Saturday, May 18, 2019

Anwar Ibrahim & George Clooney

MM Online - George Clooney: Brunei boycott over gay death penalty 'warning shot' to Malaysia, Indonesia (extracts):

The hotels boycott that forced the Sultan of Brunei to back down from imposing the death penalty for homosexuality will serve as warning for other countries considering this, US actor-producer George Clooney said.

Speaking on US talk show Ellen [DeGeneres], the Hollywood celebrity singled out Malaysia and Indonesia as among countries purportedly considering such laws.

Clooney earlier said that while shaming was ineffective from deterring countries from pushing such laws, going after their finances and business ties have now been shown to work in forcing them to reconsider.

“[...] And more important is the reason for this is this is something that is manageable, because it sends a warning shot over to countries like Indonesia and Malaysia who also are considering these laws, that the business people, the big banks , those guys are going to say ‘don’t even get into that business, so that’s the reason you do it,” the Hollywood celebrity said.

The actor had been talking about the Brunei sultan’s decision to backtrack on controversial laws which would allow people who engaged in gay sex to be stoned to deathYouTube / TheEllenShow

Ironically, as George Clooney belongs to group of Americans who have, are and will support Anwar Ibrahim as being a 'prisoner of conscience', Anwar showed publicly he has been annoyed with poor George, wakakaka.

In response to George’s “warning shot” to Malaysia (and Indonesia) not to introduce the death penalty for homosexuality, Anwar said that non-Malaysians should not dictate to Malaysia about its laws, civil or religious ... yadda yadda yadda ...

The PKR president said that while Malaysia should consider all views on rights issues, it need not bow to outsiders as it is a sovereign nation

DSAI stated, “You must realise that Americans decide on their own evolution they don’t care about the views of others. The Germans decide on themselves, the Chinese decide for themselves, why must Malaysia be dictated to by the rest?"

“There are general humanitarian issues, which concerns human rights or justice… but to suggest that America or other foreigners dictate terms, [and] we must abide, I don’t think we can govern like that.”

Yet, Anwar knows we Malaysians or at least the Malaysian government has a habit of telling Israel not to oppress Palestine, Myanmar to go easy on the rebellious non-inclusive Rohingyas, and the world on various other pseudo-humanitarian topics from an Islamic point of view.

and worse, they have 'hooked nose'

Likewise other people, eg. George Clooney, NZ PM Jacinda Ardern, have similar rights. And George and gang have been terrifically successful in making the Sultan of Brunei rescind his original order of execution for gay sex. Who in Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore would/could have succeeded in convincing the Brunei Sultan to back down on his extremely harsh law?

Jacinda Ardern 

Without George's efforts, our dearest LGBTIQ citizens may have a perilous experience when in Brunei but now they are at least safe from any potential state execution there.

OTOH, defending Anwar, it's sheer bad timing for our DSAI who is now on a silent-subtle-subdued campaign to become the next PM, hence he has to show his patriotism, Islamic providence and outraged Malaysian-ness, wakakaka.

sorry George, you've caught me at a bad time 

Going to the other side of the court, to be fair to George, he did not say Malaysia and Indonesia have such laws (capital punishment for gay sex) but only as among countries purportedly considering such laws. The 'Ah Hok' blasphemy imprisonment didn't help perception of Indonesia's increasing Islamisation.

I dare say George might be right in his qualified statement, that Malaysia is "among some Islamic countries purportedly considering such harsh laws". I know just which Malaysian Administration will propose, or even eff-the people and bring it about arbitrarily (autocratically), wakakaka. Mind, if that should happen, George Clooney by then won't matter.

But it would have been nice for George if he had included Saudi Arabia together with Brunei as they are Neanderthals in a modern compassionate humanitarian world.


  1. How come no one wants to comment upon the discrimination against the minorities in Malaysia?

    1. The minority guys are 1st Class Citizens, what rot are you talking about ?

      Look at at the luxury cars on the road, more than likely to be owned by a Minority.

      Survey the high-end and upper-middle-class housing in the country and majority are owned by minorities.

      More than 60% of the companies on the Bursa Malaysia have principal shareholders who are minorities.

      As any consumer Marketing professional in Malaysia is well aware, for virtually any consumer product range at the premium side, the principal market is mainly with the minorities.

      The Malays are mainly in the economical or low-end budget side of the market.

      If this is discrimination, you guys should be thankful for the opportunities given.

    2. Do realise that u ACTUALLY meant yr bloodsucking elites within yr hive?

      Who r those elites?

      The umno goons, the big cabled ketuanan macais, the useless blue bloods & of course, those perfidious zombie alpha!

      The Nons work their hardest to prosperity WHILE the minority u described cheated, conned, colluding with frauds to their opulent wealth!

      U tak nampah ke, moron?

    3. "Go into any government department or university, go to a cabinet meeting or to parliament, go to Mindef or Bukit Aman, go into the nation’s corporate boardrooms or banks, go to Damansara Heights, and you’ll find the Malays firmly entrenched there, and rightfully so, as homeowners, entrepreneurs, bankers, scientists, doctors, vice-chancellors, professors, engineers, architects, civil servants, etc. They are holding their own very well and are second to none.

      If anything, it is the non-Malays who are falling further and further behind in many of these sectors as a result of skewered government policies."

      Dennis Ignatius asked : are the Malays really being left behind ?

      It is, in fact, mind-boggling that so many Malay politicians continually harp on how poorly the Malays are doing when all the power to correct the situation has been in their hands for more than 60 years. Instead of fear mongering and race-baiting, they should look at their own performance and their own policies and figure out how to do a better job of governing the nation to the benefit of all its citizens.

      A political construct

      The narrative that Malays are being left behind is, for the most part, simply a political construct that is being promoted to justify the continuation of race-based policies that essentially favour the elites at the expense of the poor and serve the interest of Malay power structures."

      "Instead of perpetuating a siege mentality – that the Malays are about to be overwhelmed by other communities – the government should celebrate the tremendous advances that the Malay community has made in the years since independence and how Malays have taken their place as leaders and change-agents in every area of national life.

      Creating a culture of suspicion, fear and envy of other communities might be expedient in the short-term but it is ultimately fatal to our nation’s progress. Surely that’s one of the most important lessons we must learn from the past 60 yeas of Umno’s racist policies."

  2. Let's not also forget
    the Assad Syria regime's warring on its own civilians, 400,000 deaths so far,
    China's massive Reeducation camps in Xinjiang

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      "China's massive Reeducation camps in Xinjiang"

      How easily to be brainwashed by the western shit-stiring propagandas!

      Read this:


      Compare WHY Xinjiang is so much peaceful now when before the vyghurs zombieic extremists were running wild, killing & mauling innocents in Urumqi!

  3. Ah, another political statement by DSAI for local politiking which doesn't solve the issue of persecution against LGBTs in Malaysia if they exists? (One Minister did say LBGTs don't exists in Malaysia while smoking weed perhaps)

    George Clooney is talking about basic Human Rights for all while the other (DSAI) is talking more about Moslem religious rights and sovereignty of a Nation.

    Funny, it sounds similar and almost the same like the same reasons given by the Sultan of Brunei when implementing Syariah Laws/Hudud as well as some other Moslem countries.

    Does sovereignty of a Nation or a Moslem or other religious Law imposed on a country's citizens, gives any country the right to deny basic human rights to LBGTs or any other groups, class, race, believers or even if imposed on the same Abrahamic believers?

    Is there No Empathy for other's basic Human Rights who are different in beliefs, race, culture, nationalities, tribes etc?

    Who has the higher Moral ground to speak?

    OTOH, Malaysia does discriminate against LBGTs due to religious bigotism and twisted minded parties who also think they are morally right to discriminate LBGTs but has not gone towards imposing the death sentence yet to make it look more like a religious law and belief.

    So, George Clooney also surprise me by hitting on Malaysia and Indonesia, when he should be giving more attention to Saudi Arabia which has also implemented the death sentences on LGBTs in their country just like Brunei.

    Why didn't he? Again politics? Is Saudi Arabia exempted from his morally right views?

    Maybe Ellen Degeneres should host another talk show with George Clooney to explain why?

  4. No new places on non-Muslim religious worship have been permitted in Brunei since their Independence. The only ones still operating date from British colonial days.
    It is an offence to import or otherwise bring in pork into Brunei.
    No alcohol allowed.

    Yet thousands of non-Muslim Malaysians live and work in Brunei, drawn by generous paychecks especially for skilled jobs. They are strictly on work permits only and must leave if they are no longer employed there.

  5. Apart from on-line liberals and LGBT activists, Most ordinary Malaysian Chinese would also consider LGBT behaviour as indecent or immoral.

    Only thing, they would not support legal punishments against them.