Sunday, May 12, 2019

#MenHEN #SedikitCreepy

From The Star Online:

Najib shows ‘proof’ of Kit Siang's obsession with him, says it’s ‘creepy’

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who has been on fire trolling Lim Kit Siang, has another revelation about the DAP stalwart: Lim has mentioned him a whopping 11,400 times on his blog.

The former prime minister said it's “#SedikitCreepy” (a little creepy).

Mr Creepy 

He said a friend of his had sent him a screenshot of Google search results showing the number of times Lim had mentioned Najib in his blog.

“Never mind, as long as Kit Siang is not using my photograph as the background photograph for his mobile phone.

“Then again, who knows?” Najib posted on Facebook on Friday (Jan 25).

He ended his post with the hashtag “#MenHEN”, an acronym for the new title Najib has given Lim: Menteri Hal Ehwal Najib (Minister of Najib Affairs).

The Star did multiple searches of the keyword “Najib” on Lim's blog on multiple devices and found 11,500 to 12,700 results.

Cina pun mudah lupa
I wonder why and how? wakakaka 


  1. A good example of an OCD man who is afraid of Najib. Wakakaka...

    1. Just to endure that kleptomaniac cow is going to be slaugtered, skinned properly in the abattoir mah!

  2. Wasn’t it Jibby who claims to be King of Trolls? Trolling Guanee?

    Bapa tak boleh ikut ke?

  3. Bossku stalked Lim Kit Siang all the way to Sandakan. His party was not even on the ballot paper - PBS has quit BN.

    The Real creep.

  4. Ah Mok may not realise it but his blog is now really, really creepy.

    Every single post is tagged either #MahathirisEvil or #LimKSGreatestTraitor

    1. Ah Moc should listen to Radiohead's famous song titled "Creep", hehehe. Ah Moc is the biggest creep of all...all just because of dedak

    2. Sifu is on involuntary 'leave of action, so someone has to hold the fort to keep stir-fry the amokish feeling of the blur-sotongs mah.

  5. Wakakakkakaka

    Eeeeeeee! Everything seems to look creepy to those fallen kleptocrats who are trolled whether by their political enemies (bogeyman LKS), public (google hits, blogs, social medias) or mainstream media etc.

    It ain't creepy anymore when trolled by the IRB, MACC, AGC etc. The Creepiness may turn to "HORROR".