Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Malaysia (Mahathir) has no right to speak up for human rights

From FMT (extracts):

Dr M takes ‘naughty western world’ to task for keeping mum on Palestine

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad speaking at the 9th Annual Grand Iftar with the Malaysian Palestinian community

PUTRAJAYA: Dr Mahathir Mohamad tonight slammed western countries for taking sides with Israel instead of calling out Jerusalem for crimes against Palestine, strong views that have seen the prime minister being labelled as anti-Semitic.

“There is nothing ambiguous or vague about the plight of the Palestinians,” Mahathir told an event with the Palestinian community here, referring to the decades-long struggle for Palestinian rights in the Middle East.

“It is a story about a once free people who have lost their land forcibly through a brutal occupation and this was committed blatantly for the whole world to see.” [...]

“Instead of being grateful for being given an opportunity to lead a life without persecution and pogroms, as they had suffered in Europe, the Israelis decided to persecute Palestinians, whose land they occupied illegally,” he added. [...]

“And attempts by any nation to raise issue with it will result in it being labelled anti-Semitic, a strong reason for the western countries to impose sanctions and other punitive measures on those who speak up against Israel,” he said.

“Today, too, the very nations that created the monstrosity called Israel, are still up to their mischief, rewarding Israel with Jerusalem, by declaring it Israel’s capital.”

Mahathir claimed that Israel kept “violating international laws and human rights daily”, saying Israeli settlements are built every day while Palestinians are denied access to their own lands.

Firstly, how dare my special word 'naughty' is being used, wakakaka.

Secondly and more importantly, much as I am sympathetic to the cause of the Palestinians as everyone here knows and have much criticised me for (based on their own prejudice, wakakaka), I have to say this time Mahathir has forfeited the rights to speak up for Palestine and/or against Israel.


Hasn't he refused to sign (on behalf of Malaysia as a civilised nation) the ICERD and Rome Statue?

How can we bring Israel to the ICC for their war crimes and inhumanities if we don't become party to the Rome convention? By criticising Israel, hasn't Malaysia shown itself as a damn double standard hypocrite?

Mahathir with now a lack of credibility on human rights has to cease & desist from his hypocrisy.


  1. The problem is the Jews consider themselves bumiputra and the Palestinians pendatang because the Torah says so. Sound familiar?

  2. I wonder who in the United Nations of countries wants to listen to a leader of a country about Human Rights for the Palestinians when that country cannot even endorse and ratify a UN International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discriminations (ICERD) for it's own citizens?

    TDM is now equivalent to Myanmar Au Sang Suu Kyi who would be shunned and treated like a hypocrite in any UN assembly when talking about Human Rights.

    It's so embarrassing to even talk about Human Rights of other Nations.

    Better just keep quiet and stop lecturing others. Malaysians just don't have the moral higher ground unless you are also an admirer of "Apa nak Malu, Bossku"

  3. I am completely cynical about Ah Mok's blog, because when those days when anti-ICERD and anti-ICC PM Ah Jib Gor spoke up against Israel, Ah Mok was all "Silence of The Lambs".

    1. like mahathir you have no more right - especially when you're a dedak-motivated mahathirista, wakakaka

    2. Wkakaka...Just doing pro-bono public service to expose Ah Mok's hypocrisy...

  4. Also those with no right: those who rationalize the actions of Tiongfuckingcock instead of simply condemning it.