Saturday, May 11, 2019

STFU Takiyuddin Hassan

MKINI: PAS sec-gen: Do people really want a 'convict' like Anwar as PM?.

Wakakaka, that was unnecessarily cruel, a bloody punch below Anwar's belt.

Takiyuddin Hassan made the disparaging against Anwar at a ceramah at Taman Indah in Sandakan last Wednesday. I wonder WTF was PAS doing there when the Islamic Party does NOT have significant backing in Sabah and Sarawak? Its past polling experiences there had been monumental failures. Hasn't PAS obtained the idea that Sabahans and Sarawakians didn't and definitely don't take to camel-BS talk

For Ustaz Takiyuddin's information, the famous (late) Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for years by South Afrika's white supremacist regime, thus a convict, yet he became the nation's finest president, showing his Buddha-like compassion, kind-heartedness and a strong proclivity towards reconciliation.

my hero 

Wikipedia informs us that after Mandela became President, he still allowed his white predecessor Frederik Willem de Klerk to retain the presidential residence in the Groote Schuur estate, while he (Mandela) settled into the nearby Westbrooke manor, which he renamed "Genadendal", meaning "Valley of Mercy" in Afrikaan.

Groote Schuur 


And so was Kim Dae Jung a convict too before he became President of South Korea. He even won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Kim Dae-Jung

Patrice Lumumba indeed became the president of the Republic of Congo after he served time in jail but sadly he was assassinated, allegedly through Belgium and US plottings. They feared he was sympathetic to communism, but really, like Ho Chi Minh he was just a nationalist, and probably neck to neck with Nelson Mandela as the greatest African ever.

And would you believe that even Indira Gandhi (India), Olusegun Obasanjo (Nigeria), Dilma Vana Rousseff (Brazil), Fidel Castro (Cuba) were convicts at one time or another yet became either Presidents or Prime Ministers of their respective countries.

Wakakaka, last but not least, Lim Guan Eng was a convict before he became CM of penang (wakakaka).

So I think Takiyuddin Hassan should please STFU before he asked silly question like "Do people really want a 'convict' like Anwar as PM?"


  1. To all convict politicians with political convictions, may the joy be with you. Amen.

  2. RPK has opined that the pardon is unconstitutional because it was NOT in compliance with Article 42(12)(b)(i) & (ii).

    In addition, RPK has impressed that..."Yang sepatutnya, Peguam Negara perlu mencadangkan kepada Lembaga Pengampunan yang diketuai oleh DYMM Yang di-Pertuan Agong untuk pengampunan Anwar Ibrahim, bukannya Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Tetapi, Peguam Negara Mohamed Apandi Ali telah dibuang pada 15 Mei 2018 dan Tommy Thomas mengambil alih pada 4 Jun 2018. Manakala Anwar pula diberi pengampunan pada 16 Mei 2018."

    There was no AG on 16-05-2018. Hmm? Very interesting.. Takiyuddin Hassan may not be silly?

  3. Why Uthy's statement:

    "Do we deliver for the people who voted us in or worry about the people who didn't?"

    got prize but not this one?

    "Do people really want a 'convict' like Anwar as PM?"

  4. i am fine with anwar. pas people okay with anwar in the past, now bec of dedak, they support a thief, pity.

  5. Likewise, he should also ask:

    1. Do people really want a PM who wants to implement Hudud Laws?

    2. Do people really want a PM who looks like an looks, dress, talk like an Arab instead of Malay/Malaysian?

    3. Do people really want a PM who is caught Lying?

    4. Do people really want a PM who calls others Kafirs, Kuffars?

    5. Do people really wants a PM who says non-Moslems cannot be leaders?

    6. Do people really wants a PM who thinks his religion supersedes everything in this world?

    Those above are more important questions to ask then just whether people want an ex-convict (jailed due to political conspiracies, draconian laws, les Majeste, stealing a tin of milk powder, maggi mee or non-payment of traffic fines etc) for it all depends on the severity of the crimes the ex-convicts had committed.

    If he himself tomorrow due to political reasons is charged and hauled to court and convicted, would that also mean he is then ineligible to be considered as PM?

    Convict means the present and ex-convict means the past. Can he even differentiate between the two?

  6. Like so many other people in Malaysian politics, including many Bloggers, PAS leadership has been bought and sold for lucre.

    They are just another commercial commodity, though they don't admit it yet.