Friday, May 17, 2019

From Kancil to a Dog

MM Online - Johor DAP rep raps FB page for calling Labis MP a ‘dog’ over mosque appearance:

HM Sultan Johor was angry with Labis (DAP) MP Pang Hok Liong foo allegedly making a political speech in a mosque

but Pang said he only gave a speech thanking the mosque committee for hosting him and to announce an RM1,000 allocation to the mosque

JOHOR BARU, May 16 — A DAP Muslim state assemblyman today has condemned a Facebook page that had insulted non-Muslims who entered mosques.

This comes after an issue involving Labis MP Pang Hok Liong, who was accused of making a political speech in a mosque last week.

Johor DAP publicity secretary Sheikh Umar Bagharib Ali criticised the owners of the Facebook page “Ops Johor” for calling Pang a dog.

Sheikh Omar Ali’s appointment to Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim) was criticised by Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, who said Sheik Omar belongs to a party (DAP) that had never recognised Islam as the official religion of the country.

“We should not label non-Muslims visitors who enter mosques as dogs.

“And the issue of calling or labelling someone as a dog or animal should be avoided,” said Sheikh Umar when met by Malay Mail here after breaking fast today.

The Paloh assemblyman was commenting on a Facebook post by an anti-Pakatan Harapan (PH) page Ops Johor that insulted Pang by labelling him as a dog for visiting a mosque on May 10.

Sheikh Umar, who is a graduate in Islamic studies, majoring in Usuluddin, and also Islamic Propagation Foundation of Malaysia’s (Yadim) board member, said he believed that other religions do not permit degrading others as animals.

He added that in Islam, the approach of “fatabayyanu” as verifying facts is important as not to cause undue problems.

“To me, the Ops Johor Facebook page approach can cause confusion.

“At the same time, it also paints a negative picture of Islam,” said Sheikh Umar.

Earlier, Pang told Malay Mail that he denied giving a political speech at a mosque in his constituency that had earned him a royal rebuke from Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar today.

Sultan Ibrahim had earlier in a statement said he had received complaints from the community there who were uneasy that Pang had reportedly given a speech in the mosque.

This was despite repeated reminders from him and the Johor Islamic Religious Department for mosque administrators to bar politicians from using such venues for political activities, he said.

WTF happened, how did I become a dog? 

I suppose I'm now in the dog house


  1. Good..>Good...Jakim, Jais, Jabatan Agama Islam Johor, Shariah Sultan should now Order a Bull Dozer and Flatten the Mosque like they did to that Surau in a Hotel for allowing Buddist to say their prayers........Islam already Weakened and all water in Malaysia have 0.00000000001% alcohol and BABI DNA!!....enjoy the day!!

  2. Not sure what has happened to the Malays/ Muslims today.

    Those days when I was a young man , admittedly many decades ago, when Muslims in the nearby kampong organised activities at the masjid, they were very welcoming and appreciative if you, as a non-Muslim, turned up.
    If you made a donation to their welfare fund, it was even more welcome.
    Nobody worried whether your donation money was Halal...

    The mosque isn't just a place of worship, it is often the center of social and community activities.

    Of course, you had to observe proper decorum and behaviour, that is a given.

    Now...a non-Muslim can get all kinds of condemnation for officiating a charity event at a mosque....sigh...

    Mahathir probably bears some blame there somewhere...wakakakakaka..

  3. Well, I think what the owner/author of the Facebook Page "Ops Johor" meant was that like the behaviour of a dog, The DAP MP just follow instructions of the mosque committee inside the mosque to give a speech without considering that the Sultan of Johor has issued an edit forbidding politicians and unauthorised preachers from giving speeches inside the mosque.

    The more appropriate animal behaviorial pattern should be a cow/lembu and not dogs cos not all dogs are easily lead by the nose unlike cows.

    If the owner/author of the Facebook intends it to be a racial politiking one-upmanship issue, then isn't DAP have always being associated with Pigs or Communists according to their political propaganda/ideology? Since when they transformed from one animal to another or a human being from a Pig?

    If religious politiking is the issue, then why associate with animals? Shouldn't he use words like Kafir, Kuffar, Kafir Harbi etc.

    It just goes to show the owner/author who doesn't know how to give a proper anology as having the brain of a bird (birdbrain).

    And those who applaud or liked the Facebook page must surely have no brains at all or any religious understanding of their own and those are definitely called Zombies in the 21st century.