Thursday, May 09, 2019

Power transition to Anwar a Maddy non-core promise?

From FMT:

KUALA LUMPUR: One year into Pakatan Harapan’s rule, Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the focus will now shift to the economy and that he will hand over power to Anwar Ibrahim as planned.

However, he did not state when exactly Anwar would take over.

Mahathir told foreign journalists he was an “interim prime minister” and that the power transition, when it happened, would be smooth. He said he did not expect Anwar to make “radical changes” upon taking over.

According to the Straits Times, he said he would not see out a full term and would step aside after fixing problems PH “inherited” from the Barisan Nasional government.

ST quoted him as saying: “We will make most of the corrections within a period of two years, and after that I think the others will have less problems to face.”

Pressed on whether he meant two years in power or from now, he replied: “I don’t know whether it is three years or two years, but I am an interim prime minister.”

his probable heir if he can convince DAP to support Azmin 

Wakakaka - he doesn't know whether he will hand over in two or three years, with one year already gone, and that he will step aside AFTER fixing whatever problems he has identified ... wakakaka again.

I tell you this Old Trickster cannot be believed. He'll play with words to disarm his critics and then WHAM, he strikes.

excuse me if I forget to hand over to ... now who was the bloke I am suppose to hand over the PM position?


But some of you gullible guppies think he's as trustworthy as Nelson Mandela, wakakaka. Mate, consider him as Benjamin Netanyahu or nearer to Malaysia, Australia's John Howard and his infamous 'core promise'. Handing PM position to Anwar is a promise but NOT a 'core promise', wakakakakakkkaaaaaaaaa.

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