Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Lim Kit Siang as MenHEN

Two weeks ago Daim Zainuddin advised PH ministers to let their performance speak for themselves instead of responding to the constant needling from the Opposition, especially not to dance to the tune of Najib.

like Mahathir and Lim KS, his politics has since changed, wakakaka 

Najib is of course no longer the PM of Malaysia, having lost in the last general election in May 2018. That's ONE YEAR ago and he doesn't even hold any position in UMNO.

Thus Daim has been right, that PH ministers should not allow Najib to spook them.

But Lim Kit Siang disagrees. He said of Daim's advice:

"Tun Daim Zainuddin is half-right — Pakatan Harapan should not dance to the tune of former prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, but should compel Najib to dance to the tune of the Pakatan Harapan narrative."

“I do not agree with Daim that Pakatan Harapan should forget about Najib, as the former prime minister is the de facto leader not only of Umno-PAS axis, but the unofficial Opposition combination which included Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) and Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), but also Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) and the other Sabah opposition parties and Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) in Sarawak”.

yes, his politics has certainly changed

It seems that Lim KS wants to continue in his role as, what Najib has sarcastically described, namely, Mahathir's Minister of Affairs pertaining to Najib or in Bahasa, Menteri Hal Ehwal Najib (MenHEN).

I think it has more to do with Lim Kit Siang's political character. For years since he joined politics in 1969, he has taken upon himself the role of opposition spokesman constantly speaking out against 'City Hall'.

'City Hall' in this sense is a colloquialism which means the 'establishment' or government - the usual use of the term spoken out would be 'You can't fight against City Hall'.

It means 'it's useless to clash with the establishment (government) as one can't win against the authority'. For years on ends, Lim Kit Siang took it upon himself to rail, rant and rave against the government. And by 1983 he made it his business to criticise, clobber and chastise arch-foe (or 'former' arch-foe, wakakaka) then-PM Mahathir, indeed until late 2003.

Lim KS memang mudah lupa 

One of his most courageous and sterling efforts in this opposition role was to condemn and demand accountability from Mahathir for the latter's unilateral declaration of Malaysia as not only an Islamic state but a 'fundamentalist' one - Mahathir has then insisted there was no such thing as various degrees of Islam but only the original one, to wit, a 'fundamentalist' Islam. For more, see Lim Kit Siang's 617 & 929 Declarations.

For his troubles, his 30 plus years of efforts including calling for various Royal Commissions of Inquiry (RCI) to probe into scandals associated with then-PM Mahathir, he was incarcerated, most notably in Mahathir's Ops Lalang.

Lim KS in No 1 position 

But in May 2018, after he had allied his DAP with Mahathir's new racist party, Pribumi (PPBM), he and his DAP suddenly became the ruling coalition. He must have been shocked to realise he has no more role as Mr Opposition, and more so when he doesn't want to be a minister - he explained he didn't want to be a minister because he was worried the Malay opposition might exploit that as him controlling Mahathir.

Again, I personally believe he won't be comfortable in the role of a minister as he was born, bred and brought forth to be a political attack-hound. He can't do anything else - a main battle tank (MBT) can't be a farm tractor.

But fortunately, after the victorious election, his speciality was suited gnam gnam to fulfilling Mahathir's need to hammer the Old Man's bĂȘte noire Najib.

When Mahathir hates someone, he never ever forgives that person and would go after him with a vengeance - eg. Anwar Ibrahim, KJ (and vicariously AAB), and now Najib. Yes, Mahathir's hatred knows no bound, to such an extent we could paraphrase his temperament as "Hell hath no fury as a Mahathir scorned".

But one year has passed and even Mahathir has grown tired of 'walloping' Najib, but not so with our renown attack-hound, wakakaka.

Daim wasn't stupid when he had earlier advised Pakatan ministers to focus on improving their performance and to ignore the opposition's needling, an advice that Lim KS doesn't agree in full. The difference between Daim and Lim KS is that Daim has governed (before and even now) whilst Lim KS knows only one role, to attack.

Besides, Najib has been making fun of 'Chye -Chye' - now, that won't do, wakakaka.

papa, najib's making fun of me

don't worry chye-chye, I'll kowtim him


  1. I like this post cos you pepper it with humour wakakaka can't help myself esp the caption on the last pic, just consider him an old mutt that can't learn new tricks but if he is menhen you must be menher(read racist as in maddy)

    with najib still making hidden moves we just can't afford to let our guard down and I don't see it as attacks but courtesy of reply

    1. alas, I can't be 'men'-whatever as I am not part of the ruling coalition-govt, like LKS is, wakakaka

  2. Lim Kit Siang is just doing his job, helping to neutralise a political threat to the (now) Governing Coalition , in the form of Bossku.

    Why are you so incessantly obsessed to hentam Lim Kit Siang ?

  3. Daim's advice is also applicable in this blog where you just ignore and not even acknowledge nor reply to people using nicks like "Tanah Melayu" and "DAP is Pribumi Bitch" or "Unknown" statements and replies.

    That's because they enjoy 24/7 politiking statements and shoot antagonising statements or replies in their own world of make believe without real facts, figures, justifications but appealing to emotional arguments and equally emotional replies to fill their daily quota of heightened estrogen level which doesn't benefit any intellectual discussions or debates on any topics.

    Reading such responses actually makes our own minds stunted to think coherently and can even lead to amnesia.

    I do have empathy though for them, for their unfounded fears of shadows always lurking around the corners in their minds on most topics, just like Ahjibkor who continue to live his life just to remain relevant to others of the same ilks.

    What a waste of time and effort to reply and entertain against such individuals who are slowly being sidelined and isolated by right thinking Malaysians.

    The best answer to Ahjibkor and his ilks on their political propaganda would just be "Go get a new life and think of something better."

  4. Showdown.....but Jibby will say cannot debate about SRC, 1MDB, Scorpene, Altantuya, cash, Jewelry, handbags.....all sub judice....but can talk about Guanee, Toonsie, Maszlee etc
    Najib to Kit Siang: Enough sniping, let’s have a debate

    Robin Augustin - May 21, 2019

    KUALA LUMPUR: Najib Razak says he is willing to have a freestyle “anything goes” debate with his most fervent critic, Lim Kit Siang, after the DAP supremo resurfaced with a recent string of public attacks.

  5. Hotshot lawyer Shafee certainly won't want Jibby to take the stand in the SRC or 1MDB court cases because Gopal Sri Ram will tear him apart but if Jibby really has a no-holds-barred debate with Kit then the questions can be asked there, and his answers referenced in court. Let's see how this poker game plays out.