Thursday, June 07, 2018

Looming threat to Anwar Ibrahim

It seems there is a not-so-covert covert war being waged against Anwar Ibrahim from within Pakatan Harapan.

The War of the Roses (1455 - 1485) was ferocious and nearly wiped out English male nobility

We have what might become War of the Bunga Raya

I leave you to read a posting at OutSyed The Box by blogger Syed Akhbar Ali titled Serious Flaws About Anwar Ibrahim's Pardon - By Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad, Former Chief Justice of Malaysia.

pro Mahathir 

Syed believes the process of pardoning Anwar Ibrahim has been flawed.

In short, Syed asked: First of all Anwar Ibrahim said that he did not sign anything during the Pardons process. He said that his wife put in the application for his Pardons. Is this true?

To whom did the wife submit the application? To the Pardons Board? To the King?

Can one person apply for a pardons for a third party? Even if it is your wife or father?

If indeed the process had been flawed (not properly done), does this imply Anwar's royal pardon may even be rescinded and the poor man hauled back inside Bamboo Inn to serve his complete term?

Will this threat hang over his head like Damocles Sword?



  1. Yaya.....kaytee must be in ecstasy when writing this

  2. Sodomy II except it's now metaphorical and the giver now receives.

  3. Not true.
    Anwar Ibrahim's pardon was expedited or rammed through, depending on how you perceived it.... but make no mistake, the actual official instrument of pardon was perfectly kosher , Constitutionally.
    The Yang DiPertuan Aging signed it, and that's that.

    There is nothing in the law that says only the prisoner can petition for a pardon.
    The Pardons Board purpose is to give structure and proper process to the Agong exercising this discretionary pardon power, but there is nothing to say a partial Board called on short on notice makes it invalid.

    This is not a court, and is not meant to be.

  4. Obviously the former Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid is using OSTB Syed Akhbar Ali to try and discredit AI from becoming the future PM for reasons he did not reveal.

    Is there bad blood between the two of them?

    Is it because of his strong Islamist beliefs that sodomy to him is an unforgiveable crime and thus he needs to come out and be a champion in upholding Islamists laws and tenets?

    Why does a former Chief Justice end up writing an article such as this which does not befit the standard of his previous high office?

    Kaytee should explain instead of speculating it all as a War of Roses.

    1. Syed Akbar Ali of OSTB can be described as a 'fundamentalist' Muslim, just like Dr M and Kassim Ahamd who believed solely in the Quran sans the Hadith, for which the poor Kassim Ahmad who had passed away a few years back, had been treated so atrociously by Jawi (Jabatan Agama Wilayah Persekutuan).

      A feeble 82 year old then, Kassim Ahmad was treated in this manner ..."They showed up outside his house in 13 vehicles, broke down his front door, humiliated him before his wife and grandchildren, videotaped and photographed him without his consent, wrongfully arrested and detained him, and bundled him into a van for a six-hour ride to Penang Airport where they forced him to board a flight to Kuala Lumpur.
      He was interrogated through the night, and on the next day, produced in the Putrajaya Shariah Court."

      Many remembered Dr M had expressed sympathy for his case then.

      The reason for the above post is to explain that this OSTB guy absolutely couldn't stomach what he labelled as the agama of "Pas-Pis-Pus" and the "reactionary branch of Islam" of Wahhabism exported over to this region. "Club of Doom" is a book published in 2006 by Syed Akbar Ali who argues that countries with a Muslim majority population have collapsed economically, politically and socially.

      "He attempts to show how the curtailing of democracy and freedom of speech have caused those countries to collapse. He further draws a distinction between Islam and its current practices, and offers his perspective that current practices of Muslims are not in vein with the true meaning of Islam with that being the underlying cause for the collapse of those countries." ( courtesy of wikipedia ).

      From what can be seen, his beef with Anwar is that he thinks Anwar is a charlatan and that he is taking Malaysia for a ride, full of vanity and dangerous because of his "link" with the Muslim Brotherhood.

      It must have caused him sleepless to think Anwar will be the next PM maybe in 2 to 3 years time.

    2. Kqassim Ahmad was probably the ONLY Malay intellectual who dared to truthful even if that was politically INCORRECT.

      He disabused the ahadith and revealed the commonsense logic that Hang Jebat was the real loyal best friend and thus hero who went against a tyrant for a matey, whilst Hang Tuah was a disloyal so-called friend who blindly obeyed a tyrant to kill the man who was the only one to protect his (Tuah's) honour. What a moron Tuah was, and how unjust Jebat was vilified.

  5. OSTB has tunnel vision. He calls Anwar brader. He calls Najib idiot. He calls Madey ayahanda. Bila dah menang senyap dulu la. Humban yg salah masuk jail. Ni tak, nak cari pasal sebelum subur. Kimak. Hehehe

    1. Syndrome of bolihland mamak-itis lah!

  6. It does not matter. A pardon is still a pardon because there is nothing in our constitution/law that prohibits the Agong from granting an accelerated pardon to a felon without a favourable recommendation.

    However, the fact remains, that AI went to prison for the wrong reason. AI's criminal conviction carries more than just a stigma for the rest of his live. He should clear his name or to have his conviction expunged from the record before he becomes the PM. Perhaps, TT can advise him.

    Now, AI had denied doing it. Perhaps, from the Quranic angle, the very best he could do is to perform a 'Sumpah Laknat' that he did not sodomise Saiful. It is permissible in Islam.

    Example of 'Sumpah Laknat' -

    By the accused: “ Wallahi Wabillahi Watallahi. Demi Allah, apa yang dituduhkan padaku tidaklah benar dan jika pihak yang menuduh menjatuhkan tuduhan palsu maka timpakanlah laknat kepadanya.

    By the victim: “Wallahi Wabillahi Watallahi. Demi Allah, tertuduh telah melakukan suatu perbuatan padaku dan ia mengelaknya dengan mengatakan dusta, jatuhkan laknat kepadanya dan keluarganya apabila ia benar-benar berdusta”.

    1. just curious, u think anwar fear the islamic law more than civil law? if he do the sumpah then muslim would believe he is innocent?

    2. anwar studiously avoided the sumpah that he did not shacked saiful - a few years back he even "imported" the late Gus Dur (Indonesian ex-President and a learned Muslim scholar) to pronounce 'sumpah' is NOT necessary. Remember a young religious officer Ustaz Ramlang Porigi who joined PKR's roadshow in order to make fun of saiful's sumpah laknat, on the flimsy argument that saiful did not pronounce the arabic words in the oath correctly?

    3. 'did not shack' not 'did not shacked', wakakaka

    4. Only the victim and not together with the accused took that oath, was it valid?

      If the two parties did that, wud the case be dropped? Let Allah swt punish the wrongdoer.

      Does civil court recognize sumpah laknat?

      Sila baca dan faham betul2 akan ayat2 berkenaan sumpah laknat, dia ada syarat2 tertentu

    5. HY.. two yeses to your two questions.

    6. Typical zombieic doctrine!

      Anything can be kautimed if 'Sumpah Laknat' is been recited.

  7. Najib's justification for signing the 9.41B gas pipeline projects with China's CPPB, and agreeing to pay them well in advance of work completed was that China committed to import USD2T (that's T and USD folks) over the next five years (that is starting from 2016, when the contract was signed), invest USD150B in Malaysia and provide 10,000 places for training and studies in Chinese institutes.

    This "commitment" - is it in the gas pipeline project contract documents? Or we just have to take his word for it? Let's see the contract please.

  8. USD2T equals RM8T that is nearly EIGHT times our national debt and liabilities or hutang-lah. China agreed to import this much over 5 years starting 2016 ? This is a ridiculously high number.

    1. china deal with third world countries is mostly for geopolitics, not really abt making money i think.

  9. It took a Chinaman to bring down UMNO / BN. Guess who?

    1. looes74 and his lover Pauline of Australia (and not forgetting looes' very long tongue which Pauline loves) wakakaka

  10. Over the few decades, as Malaysia's Rule of Law deteriorated , there were a number execrable rulings by Kangkung judges, even coming from the Federal Court.

    One of the most infamous ones was the Adorna case. The Federal Court led by Eusoffe Chin held that a property title which was fraudulently transferred, then subsequently sold, became the legal right of the new owners, as long as that subsequent sale was done per normal procedure.
    Basically it rewarded a crime, and for some 10 years, any land title in Malaysia was vulnerable to fraud.

    The other Kangkung judge was none other than this Hamid Mohammad dude.

    The Federal Court dismissal of Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy 1 conviction nevertheless contained a gratuitous throwaway line - "In our opinion the accused committed the act".

    What a lot of bull and crap.

    The Court is supposed to rule based on law, and based on law, the accused is held innocent. This kangkung judge was trying to inject his personal biases into a Federal Court ruling, no less.