Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Humilating HKL's forensic expert?

From FMT:

Why ask lawyer to withdraw from inquest only now, opposition asks AG

Lawyer Syazlin Mansor.

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno and PAS today questioned the attorney-general’s timing in instructing a ministry’s lawyer to withdraw from an inquest into the death of Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, a fireman who died in the temple riots in Subang Jaya last year.
PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan said Tommy Thomas should have asked lawyer Syazlin Mansor to withdraw as counsel for the housing and local government ministry much earlier and not towards the tail end of the inquest.
“Why ask Syazlin to withdraw after five months? Prior to this, objections were raised when it came to the lawyer who wanted to represent the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple, but Syazlin’s appointment was not objected to,” he said at a press conference.
While Takiyuddin did not identify the lawyer, it is believed he was alluding to M Visvanathan, who was to represent the temple’s task force.
In February, the High Court had dismissed applications by the temple task force and devotees to take part in the inquest as both applicants had “no nexus” to the incident.


  1. Right on cue, ISMA and UMMAH will follow soon....then mass rally, petition to Agong....

    MCA will chime in anytime now, Gerakan too...

    Meanwhile no complaint about the robberies at Tabung Haji, KWAP pensioners fund or Felda.

    It’s all getting a little too predictable.

    1. What robberies at TH, KWAP, and FELDA? Have anyone being found guilty and serving jail sentence? Typical RBA rant!

    2. can we appoint a ag base on merits? n fm as well? not just fill up the 10% quota.

    3. The AG is appointed on merits.

      Tommy Thomas is one of Malaysia's foremost Constitutional lawyers.

      He is light years more qualified than the 3R Kangkung lawyers now screaming for his dismissal.

    4. U?

      Have u gotten yr name up to manmanlai yet?

    5. i think merit shall mean doing the right thing at the right time, tt seem to be either light years ahead or light years behind what normal people perceive at proper time n space.

    6. There IS no doing the right thing at the right time!

      Simply bcoz of the dilemma of what constitutes a right thing & what time is the right time?

      To whom, too.

      Besides, most of the time right thing can't be the nice thing, which bleeding heart like u like to trumpet high & low, at the same time.

      Merit is judge by the later day readers who then have the f*cking hindsights to brag about what's the right thing & when's the right time!

      So stay put in yr present (current) age & don't ever u worry about merit.

      Unless u can time travel to 22+yrs from now & fart about yr then inconsequential hindsights!

  2. Defending the indefensible - only from those petrified zombies!

    Perhaps these zombies CAN'T see the monkey loyak acts this hp6 Syazlin r performing. But then, they ain't known as zombies for nothing!

  3. What's this monyet loyak learns her trade?

    Nobody seems to question how she could accept the jobs (from two opposing parties) to represent them in a common case!

    Her tuition MUST has missed out the ultimate principle of conflict of interest.

    Her working ethic IS been kept in the rubbish bin!

    Similarly, those officers in the local & housing ministry acted in a very questionable way in engaging her service.

    Experience should have them putting conflicting of interest in the top most guideline in engaging lawyer to representing the ministry. Yet these officers still go ahead -

    1) against the directive of getting ag chamber's lawyer to represent the ministry

    2) possibly knowing the outside lawyer they engaged has a husband working as a special assistant to the minister

    R these officer nincompoops, goyang kaki in the air con office OR they r moles out to do monkeying business with a newly appointed blurred minister?