Friday, May 17, 2019


Just published a new post titled Penang's century old angsana over at my other blog, Kongsamkok.

Extracts: But my most wonderful experience was cycling, walking and frolicking beneath those gorgeous gigantic angsana trees lining Jalan Scotland and Jalan Utama all the way to the Botanical Gardens.

And in April each year, the golden blooms of these wondrous angsana would fall and carpet the roads. But, on rainy days the fallen blooms pose a very slippery danger to motorcyclists.

Since the flowering of the angsana coincides with Cheng Beng [Qing Ming - Chinese All Souls Day, around April], Penangites call the angsana blooms Cheng Beng Hwa, which means flowers of Cheng Beng.

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  1. The natural dye in the flowers is very damaging to the paint finish of cars, and almost impossible to wash off properly. The paintwork will need a deep polish to clear off the stain.