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Lim KS told us about the Man who started the ROT in Malaysia

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Dr. M – you started all the rot in Hamlet in your 22 years as Prime Minister
by Lim Kit Siang


Media conference statement by Lim Kit Siang during visit to Pasar Pagi Simpang Kuala, Kota Darul Aman, Alor Setar on Thursday, 12th February 2015 at 10 am

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has declared that I am not a communist but he called me an “authoritarian”.

I do not know whether I should thank Mahathir for clearing me of the “communist” charge which is still hurled against me by UMNO cybertroopers together with other lies and falsehoods like being the cause of May 13 race riots in 1969.

Mahathir wants probably to clear his name for he would look extremely foolish to have allowed a “communist” to operate freely in Parliament, having been Prime Minister for 22 years and Home Minister for nearly 15 years.

If I had been a “communist”, then Mahathir would be a failure as a Prime Minister and Home Minister not to know it.

I am intrigued by his accusation that I am an “authoritarian” and wants my son, Guan Eng, to replace me.

I would not accuse Mahathir of senility although he is capable of pretending to be senile and even pretend to suffer from amnesia, which was quite a show that he staged during his appearance at the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam Videotapes, when he suffered from so many lapses of amnesia which had not been repeated.

Mahathir said I want Guan Eng to replace me.

Was he referring to Guan Eng following my footsteps of being detained by him under the Internal Security Act (ISA), and subsequently “graduating” to be imprisoned in the Kajang Prison for 18 months and disqualified as MP and disenfranchisement of civil liberties like the right to vote and stand for elective office for five years when he championed the rights of a 15 year-old girl in Malacca?

Or was Mahathir referring to Guan Eng becoming Penang Chief Minister? May I remind Mahathir that I was never Penang Chief Minister?

Or was he referring to Guan Eng as DAP Secretary-General? Can I remind Mahathir that I ceased to be DAP Secretary-General in 1999 and Guan Eng became DAP Secretary-General in 2004.

Furthermore, Mahathir should be reminded he was responsible for the dragnet of mass arrests of ISA detention without trial, the infamous Operation Lalang, in October 1987; that he single-handed destroyed the independence, impartiality and professionalism not only of the judiciary, but also of other important national institutions like the police, the Elections Commission, the anti-corruption agency, and the civil service?

Bapak Ops Lalang 

all sacked 

even the Lord president of the Judiciary was sacked 

Need Mahathir to be reminded that it was under his premiership, that Malaysia began to suffer from rampant corruption in high political places and massive abuses of power by those in authority?

After the Federal Court’s shocking dismissal of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s appeal and sent him back to prison for the third time on Tuesday, February 10, Mahathir blogged, quoting Hamlet, declaring that something is rotten in Malaysia.

Yes, something is rotten in Malaysia – as evidenced by a patriot like Anwar Ibrahim being sent to jail for the third time despite devoting 47 years of his life fighting for justice, freedom, human dignity and national unity.

If Malaysians are asked as to who are the top political leaders, past and present, who should be languishing in jail for five years, different names would be mentioned but Anwar Ibrahim would not be among them.

This shows the rot in Malaysia, but it is a rot which was started during Mahathir’s 22-year premiership, and by Mahathir himself!

Today, Mahathir is obsessed with the toppling of Najib as Prime Minister, but this is not because he wanted to stop the rot in Malaysia, to restore the independence and integrity of the judiciary and a just rule of law; to end the subversion of the independence and professionalism of national institutions whether the civil service, the police, the elections commission or anti-corruption agency; eradicate rampant corruption; restore ethics and honesty in public life; re-establish a good education system or restore Malaysia’s economic competitiveness.

Mahathir wants Najib out as the Prime Minister for Malaysia, not to stop the rot which was started by him during his premiership, but for an agenda personal to himself.

[what kaytee has been saying all along, in dedicated emulation of Lim KS' very own words]

This is the rot of Hamlet in Malaysia!


  1. It is fitting that the person who played a big part in creating the mess gets to do the cleanup in the evening of his life.

    He may run out of time or energy first.

    1. stop dfreaming he'll rectify his sins and scandals. As LKS said: Mahathir wants Najib out as the Prime Minister for Malaysia, not to stop the rot which was started by him during his premiership, but for an agenda personal to himself.

    2. Two men who hated(?) each other in the past have now called truce (more or less) and are now working together for a better and New Malaysia and the majority of Malaysians in GE14 agreed to let them be. Why can't we do the same?

      Similarly Anwar has made peace with Toonsie (at least outwardly...ha ha) so the majority of Malaysians in GE14 said let them be as well; if the two of them can work towards a common goal that benefits Malaysia why we must be so chow sim?

    3. First female Chief Justice of the Federal Court, who is highly respected.
      A highly regarded Constitutional expert appointed as Attorney General , whose appointment had significant political cost among the Malay populace.
      Election Commission Chairman who is well respected for his independence and not a Pakatan Harapan politician.
      Many, many independent professional appointments to head statutory bodies, not Pribumi or other PH politicians

      I don't pretend the journey will be easy, and things may well backslide along the way, but the task of rebuilding Malaysia's institutions is Off to a good start.

      What we have here is a really creepy blogger who has an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder to Hentam Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan day and night.

      For his own nefarious agenda, probably a combination of lucre and decades old grudges and loathing.

    4. Monsterball, it is you who is an OCD not KT. He has written freely, fairly and honestly on a variety of issues and topics.

    5. Kt ALSO has a pet cat which has been badly treated by outsiders.

      Unlike the other pet cat mourner who ONLY target anything dap, kt has narrowed his hated pack to mamak, lks/lge/tp!

  2. Can you imagine how the UMNO of yesteryears practically worship TDM as God and now after TDM has betrayed them by toppling them from the Federal Govt. is now looked upon as a traitor who betrayed the Malay, Islam and Royalty cause? But TDM picture is still hanging in the corridors of their party HQ at PWTC to remind them he was once their President and PM. Also hanging are the pictures of Ahjibkor who is the biggest Kleptocrat in the world produced by UMNO, and the picture of the current President Zahid Hamidi, a constitutional Malay who is more proud to be a Javanese Indonesian than a Malay Malaysian.

    Compare that with LKS and DAP who once hated TDM but for the sake of saving the Nation from destruction from Ahjibkor and UMNO/PAS hands, was forced to swallow their pride to allow TDM to take charge with PKR's Wan Azizah together in leading PH to victory.

    Whilst not belittling the contributions of other PH coalition leaders and their parties, civil societies, NGOs, East Malaysians and patriotic Malaysians which contributed towards a PH victory in GE14, can you imagine if LKS and DAP for their own personal pride refused to agree towards this greater cause of saving the country?

    What will happen if PH has not won GE14 and the Kleptocrats ruining the country are not overthrown? Wait another 5 years again for another attempt when TDM may not be around anymore or able enough whilst DSAI continue serving his jail term in Sg. Buloh? Would Malaysia have turned into Greece or like other failed Nations with another 5 years under Kleptocratic rule?

    So, Malaysians should be thankful enough that we have at least sane leaders who came together to provide a formidable challenge in GE 14, inspite of their personal/party differences, who saw the same dangers facing the country heading for ruin under the hands of a Kleptocratic leader and parties working in cohort with him.

    Who are the actual patriotic Malaysian leaders who care for the country and Malaysians? Those in PBBM/PKR/DAP/Amanah/PH or UMNO/PAS/MCA/MIC/BN?

    1. "Compare that with LKS and DAP who once hated TDM but for the sake of saving the Nation from destruction from Ahjibkor and UMNO/PAS hands, was forced to swallow their pride to allow TDM to take charge with PKR's Wan Azizah together in leading PH to victory."

      Soooo adorable these true believers...and I thought LKS and DAP leaders were just like normal human beings, compromising for power...but noo...they are comic book superheros...cute...

    2. What do these dedak bloggers care ? Dapat manyak manyak $$$$$$ dalam their offshore bank accounts and dream of blissful life thereafter...goyang kaki, sipping champagne, lazing at splendid seaside resorts, chasing young things half their age...the country can burn for all they care...the more chaos, the more discord they churned out, the more dedak masuk dalam pocket! this is an opportunity of a lifetime for these dedak bloggers...better than durian runtuh, wakakakakaka