Friday, May 17, 2019

Al Fatihah, SM Mohamed Idris, Pahlawan Pulau Pinang

FMT - Prominent consumer advocate SM Idris dies:

GEORGE TOWN: SM Mohamed Idris, one of Malaysia’s most prominent consumer advocates, died today at the age of 93.

Idris, who headed the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP), breathed his last at 4.45 pm at the Gleneagles Medical Centre.

He leaves behind four children.

Idris, a former Penang municipal councillor, was born in southern India on Dec 6, 1926, and was a vocal spokesman on consumer and environmental issues affecting Penang.

He was educated in the Islamic madrasah and Tamil schools in India, before attending a Christian missionary school in Penang

Al Fatihah, SM Mohamed Idris.

You have worked unceasingly, dedicatedly and valiantly in your role as CAP Boss, the ever vigilant warrior for the interests of Penangites.

We will miss you.

Kaytee wonders why the Penang government has not honoured him with at least a Datukship?


  1. I believe he had been offered titles before but in true form he declined. Perhaps posthumously his family will accept on his behalf.

    1. No datukship or whatever ..ship please...such titles are tainted...a hallmark of shame

  2. Rest in Peace.

    Why the Penang government has not honoured him with at least a Datukship ?

    CAP was once the most respected and feared (if your organisation or company was in the wrong ) champion of consumer rights in Malaysia.

    Many times, if the CAP directly took up a consumer's case, the business in contention just kwai-kwai amicably settled the dispute.

    In its heyday, it received many international accolades.

    In the last decade or so, CAP has drifted further and further into a fringe group. Some of its more recent pronouncements were downright strange.

    As a result , government and business entities have more and more just ignored or dismissed them as a sideshow.
    A bit sad what CAP has become.