Monday, May 20, 2019

Dr. Asma Ismail's 'reality on the ground'

SunDaily - Entrance into public university based on meritocracy: Education Ministry (extracts):

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has come to the defence of Mazlee for comparing the quota system for the intake of matriculation students with the need for Mandarin mastery when applying for certain jobs in the private sector.

Its vice-chancellor Professor Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail said certain quarters should not look at the remarks by Mazlee through a racial lens, but more on the realities on the ground.

“There are imbalances in the employment opportunities in a diverse country such as Malaysia. They represent the realities of now,“ Asma said.

Firstly, I don't understand how a quota system set by the government in 1997 (during Mahathir's 1st Reich), based on official bumiputra-Malay preferences, has any relevance to professional jobs in the private sector.


As written before, how can a non-Mandarin speaking sales executive have close business relations with Mandarin speaking nations like China and Taiwan compared to one who can speak Mandarin.

In some professions, speaking and reading Mandarin would be essential to the job.

Other jobs may require French, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Hindi etc, and indeed Bahasa Melayu proficiencies. For example, if you want to be a TV presenter in Malaysia you in general would be required to speak fluent Bahasa Melayu. I dare say our TV stations-organisations do not require French-speaking proficiency.

To me and many many others, the Education Ministry-set 90:10% quota in favour of Malays is not something we non-Malays support, understand nor can do from a non-political angle.

Not even the DAP, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Teo Nie Ching dare say anything about a ridiculous LOP-SIDED ratio in this so-called 'new' Malaysia. If they can't, WTF can we?

Teo Nie Ching

aggressive whilst in opposition but silent as a mouse now in government 

It's something for politicians to work out the best solution, and currently the best solution in the minds of PM Mahathir and Education Minister Mazlee is 90:10% in favour of Malays-bumiputra.  

Secondly, Dr. Asma Ismail has the brazen nerve and shameless hide to say certain quarters should not look at the remarks by Mazlee through a racial lens, but more on the realities on the ground. 

By 'certain quarters' she is pointing at 'non-Malays' in particular, and especially at Dr Ramasamy, wakakaka.

Dr Ramasamy 

Now, why have I said that Dr. Asma Ismail has brazen nerve and shameless hide?

In relation to her pompous advice not to look through racial lens at Maszlee's 90:10% matriculation process for Malays, isn't that very ratio precisely a 'racist child' born through and from racial process and mentalities?

And has Dr. Asma Ismail consider what's the ethnic ratio in the Malaysian Civil Service, Police and Military, all paid for by taxpayers, many of whom have been and continue to be non-Malays?

And her brazenness is compounded by the reality on the grounds (her word) that Malays constitute only 50.5% of the Malaysian population, while only together with other natives (aborigines, Sarawak and Sabah natives) the percentage comes up to 65%.

Yet her 'reality on the ground' seems to that it's OK for the 50.5% Malays, for example, to be almost 99% in the Malaysian Civil Service.


  1. MCA was OK with the 10% quota for 15 years......I don't think DAP can meaningfully turn this around in 1 year.

    1. under Mahathir's earlier PM-ship it was 100%, exclusively Malays only

      but AAB changed it to 90 Malays:10% nons in 2003

    2. So u must be VERY grateful to the sleepy head lah!

      From 0 to 10%!

      What a f*cked projection.

  2. Another Vice-Chancellor who bluffs her way shamelessly to her own perception of realities on the ground when the Matriculation Programme initiated as an affirmative policy to address imbalances in universities racial imbalances in the 1980s is now seen as a Malay right in perpetuity.

    No facts, statistics presented whether what is the racial composition now in public universities nor even at least facts of how many Malay graduates are turned away from jobs because of a language called Mandarin and reported.

    It's all talk cock, sing song and politiking of a Vice-Chancellor living in her own small world of perceptions.

    How on earth was she qualified and picked to be a Vice Chancellor of USM with such a shameless character without even some little bit of critical thinking as a Professor?

  3. lets ask ourselves a hypothetical question, if the gomen announced that they can afford to accommodate all the nons high achievers (we are talking about our very own human capital here) without neglecting the eligible malay quotas, will highly intellectual people like Dr asma think differently? my guess is she will not, which means we are in deeper trouble than we thought, it's already ingrained in their ketuanan entitlement

    I believe we can afford to accommodate everyone if we are steadfast in minimising leakages, wastage and corruption and manage our economy correctly

    1. it's not only places they are concerned. By 'they' I do not mean the 'ordinary' everyday Malays but the top authoritative personalities/politicians/senior officials. They do NOT want competition

  4. The biggest reality on the ground is the elephant in the room. When can we have a non-Malay PM? Or even DPM?

    When Toonsie appointed non-Malays as AG and Finance Minister, even when these two posts were held by non-Malays in the past, there was already widespread protests.

    1. stop dreaming, at least for another 50 to 60 years

    2. Breakthroughs often start with dreams....

      Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech was made on 28 August 1963. Obama became the first black president on January 20, 2009, 46 years later.

      But some may say we already had a non-Malay PM in PM4 and now in 7...hahaha

    3. Yup...he originally had a S/O (son of) name, and when he went to study medicine in Singapore, the University authorities classified him as an Indian.

      I once had a very interesting chat with his Indian hostel room-mate from those days, he got assigned largely because of his "Indian" ethnic category. ..wakakakaka..he resented that deeply.

      Those days he even had "Indian" mannerisms....wakakakaka

    4. i think chinese shd put in effort to develop private education from primary level to tertiary. recognition of uec n fight for all this quota is actually a drain of resources n waste of time.

  5. QUOTE
    Stop dreaming, not for another 50-60 years

    So using Thayapan’s opinion that the New Malaysia was born on May 13, 1969 we should have a non-Malay PM round about now (50 years - 2019).