Friday, May 17, 2019

Maszlee selling shoes to China?

Malaysiakini - 'Equality not just about matriculation, also Mandarin requirement for jobs' (extracts):

Providing equal opportunities to all races should not only be looked at from the perspective of education, but also employment, Maszlee Malik said today.

Speaking to Universiti Sains Malaysia students during a question and answer session, the education minister cited the example of certain jobs requiring applicants to be able to speak Mandarin.

Maszlee was answering a question from a student who asked him about the possibility of loosening the quota system for the pre-university matriculation programme.

"Matriculation is just a road to university, just like a diploma, STPM and so on. But the matriculation programme gives the chance for the poor to advance their studies at the pre-university level.

"If we want to change, if we say in 'Malaysia Baru' there is no need for a quota system and so on, then we must also make sure job opportunities are not denied to bumiputera just because they don't know Mandarin," he said to a round of applause.

"We should not look at such issues in isolation – we harp on (the quota system in) matriculation without bothering about people being denied jobs because they don't know Mandarin, for instance.

"If we can make do without all that, if we can give equal and business opportunities, then we can talk about being fair to all."

Chinese and Indians who want to sell stuff to Malays like, say, an outboard motor for fishermen, must speak in Malay or they won't be understood or even worse, be ignored.

But I suppose Bapak Kasut Hitam is one of the very few Malaysians (probably the ONLY one) who can sell, say, black shoes to Mainland Chinese (people of China) without the need to talk to them in their native tongue, namely, Mandarin.

I presume he waves, waffles and wriggles his (black) shoe-clad feet as a means of communicating with the Chinese in China. He's an Ace.

An Ace Idiot!

One issue, namely, entry into the Matriculation process, is about entry to a Malaysian education system, whilst the other, the ability to speak Mandarin, is about the necessity of using that language to make a sales, manage Chinese (Mandarin) speaking staff and workers, or to promote international trade with China and Taiwan and even Hong Kong.

But trust his Pribumi Party racist credentials to make a comparison between two widely divergent issues.


  1. Garbage In Garbage Out.

    His own Ministry's problem like PTPTN debts he cannot solve he highlights another ministry's problem (HR Ministry - Kulasegaran).

    HR Ministry is the "customer" of the Education Ministry. Give them employable graduates, don't ask them to dumb down their standards just because you cannot do your job.

    What next? Will Maszlee ask employers to employ graduates who cannot speak English or are computer illiterate?

  2. There is plenty to criticize on Maszlee's performance as Education Minister, and his non-answer is a classic case of evading by switching the subject, and he did not address the original question on Metrikulasi at all.

    However, as a person involved in business, I can say there is some truth in "Mandarin Speaker required" issue.

    I am proudly the employer of a multi-racial team, and the best candidate who fits the job is the one who gets hired.

    In Malaysia, if you do that fairly, you will find that you DO end up with multi-racial employees.

    Even front-line Customer-facing staff, you need a mix of people who can speak Chinese dialect, Mandarin, English and Bahasa, even Tamil. This is Malaysia, your customers come in all shades of skin colour.

    Unless you are hiring 1 person only, then that may be an issue.

    There is a small number of posts where it is compulsory to be fluent in Mandarin spoken or written, but that is an exception, not the rule.

    Some Chinese employers are using "Mandarin Speaker required" as a form of semi-deniable racial discrimination.
    That is the ugly truth of the matter.

    That includes firms that
    a) Do not have significant Selling or Buying activities with China
    b) Or their China , Hong Kong or Taiwan clients import or export staff are easily able to communicate in English.
    c) Internal functional jobs where most of the other staff are actually quite able to use English or Bahasa.

    d) Their all Mandarin-speaking staff is simply a function of past mono-ethnic hiring practices, not an objective job requirement.

    Some Chinese do need to look themselves in the mirror when they talk about racism.

  3. with such intellect it is obvious mazlee is not fit to be the em, by the same token, if the job market demands and require mandarin we should start taking up the language like the rest of the western economy and academia

  4. Wakakakaka…

    "Bapak Kasut Hitam is one of the very few Malaysians (probably the ONLY one) who can sell, say, black shoes to Mainland Chinese (people of China) without the need to talk to them in their native tongue, namely, Mandarin."

    U have forgotten he is well trained in the 'alibaba' type of business. Get a middleman who talks Bahasa to him & talk Mandarin to the mainland Chinese. That's probably how the kasut hitam idea arrived!

    Moreover, one must give 'credit' for a lalang PhD holder in confusing skill requirement with race profiling.

    Been able to stand out from the other contenders for the job by proving more than skill sets in a job application is a correct career attitude.

    Any additional proficiencies of any skill sets r added advantages in a real marketing world .

    Speaking Mandarin is JUST a skill which can help one to be more marketable in the current sopo business world.

    U want to be employable in a competitive world, make very sure u have more skills, linguistics &/or hands-on experiences, to prove yrself. Otherwise, pakai kabel best wanting to be spoon-fed by crying father mother to yr sugar daddy lah & work under yr imagined cozy tempurung with gaji pagar.

    Lagi, if u have known that the employer is a bigoted fool by prerequisited ONLY Mandarin speaking for a casual job to exclude others, then WHY r u still want to work with him/her. Tak other kerja lain ke?

    Bearing in mind, AGAIN, Mandarin speaking is not the sole right of the Chinese!

    Where did the bloody race issue arrives?

    Excuses, more excuses for wanting to get employ with just yr own miniscule qualification w/o showing more ability!

    Perhaps, this is another meme-ed attitude of these melayu youngsters who have been indoctrinated in that never-ending ketuanan fart that this is my tanahair(???).

    All must meet my standards, NOT the marketing requirements out there in the REAL world.

    What a bunch of f*cking morons of the failed state!

  5. Obviously, it shows he is a more of a politician and not a leader who is qualified to be an Education Minister.

    Politicians are those who mixed up everything instead of being focused on their job roles and responsibilities in the post given to them.

    When politics is the main criteria for determining education policies then the end products/results will follow the phrase "Never the twain shall meet".

    Does he live in the real world or a world of political make believe in his own world?

  6. So Malaysian citizens who are Cinatoks are not expected to be able to speak the national language?

    1. Cinabeing m'sians stands out MUCH MUCH better than monolingual otakrosak like u.

      We r multilingual through & through.

      So, said WHO we don't speak bahasa?