Saturday, May 18, 2019

Maddy approved only 10% for nons in matriculation

From FMT:

UUM supports quotas for matriculation programme

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Universiti Utara Malaysia in Sintok, Kedah.

KUALA LUMPUR: Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) has come out in support of the Cabinet’s decision to maintain the entry quota of 90% for Bumiputera students and 10% for non-Bumiputera students for the public university matriculation programme.
Its vice-chancellor Prof Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani said the increase in student intake to 40,000 places compared to 25,000 earlier is fair as it is in line with the original objective of the programme.
Bashawir said the programme is to develop potential Bumiputera students in science, technology and professional fields through quality pre-university education to produce excellent human capital.
“It should be remembered that the matriculation programme was introduced especially for Bumiputera students following the problem of racial imbalance at universities and it was the Cabinet under the leadership of Tun Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) in June 2002, which approved an allocation of 10% quota for non-Bumiputeras starting from the 2003 intake.
“As such, the decision of the Cabinet on April 24 to increase the intake of students was the second concession after 16 years by the government to resolve the problem of eligible non-Bumiputeras who could not obtain places in line with the mission and vision of New Malaysia to be more inclusive,” he said in a statement today.
On April 24, Education Minister Maszlee Malik said the intake of students into the ministry’s matriculation programme would be increased to 40,000 places compared to 25,000 earlier.
He said the programme was being expanded because there was a need to increase the number of students in science.


  1. Wakakakaka…

    Memang bodoh sombong! Lagi teruk from a lalang vice-chancellor!

    There is a skewed competition requires 25 team players, supposedly to be selected from groups A & B. There is also a set quota of 90/10% in favour of A.

    However, A can only contribute 20 persons by scrapping even the bottom of the team barrel by multiple tweaking of the competition requirements.

    Now, if the competitors r increased to 40 with the same 90/10% quota. A has to fill the increased 36 positions allocated to A based on the same set quota.

    Since A has already ran out of qualified players contributing the best of the worst 20 players to meet the allotted quota (36). Meaning there is a shortfall of 16 that needs to be filled by B who's quota-set participants is been limited to 4 (10% of 40).

    Unless A is insisting on filling the vacancies using morons. Thus jatuh further the standard of the overall team performance!

    Indirectly the total number of players contributed from B is now 20 (4+16).

    The group B is feeling better bcoz the actual intake is now 20 instead of 4.

    Meanwhile group A is elevated (syiok-sendiri-ish) as the same quota of 90/10% is been retained with the new total increment, even though in actual case A csn only manages to provide 20 at best!

    No politikus will admit to this arrangement openly. So no point flocking this dead horse into a grandmother's story lah.

    U hear it from me - wakakakakaka !!!!

    1. y lks belum ask that dap deputy edu minister to resign?

    2. After that request manmanlai to recommend u as the new replacement!


      I'm waiting for a lyt-style of LOL!

  2. So, after about 20 over years, is the racial imbalance in UUM or the public universities resolved yet? Where are the statistics and numbers?

    How does he qualify to be a Vice-Chancellor of a public university with suck weak and unjustifiable reasons to justify a clearly racist quota set on an affirmative policy to address imbalances which now seems to be going into perpetuity?

    Has he/she no shame/dignity to be a fair minded person?

  3. If the retards here can rationalize the stupid things that Tiongkok does by saying it is a secular or atheistic or communist country, then this can be justified by saying that Maaysia is a Malay-special-rights country.

    1. ccp treat all religious more or less same, as soon as u show a sign of organised activity that pose a threat to society, ccp will suppress, no diff if u r a catholic, muslim or falun.

    2. RD moron, more correctly a spurious Malay-special-POSITIONS country.

      Memang syiok-sendiri-ish bodoh sombong!

  4. I like this photo of shows him sitting in his office, with an empty bookshelf behind his head. Very apt....his head is empty too.

    And if you look closely at the pen he is holding to write something, either he is holding it the wrong way round or the cap is still on. What a dumb ass.

    1. There is probably a copy of Kosmo lying just inside the drawer!