Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Questions over Anwar's royal pardon

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan has been very naughty in questioning Anwar Ibrahim's suitability to be PM, since he (DSAI) is a former convict. Takyuddin has been bestowed the kaytee-royal title of Top Char-Koay-Teow-er, wakakaka.

ai ah-nui ar si kay-nui?

As I posted on Saturday in STFU Takiyuddin Hassan my reasoning as to why Anwar even as an ex convict is OK to be PM, we also need to remember DSAI has already received a royal pardon from HM the Agong. And I'm not going to follow Lim GE's style of intimidation by (mis)using HM's name in the ensuing argument, wakakaka.

Takyi, lu kuai-laan, wa tau hor Agong thnea 

Perak DAP vice-chairman Abdul Aziz Bari informed us that royal pardons are in themselves protections against failures or abuses in the justice system. They exists as safeguards against mistakes in the legal system, such as frame-ups on a black eye-d Anwar, where during the Sodomy I court case, even a mattress was hauled into court, wakakaka.

Dr Bari who is a constitutional law expert, said “It is a tacit admission that no system is perfect and that it’s not necessarily foolproof”.

Dr Bari lamented that Takiyuddin as a lawyer was embarrassingly ignorant about the functions and effects of the royal pardon.

Then in what is seen to be a continuous attack on Anwar's suitability to be PM, the issue swung from 'ex-convict' to his pardon by the Agong. It was deduced that the Pardons Board advising the Agong was not fully constituted because AG Gani Patail was absent (already sacked in 2015).

The three key persons in the Board are the Agong, PM and AG. The argument is that although the Agong and Mahathir would have given their consents (with one most reluctantly, wakakaka), the ex AG, Gani Patail, was already absent during the pardoning, and Tommy Thomas was yet to be appointed, and thus Anwar's pardon was asserted as being illegal.

Even if that was the case, easy peasy, just re-do the pardon again to make it legal, with Tommy Thomas chained to his chair to ensure he doesn't ponteng, wakakaka.

But in truth, it was legal because the law says that in the absence of the AG, the Solicitor-General can/could act in his place. Voila. no worries Anwar, wakakaka.

The final argument is that, precisely of what I had written in STFU Takiyuddin Hassan, it really doesn't matter whether the royal pardon had erased Anwar's convictions or not, as he would be in good prestigious company.

all ex convicts 


  1. PAS itself is facing a very embarrassing situation with questions on its Dedak (wakakaka) Cartel, Syariah Compliant lies, and doubts from the Grass Roots on its cooperation with (previously) Kafir UMNO.

    The grass roots have been told to STFU and obey the leadership, but I know the mutterings never go away.

    So...the Anwar Convict as PM issue needs to be shit-stirred to divert attention.

  2. Taki and PAS are wasting their time pursuing a lost cause. Like some people wanting to pursue Toonsie over alleged misdeeds from the 80s and 90s. Malaysians already forgave Toonsie and in GE14 elected him as PM, with full knowledge that Anwar would be PM after two years (or sooner ha ha ha).

    Allah forgave Toonsie, Agong forgave Anwar. Too late, stiff shit, deal with it.

    Taki and PAS are desperately covering up their embarrassment over the unraveling of the PAS dedak cartel and party infighting, the Tabung Haji fiasco that caused Muslims to unknowingly receive illegal dividends according to Sharia law and poor Guanee over at the Finance Ministry has to take over their bad assets to the tune of 10B (he is not complaining but bravely soldiering on).

    Also today we hear money that the Islamic Economic Development Foundation (Yapeim), money meant for orphans, was used to fund a loss making gold pawn scheme, golfing and shopping holidays and payment of high bonuses to their top management. All in the name of Islam.

    Will PAS defend Islam (we hear that phrase so often) and speak up about this shocking state of affairs?

  3. Mohamed Apandi Ali (2015 - 2018)

  4. PAS is looking more and more like UMNO by the day....

  5. Just pure diversionary tactics to take the heat and scandals involving him and PAS leadership off the table, after so many PAS members were disillusioned and exposed to their leadership's unholy and scandalous news coming out one after another.

    As a lawyer himself, he chose his words carefully and he knows very well since the day DSAI was elected as MP for Port Dickson and sworn-in to Parliament (Rules to qualified as an MP), DSAI was already qualified whether as ex-convict or whether the pardon is only given for his latest release from prison and not for other offences earlier or whether the Pardon Board was not constituted properly since the AG was on leave and not around which can be substituted by law in his absence.

    Anyway, the King has already given his consent for the pardon and anyone questioning such pardon will surely subject themselves to charges of insulting the Royalty by law and so it is now diverted as meaning past sentences of DSAI to disqualify him as PM.

    It clearly shows Takiyuddin Hassan as a snake and a lawyer bereft of principles in his desperate attempt to "Wag the Dog" and save himself and the party's leadership from the scandals now arising in the party.

    PAS members being disillusioned might just start joining party Amanah and cause UMNO-PAS coalition to be weakened substantially and give Amanah a chance in the next GE 15 to take over 2 states.

    The President of Amanah and their leaders who defected from PAS previously, seems to be too quiet to take advantage of this situation to go out and justify to current PAS members as to why they should all leave the party and defect like what they have done in forming Parti Amanah and provide them at least the satisfaction that they were not rebels or traitors and that they were the ones actually betrayed at the last Mustakmar when they lost their posts to Hadi and his group of corrupted leaders.

    1. Parti Amanah is a pact of paralyzed goons who suffer from aboulomania. They r been handcuffed to be NICE by their spurious religious beliefs while at the same time doesn't have that sometimes pungent but necessary political will to do the RIGHT things.

      Thus, one sees people like khalid, salahuddin, mujahid who hold ministerial positions that r performing under par in their duties. The worst scenario is they r easily manipulated/influenced by the powerful lil' napoleons within the ministries under their watch to make silly 'altruistic' decisions!

    2. the prostitute party lagi teruk, those no ministerial post one become eunuch, those with minister post become stupid n dumb, the worst is all their supporters now become a thick face pimp.

    3. Is that ALL u could master as the inscribed epitaph for yr pet cat monument?


      Cunning sophist who ONLY targeting what he dislikes while ignoring the act of doing what he criticised!


      Get pkr to bestow u a dewan rakyat seat & I will be LOL, thinking of that fast-mouthed lyt!

  6. Ex Agong is a very kind man. He should have banished Taki out of Kelantan for being such a disrespectful.

  7. PAS is now UMNO’s bitch.....or is it the other way round.....?

    I’m Lovin’ It...!!!

    1. PAS and UMNO takes turn to be each other's bitch, hehehe.

      Just luv them melayoos style...endless possibilities !