Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ku Li alerts UMNO for snap election

MM Online - Umno must get ready for snap GE, says Ku Li (extracts)

KUALA LUMPUR, May 16 ― Chairman of the Umno Council of Advisors Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah called on party members to prepare themselves for an early 15th general election, even though the current government’s mandate only expires in 2023.

The Umno veteran better known as Ku Li said preparations must also include seat allocation discussions with new ally PAS and the remaining Barisan Nasional component parties, namely MIC and MCA. [...]

The ruling Pakatan Harapan has designated Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as its next choice of prime minister to succeed incumbent Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with a change of hands mid-term.

However, Umno has insisted that the succession is unlikely to happen and snap polls will be called instead.

Umno acting president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan claimed in a ceramah while campaigning in the recently-ended Sandakan by-election that Dr Mahathir will not keep his promise of passing on the baton to Anwar after two years.

The Rantau assemblyman said he was familiar with Dr Mahathir’s character and from what he knew, the latter will not relinquish the post to Anwar.

“Instead, when the time is up in two years, he will soon dissolve Parliament and call for fresh elections instead,” Mohamad was quoted saying.

Poor Anwar - is it his fate to be NEVER the PM of Malaysia? Foiled by Mahathir at his cusp of becoming the 5th PM in 1998, he was jailed a few months later (in April 1999). Many say Mahathir has since neither forgotten nor forgiven Anwar for what the latter attempted in 1998.

Knowing Mahathir's alleged immense hatred of him, it's likely the Old Fox has something up his sleeve to deny Anwar his long overdue rights to ascend to the highest political position in Malaysia.

Can Mahathir call for a snap election before Anwar demands it's his time to take over (sometime in April-May 2020)? Does Mahathir need to obtain the agreement of its allies?

The table below shows (as of 07 March 2019) the following Pakatan composition:

(As of 7 March 2019)
  Pakatan Harapan (129)
  UPKO (1)

Since GE14, Pribumi (Bersatu) has sucked enough scums into its rotten belly to grow from 13 to 26 in its parliamentary representation (though not of the voters choosing).

If it demands a snap election, and leaves the Pakatan coalition with its 26 seats, the Pakatan government will be left with 103, short of 9 seats to form majority rule.

In a large number of Western democracies, such a status could and would possibly result in a 'minority government', at least until GE15.

But that's unlikely in a politically toxic Malaysia. The only solution to Pakatan (minus Pribumi) retaining majority rule would be by coopting Gabungan Parti Sarawak and its 18 MPs, or

  •      PBB (13)
  •      PRS (2)
  •      PDP (2)
  •      SUPP (1)

by coopting the following's total number 0f 10 MPs.

  •      PBS (1)
  •      PBRS (1)
  •      STAR (1)
  PSB (1)
  Independent (3)  

If Pakatan can't coopt either group or a smattering of a minimum of 9 MPs from them, then Mahathir can easily demand a snap election on the basis that no political party or coalition commands the confidence of the majority in parliament.

There is also another possibility, that Mahathir's Pribumi (26) joins forces with BN's 40 MPs, PAS's 18 and Gabungan Sarawak's 18. That total will then be 104.

It will then require just another 8 from the delightful froggy part of Malaysia.

Oh, one more possibility, wakakaka - that of PKR splitting into (for simplicity) two equal halves, with Azmin taking 25 across to Mahathir.


That will then provide Mahathir with 26 Pribumi, 25 PKR, 40 BN and 18 PAS to give it a total of 109 MPs. All it then needs will be just three more frogs - easy peasy.

Hmmm, all possible. Red alert for poor Anwar Ibrahim. Wakakaka.



  1. This is 2019...there are plenty of ways to produce smoke without any fire.

    Wong Chin Huat's analysis is correct - both Mahathir and Anwar understand they have too much to lose - a lose-lose situation - if they engage in fratricide.

    Supporters are a different matter. They both have supporters who have vested interest in Shit-Stirring or conjuring up a mutual fight.
    This is in addition to UMNO opportunists and hanger-ons such a PAS.

    Mat Hasan, Ku Li, Takiyuddin, are all doing their piece of Wishful Thinking , hoping to instigate their active hopefuls.

    Fat Hopes.

  2. I am almost sure when Bob Dylan wrote 'blowing in the wind' he was like totally inspired by ku li

    ku li have said many things that are still blowing in the wind

  3. Wakakakakkakaka

    So much wishful thinking among those fallen from power and continuing to disrupt the governance of the PH Govt. and create disunity among PH component parties.

    Politicians of course with their supporters can continue with all their politiking but hoping for another GE in order for UMNO, BN, PAS, GPS or whatever party against the current democratically elected Govt. to make another comeback must surely take the cake.

    When any party especially the leaders, warlords, supporters have lost the credibility to rule in the eyes of the majority of Malaysians, expressed by the majority of votes in elections, does it really matter how many times Parliament is dissolved and GE held again?

    To make it clearer to those still hopeful of a comeback, how do you suppose their party will fare when another election is called? Will it be better or for worse?

    In the worst case scenario, do you think the majority of Malaysians will still vote for useless leaders or those who are already known and being charged as kleptocrats, thieves, liars, hypocrites etc. Who is more credible, assuming Malaysians have no other choice but to choose among the two and the parties their leaders represent?

    Wouldn't it be better for the survival of those parties which have currently lost their credibility, to rebuild, and get rid of their tainted leaders, so that their parties can survive the next GE and gain the support of majority of Malaysians with new more credible party leaders?

    Was that what perhaps the Prince forever waiting to be PM was trying to say to UMNO members instead of being twisted by adding in what Mat Hassan and his Arabian night stories was saying?