggerate the potential risks, but lest we forget, two terrorists hurled a bomb into an entertainment outlet in Puchong two years ago, injuring eight people.
Initially the police said the attack was not an act of terrorism but was fueled by business rivalry.
However, the IGP later confirmed that the Malaysian IS was responsible for the terror attack.
What I was trying to say is that no matter how competent an intelligence network is, there are bound to be lapses. Not even super powerful CIA and FBI were able to stop the September 11 attacks.
The thing is, intelligence agency alone is not enough to completely fend off potential terrorism. When information is being collected by the intelligence agency, very high chances are that the terrorists have already set foot on our soil and are putting up their plans before their plots get detected.
A smarter way of doing things is to stop potential terrorists or destructive weapons from ever gaining access into this country.
As a matter of fact, the risks are mostly introduced here by foreigners. Among the four people arrested in the latest operation, one was from Indonesia while two others were Rohingyas from Myanmar.
When SEA Games was held in KL in 2017, the police detained 19 terrorists prepared to launch their attacks during the closing ceremony.
Indeed, 11 of them were foreigners, including Abu Sayyaf militants from the Philippines.
Other terrorists detained in past operations included those from Africa, southern Thailand, Syria and Iraq.
Question: why did our government open the doors wide to allow foreign terrorists to come in?
Malaysia's visa policy hardly takes into consideration the complexity and risk factors involved, and our lax immigration surveillance means undesirable illegals get to come in and go out easily past our doors while the corrupt bureaucracy condones human-smuggling activities.
As if that is not enough, we generously offer shelter to some 150,000 refugees, mostly Rohingyas, along with some Pakistanis, Yemenis, Somalians, Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis, among others.
Sure enough we have our humanitarian spirit, and are compassionate towards the misfortunes of these people.
Nevertheless, the influx of these refugees has not only increased the government's financial burden but also poses potential social threats.
The two Rohingyas arrested were associated with Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, a terror outfit, having secured their refugee status here earlier.
The line between refugees, migrants and terrorists has been obscured beyond discernibility.
We welcome these refugees out of compassion or other factors, making them new migrants and exposing ourselves to latent dangers the moment we let down our guard, blinded by religious empathy.


  1. Malaysia will probably get invaded one day just like the Talibans in Afghanistan losing a country for harbouring Al-Qaeda terrorists who only had to do a 9/11 in NY and Iraqis/Syrians losing their country when ISIS/Daesh terrorists decided to form their own empire.

    There's just no way to stop terrorism when people are indoctrinated with hate for others different from themselves.

    It would be better in the long run to actually stop hate preaching to prevent terrorism, for those preachers of hate are the ones with brains to indoctrinate others to do the work at the expense of other's lives.

  2. Finally you feel what Melayu feel about Cina.

  3. Blardy thick skinned Cina tak tahu malu. Lu dah lupa lu punya Kominis terrorists?

    1. u ban the communist n thats the reaction, u try ban pas see what happen.

      this refugee is a diff story, u grant them a shelter n they wan to bomb u, very brutal n barbaric.


    Congratulations to PM Scott Morrison and Australia's conservative coalition on their General Elections win.

  5. "Immigrants who bite welcoming hands

    migrants, terrorists"

    Congratulations, now you know ...That is exactly how Malays felt between 1948 - 1989 about the many Chinese who took up arms as Terrorists and even more other Chinese who provided food, aid and comfort to the Terrorists.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      "exactly how Malays felt between 1948 - 1989"


      In 1948, the Chinese Malayans were fighting for an independent state while yr me-layu forebears were happily colluding with the pommie colonial master so that thst me-layu lifestyle could continue!

      U called them Chinese Malayans terrorists?

      What do u called yr collaborating me-layu forebears?

      Penghianat! Right?

    2. They are the 'penyambung warisan' indeed.


    4. Warisan

      Disini lahirnya sebuah cinta
      Yang murni abadi sejati
      Disini tersemai cita cita
      Bercambah menjadi warisan

      Andai ku terbuang tak diterima
      Andai aku disingkirkan
      Kemana harusku bawakan
      Kemana harusku semaikan cinta ini

      Dibumi ini ku melangkah
      Keutara selatan timur dan barat
      Ku jejaki

      Bukanlah seorang perwira
      Gagah menjunjung senjata
      Namun hati rela berjuang
      Walau dengan cara sendiri
      Demi cinta ini

      Ku ingin kotakan seribu janji
      Sepanjang kedewasaan ini
      Ku ingin sampaikan pesanan
      Aku lah penyambung warisan

    5. In 1948, the PLA's violent guerrilla campaign to establish a Communist state in China was in full swing.

      The CPM's intention was to similarly establish a totalitarian Communist regime in Malaya, via a terrorist campaign.
      True Freedom had nothing to do with it.

    6. Moron who reads what he wanted to know!

      "In 1948, the PLA's violent guerrilla campaign to establish a Communist state in China was in full swing."

      Was China then anything better under the kmt?

      Is bolihland ANYTHING better under the now feudalistic hamba turned ketuanan freaks when the pommie colonial master had had enough of their me-layu attitude & gave up?

      Freedom pagi siapa?

      U ke?

      Memang bodoh sombong! Ingat lag u punya elites & their cronies lah.

      Proof conclusively of an unthinking sampah container!



      Lebih baik menyanyi anak kecil main api. Tu lah warisan ketuanan freaks!

    7. i agree thats the intention, but this happened in all sea countries. its a battle of ideology when marx believe violent revolution might be necessary, especially when both russia n china communist overthrow the old regime via the revolution approach.

      to paint it as a malay chinese conflict is a evil propaganda to fool the voter n people.

    8. Those moronic ketuanan freaks have long been indoctrinated continuously about these cinapek-communist farts! It's been needed into their reflective thinking NOW.

      So much so, they couldn't see the fact of melayu-communists roaming amongst them. & what were they fighting for!

      Warisan untuk siapa?

      Macam Pendita Zaaba's description about the bloody sucking bangsawan manipulating the blurred me-layu populace!

  6. That is exactly how the Orang Asal in Semenanjung and true bumis of East Malaysia felt centuries ago when foreigners (Melayu) invaded from Yunnan and Indonesia killed many of the natives, greedily stole their land, carved out Sultanates for themselves and had the cheek to call the territory Tanah Melayu. Jibby is one example - Bugis from Sulawesi.

    1. Apa bezanya between how the Americans treating the Red Indians and how the Melayoos treating the real natives here ? Now they boldly call this land Tanah Melayu. Chehh ! wakakakaka

  7. If we try to determine at which point in history as to justify who actually owns the land and are the original inhabitants which are carved up to be their own, then it is mostly pure hogwash politiking, talking cock and Singing songs.

    For those of the Abrahamic faiths, you surely must believe the earth belong to Adam and Eve/Eva who are the first inhabitants, would it not?

    So how far back in history do we want to determine who actually are the original inhabitants of the land today where it is carved up into countries and Nations?

    According to the Abrahamic folklores, then all the tribes migrated to different parts of the world. (not race or tribes or people called Eskimos, Red Indians, Americans, Chinese, Arabs, Jews, Orang Asli/Asal/Pribumi, Malays/Constitutional Malays, Javanese, Bugis, etc since those races don't exist at that time)

    So, any one of those who believe in the Abrahamic faiths are dead wrong to say the land belong to any one race, religion or nationality in perpetuity and even against their own beliefs of their religion as to how the land comes to be owned based even on their own religious historical context.

    If Abrahamic religion is not the factor in determining ownership of the land one is living or standing on, then one must qualify ownership of the land according to which part of the historical timeline are we saying in determining the coming of the first inhabitants to own the land.

    Being a nation called Malaysia since 1957 and the people dwelling in that land called Malaysians, calling fellow Malaysian citizens as immigrants as if we are all living before 1957 just shows the twisted and irrational thinking of those living in a past historical times.

    Worst are those who today still believes and even says this is still "Tanah Melayu" which was called before Malaysia was formed. Back in history it was also called Panpan, Langkasuka, Gangga Negara, Golden Chersonese encompassing wholely or part of Malaya and the Federation of Malaya.

    I don't hear Sabah and Sarawakians calling themselves North Borneons anymore today, do you?

    So, why insist on politiking the continuing use of the word Tanah Melayu. Is it because it identifies with Malay land and race for nostalgia or is it for those who intends on turning back Malaysia to be Persekutuan Tanah Melayu? It is already past in history.

  8. Until 1957 there was no Malaya but 9 Malay sultanates - Penang was cheated away from Kedah by the Poms, wakakaka

    Melaka was invaded and seized by Portugeuse since Aug 1511, and thereafter over centuies ownership changed hands from Portuguese to Dutch to Poms. The last sultan ran away to Sumatra and died there 2 years later. His two sons because sultans of perak and johor. Since then there was and is no heir to the now-extinguished kingdom of melaka

  9. More correctly, there were ONLY pockets of riverine serfdoms controlled by hereditary chieftains.

    There were never any 9 Malay sultanates prior to the arrival of the pommie colonial master. The pommie created the spurious sultanates with extended territories JUST to mind-control the blur & subservient ordinary Malay populace! It was easier to manipulate a figurehead, who was feared by the hamba, then managed a large population of lackadaisical Malays.

    Case in point - how extensive is the legitimate coverage of the sultanate of Malacca?

    Wakakakaka… only surrounding the river mouth of melaka river!

    As for the historical fact that Penang was cheated away from Kedah by the pommie, not 100% truth.

    The Sultan of the time in 1786, Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah, sought from Francis Light assistance against threats to the Sultanate, comprising external problems from both Burma and Siam, and the possibility of disputed succession and internal weakness.

    Francis Light was able to conclude a deal with the Sultanate on Penang Island for the promise of military helps. But, from a position of strength Light, who was not authorised by the Company(East India Company) to guarantee the defence of Kedah, limited the understanding in the 1791 agreement to a less committal form of words.

    1. based on his fradulent unauthorised promise of help, thus an uncommitted British protection, his quid pro quo for Penang should be null and void. But power comes from the barrel of the British gun

    2. One MUST admits that the thought of military supports of the East India Company had played a positive deterrent role to both the Siamese & Burmese invaders to ever doing large scale military actions within Kedah.