Friday, May 24, 2019

Is police (PDRM) logo syirik?

MM Online - Police deny dropping words ‘Allah’, ‘Muhammad’ in logo.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 — The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has denied allegations that it dropped the words Allah and Prophet Muhammad in its logo.

PDRM Corporate Communications head Datuk Asmawati Ahmad said it had set two guidelines in the use of the logo which came into effect in 2014 under the leadership of Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar who was the Inspector-General of Police then.

She said the department had detected a baseless statement claiming the PDRM logo was changed under the new team’s leadership.

“The PDRM logo with the word Allah and Prophet Muhammad can only be used on flags, signboards or materials placed in high positions or places.

“The logo that does not have the word of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad is used in printing matters (leaflets, notices or statements) so that in case the leaflet is seated on, trampled, etc., it does not disrespect or dishonour the Almighty and the prophet,” she said in a statement here today.

Asmawati also hoped those responsible for spreading the false claims on the logo issue would stop doing so as it could cause annoyance and undermine the credibility of PDRM as a security force. — Bernama

Indeed, my dear Datuk Asmawati Ahmad, you have explained it very well.

But wait, the religious cartel may not let the PDRM go yet, because there is another glaring factor that you my dear dear Datuk may not be aware of and has let slipped through the 'crack', inadvertently of course.

Allow diligent, fully-aware, ready-to-help and civic conscious kaytee to inform you of what you might have missed, wakakaka.

The word syirik jumps to mind - as everyone in Malaysia knows, especially good Muslims like those in the PDRM, Islam prohibits the display of any form that could be perceived as worshipping that form. Even images of Allah swt and the Prophet pbuh are forbidden.

That brings me to your PDRM logo, which has an image of a tiger. Surely such an image is syirik, like it or not.

And I wonder what about the logo of the government of Malaysia?

Then there is the logo of of the government of Iran ...

Eagle worshippers? 

and of Saudi Arabia.

Tree worshippers?

Mind, Buddhists might also be worshipping trees, but then they are NOT Muslims
(The Bodhi Tree under which Gautama Buddha is said to have obtained Enlightenment)


  1. QUOTE
    Perak Mufti Says Tugu Negara Is A "Big Sin"

    06 SEP 2016

    Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria has declared that it is a "big sin" to build monuments in human forms.

    The religious leader was referring to the iconic Tugu Negara sculpture, explaining that such statues are considered haram in Islam

  2. Man Utd logo got Red Devil
    Jersey got big CROSS on the chest
    (Jibby is a Red Devil supporter)

    Liverpool FC logo got Strange Creature

    Barcelona FC logo got Christian Cross

    Chelsea FC logo got Fire Breathing Lion

    And finally...UMNO Youth Johor please note...

    Johor Darul Takzim FC logo oso got TIGER
    So how...???

  3. Even our country’s ambition to be the new Asian Tiger may be syirik....ha ha ha.

    DPM: Malaysia aims to be the new tiger of Asia

    Published on 24 May 2019

    PERMATANG PAUH, May 24 — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail says Malaysia aims to be the new tiger of Asia while forging ahead to tackle prevailing domestic issues.

    “We are trying to uplift the cost of living, while reviving the economy to become ‘the new tiger of Asia’, and strengthening racial harmony,” she told department heads and village community management council (VCMC) leaders when she joined them for breaking of fast at Politeknik Seberang Prai here today.

  4. A bit rich from people who use "Hell Money" ...

    1. not syirik for Chinese - it's their reliion, wakakaka

    2. Ya laarrr...preparing for the afterworld like a game of monopoly, I am sure there is less humour to extract from it...don't forget the bribes too...ooopppss...the Cina akhirat's version of MACC is not that great and they are preaching anti-corruption to others...see how easy it is to extract humour from Cina beliefs? Should try it some time ;)

    3. superstition but not fanatics, see the diff?

    4. hey, Chinese themselves have comics making jokes of their gods. They may pray to the gods but don't cower before them nor suck the deeks of priests who preposterously claim to speak on behalf of an unseen god, wakakaka

  5. Whose image is on our Ringgit notes? How many of us keep our wallets in our back pocket?

    When will this end....?

    It is considered rude to put baht banknotes in a wallet that sits in the back pocket, as this allows someone to sit on the image of the King, which is considered highly disrespectful. Similarly, stepping on a baht banknote (or coin) is considered disrespectful.

  6. So, the topic today is about Syirik/Shirk in relation to the religion of Islam.

    How can it be Syirik (Idolatry or Polytheism) for Moslems if it is not worshiped or prayed to like most Moslems do in the mosques or even in the deserts? I have not seen any Moslems putting any badge or flag or statue in front of them to pray to or worship, do you? Even the walls of the mosques or anything outside the walls or even the Kaaba or the Quran/Koran are not what the Moslems are worshipping or praying to.

    It is Syirik when you see Moslems worshiping or praying to symbolism of names, flags, statues, monuments, art, design, religion, organisation, institutions, political parties or their leaders etc.
    Similar too are other symbolism of Islamic caligraphy on metal, wood, cloth, stone, marble etc which are hung in houses, mosques, offices or worn or fixed in some places which Moslems are not supposed to go around worshiping or praying to those stuff, do they?

    Hence, Syirik are used by religious bigots to twist everything by interpreting symbolism of religion to make it look like they are protecting the sanctity of their religion or God by banning this and that or removing this and that, even bigger problems arises more so in a multi racial, multi religious and multi cultural society.

    When even everyday normal stuff like clothing, shoes, slippers etc which inadvertently bore any resemblance to any names of God or Prophets of their religion are also equally labelled as Syirik.

    And some even goes to the extreme extent of removing sculptures like the turtle statue at roundabouts, destroying idols, crosses and crucifixes, ancient monuments and historical statues and places of worships, and bombing and killing worshipers not of their same beliefs.

    So, would I be wrong to say, even the PDRM Head of Communications and Kaytee do not understand what is Syirik by the explanations given above?

  7. Kelate's coat of arms....has a pair of kijangs but I am sure Kelantanese don't worship them.

    Johor COA oso got Tigers.

  8. ALL religions make use of symbols and icons.
    This is because humans are highly visual in their mental makeup.

    A picture / symbol/ diagram/ drawing says a thousand words.

    Do PAS supporters worship the moon ? wakakaka

    1. Rocketman worships rocket. Wakakaka...

    2. The Nons who are the majority in DAP have no hangups regarding symbols and emblems.

      The Muslims of PAS, on the other hand , are obsessed with Syirik or UnIslamic symbols. the Bulan symbol unIslamic ?

    3. Wakakakaka…

      What a RD oxymoron reply!

      Dap is not a party based on religion doctrine. So any picture/symbol/diagram/drawing CAN be used.

      Where as pus has a religious dogma that forbids the use of any picture/symbol/diagram/drawing that's considered syirik!

      Who gets the last laugh?

      These zombified ketuansn freaks r really non-thinking beings!

  9. Nah.. it is not syirik.

    The words (logo) Allah & Muhammad means that PDRM adalah sebuah pasukan yang berkhidmat untuk menjaga keselamatan negara dengan menjunjung Syariat Allah SWT dan mendukung Sunnah Rasul SAW.

    But we are an Islamic country.. kan?

    1. maybe, no wonder our guitarist play hotel california in public one woh, its the greatest islamic songs?

      just take a mrt putra heights line, stop at klcc stand, many good music, live band somemore, all day long n of course hotel california wakaka.