Monday, May 27, 2019

Mahathir won't replace Maszlee, DAP doesn't care


Let the voices be heard

  • How could an education minster be fit for this job if he fails to uphold the spirit of learning and fair competition? Photo courtesy: Bernama

Sin Chew Daily
The online petition to replace education minister Maszlee Malik is now signed by more than 100,000 people and is progressing very well towards the goal of 150,000 signatures.
Many people around me have signed unhesitantly.
Of course, we all know that Mahathir is not going to replace Maszlee, not even if half a million people have signed the petition.
But we still need to tell Maszlee and his boss Mahathir and other cabinet colleagues, including those from PPBM, DAP, PKR and Amanah, that as rakyat we want to express how we feel, which is that Maszlee is not fit for the position of education minister
An education minister with some common sense should not have been unaware of the total irrelevance between “language proficiency in job market” and “matriculation quota”.
Chinese students are well versed in a few languages not because of some gift out of race-based privileges but their own hard work. As education minster, Maszlee should not have downplayed non-bumi students' ability to learn several languages just to defend a biased racist policy.
An education minster with the slightest empathy would not have said non-bumi students make up majority of private university enrollment because they can afford it.
Chinese students go for private universities not because they are from well-to-do families but because of the unrealistically high threshold for their admission into public universities. Many parents have to send their children to private colleges that charge up to 10 times higher tuition fees than public universities as they cannot afford to send their children overseas.
As education minister, he should not overlook the economic plight of many non-bumi families in his quest to justify the racial quota.
Over 100,000 people have signed the petition because of his denial of non-bumi students' hard work and his contemptuous attitude towards non-bumi families' contribution.
How could an education minster be fit for this job if he fails to uphold the spirit of learning and fair competition?
The petition now signed by more than 100,000 Malaysians represents the agony buried deep inside the hearts of many, as well as their complete disillusion with this government.
We are eager to find out what attitude the PH government holds.
PPBM Youth strongly backs Maszlee, arguing that the abolition of vernacular schools should precede any debate on racial quota.
I really can't tell how different PPBM is from Umno, ideologically. Both parties have taken racism for granted and have vowed to wipe out vernacular education, not realizing that some 18% students now studying in Chinese primary schools are Malays.
PKR has so far kept mum over the issue despite the fact they call themselves multiracial. A party that only wants the votes of the country's diverse communities but is unwilling to safeguard our diverse cultural legacy is one without a soul.
There has been strong backlash from DAP grassroots, but those on higher ranks, including many of our ministers, have remained largely silent.
Party veteran Lim Kit Siang is only engrossed with the kleptocracy debate with former PM Najib but fails to see the education minster's racist tricks.
He even declares that the petition demanding Maszlee's resignation has nothing to do with his party.
I'm just curious whether there is anything that will bother DAP other than going relentlessly after Najib and MCA.
So, should I assume that a petition signed by over 100,000 people and voices of millions of Malaysians no longer matter to DAP now?

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