Thursday, May 16, 2019

DAP in Johor poo-house

Malaysiakini - Speech at mosque: Johor Sultan fumes, MP defends himself (extracts):

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar is incensed over a DAP lawmaker delivering a speech at a mosque, which the Johor ruler said had caused unease.

The monarch accused Labis MP Pang Hok Liong of politicking and challenging the position of Islam.

However, Pang told Malaysiakini that he did not raise political issues, but was merely distributing aid to mosques and surau in conjunction with the month of Ramadan.

A photograph of the veteran lawmaker giving a speech at Majlis Tenang Steysen in Labis on May 10 had gone viral on social media.

Pang was also accused of disobeying a Johor Islamic Council (Maij) circular barring all politicians, except the menteri besar and state religious affairs exco, from delivering speeches for official programmes in mosques.

'... caused unease'?

'... challenging the position of Islam'?

Methinks His Majesty might have gone overboard with poor Pak.

But undeniably, Pakatan especially DAP is currently in the Johor dog house. To wit, t'was bad timing for Pak Hok Liong to do what he did, no matter how innocent he might have been.

Thus Pak, as a member of Mahathir's ruling coalition, has 'caused unease' amongst the Johor Heartland and has defiantly 'challenged the position of Islam'.

Guilty until proven otherwise, Pak is now in Sh*tville.


  1. The big picture is Ibrahim Iskandar abhors the Pakatan government, especially its Head Honcho Mahathir.

    As Ibrahim should realise by now, it is very dangerous for Royalty to wrestle with Mahathir directly. You might end up with a bloody nose and other very serious injuries.

    The attack on the DAP ADUN is just about opening another front in the battle and War, and DAP is a useful whipping boy, just throw in "Sanctity of Islam" into the picture for added effectiveness.

  2. these fooking kepaladick kepalapin dap people never learn do they, what is the fogging big deal in giving aid personally, five minutes of fame and glory? just send a Muslim rep to deliver on your behalf, on the flip side, if I am a decent and appreciative person who cares for the wellbeing of people, I would probably say thank you for your aid but next time please don't come dressed like danny la rue, bad influence

    1. A trap that's waiting to happen for some of these blur2 dap reps!

      Showing muhibbah in personally delivering raya goodies in a mosque!

      Never learnt & possibly brain death (脑残)in attending to gain a 5sec news mention.

      Now… how to salvage a premeditated political fitnah?

      Won't turn clean - just like jumping into sungai muai for cleansing. Instead get even dirtier!