Monday, June 25, 2018

'Still in same mode' Rais Yatim F-O Guan Eng

FMT - Stop issuing statements in Mandarin, Rais tells Guan Eng (extracts):

BANGI: Former federal minister Rais Yatim has urged Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng to stop issuing press statements in Mandarin, saying statements in Bahasa Malaysia, the national language, is sufficient.

Speaking on the sidelines of a forum in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Rais, who is a PPBM member, said he did not think issuing government press statements in Mandarin was appropriate.

“The national language, which is Malay, is sufficient. This (issuing press releases in Mandarin) has never been done before,” he said.

Rais said in the over 40 years he served in the government, only Malay and English were used as allowed under parliamentary procedure.

Bloke was once the Minister for Information, Communications and Culture under the Najib government's 1st term (2009 - 2013). He was/is particularly sensitive about Malaysians using Bahasa.

Once in a press interview during his ministerial days he chewed a Malaysian reporter, a Chinese of course, for asking him questions in English. He was so disdainful in the telling off of that young bloke that the poor frightened and embarrassed reporter must have felt as if he was wallowing at the bottom of a pit in front of his colleagues - aiyoyo, where to put his face lah?

But Rais Yatim was correct in that Malaysian reporters regardless of their ethnicity should have been able to ask questions in Malay.

But after that rather fierce talk-down, Rais switched immediately to English and (perhaps kesian a bit for the young punk) told him he could now ask his questions in English, saying "I am now in a different mode", wakakaka.

I am not in the least surprised that Rais Yatim would emerge to chew Lim Guan Eng off. For younger generation Chinese Malaysians to speak in English when among other Malaysians of multi-ethnicity would already be a wee touchy but to do so in Mandarin, aiyoyo amah! But for a minister to deliver his policy or whatever in Mandarin, wakakaka - as blogger Patrick Teoh would exclaim as per his blog's name, Niamah.


  1. All Finance Ministry and Finance Minister statements are issued in Bahasa Malaysia. I don't see anything has changed.

    As a politician and an MP, Lim Guan Eng has the right to communicate even in Mongolian if that is the audience that he is attempting to reach.

    1. Then why is he not issuing it in Telugu & Tamil as well?

    2. Why dont issue in jawi? Can cheebyw john write in jawi

  2. TDM & LGE WhatsApp exchange:

    TDM: Saudara Lim, pandai you cadang saya celup Geely jadi kereta Malaysia. Hari ini gua test drive depa punya SUV. Boyue nama-nya. Best sekali.

    LGE: Yes Toonsee, we can save billions. No need to start another National Car. Bahaya. Nanti bankrup.

    TDM: Gua tak sangka orang Cina ini begitu pandai buat kereta. Gua ingat depa semua buat tiru saja. Tapi Boyue ini cukup baik-lah.

    LGE: Next time you test drive, invite me too lah. Saya juga nak beli kereta untuk anak. Boleh dapat diskaun ke? Below market price?

    TDM: Tapi saya bimbang sikit. Pengurus Geely sekarang semua orang Cina. Kita punya orang takde. Macam mana Geely boleh jadi kereta Malaysia?

    LGE: No problem Toonsee. Biar saya uruskan. Pengurus Geely kita boleh tukar. Tapi SUV tak boleh pakai nama Boyue di Malaysia. Sebab Bo-yue dalam bahasa Hokkien "tak ada minyak". Orang Cina tentu tak mahu beli. Takut enjin mati tengah jalan.

    TDM: Wah, nasib baik Saudara tahu cakap Bahasa Cina. Nanti saya bagi nasihat kepada Geely. Tapi jangan buat statement dalam Bahasa Cina lagi-ya?

    LGE: Sori lah Toonsee. Kelmarin saya buat silap. Bila joli, karaoke, terlalu banyak Guinness Stout terus buat Facebook. Tak akan ulang. Janji.


    1MDB debts: M'sia to repay RM34.6b in 5 years
    Says Maybank Securities - not Lim Guan Eng.

    May Najib's name stand cursed in Malaysian history.

    1. No problem. In less than 5 years it will be back to Old Malaysia.

    2. Just like your prediction back in April of BN winning 2/3 majority.

    3. Bloody moron!

      Why should I pay for yr share of ketuanan indulgence.

      Old m'sia in yr cozy tempting dream lah.

    4. 1MDB has RM43 Billion worth of assets. In 5 years time, it probably will worth RM50 Billion. So what's the problem?

      Mahathir's FOREX loss of RM100 Billion is unaccounted for. Its Mahathir's name that shall live in infamy but the problem is, history is written by the victors, even if its dictators.

    5. Unknown may think that he can go back to old malaysia in 5 years time. But then if zahid were in power, he may create another memali to massacre all pas mumbo jumbo

      Hence beware of what u wish....unknown....allah watching

    6. Monsterball, your 1MDB and the rise in prices due of GST are considered fitnah. Thus your winning is not because you are better. Soon, the KLCI will go below 1600. Address that!

    7. Now KPMG is making clear 1MDB's balance sheet is Fake News.

  4. Malaysia is a relatively small nation heavily dependent on international trade, especially in 2018, where the most important currency in the world is Information.

    Malaysia needs to be open and skilled on the usage of multiple international languages, and English and Mandarin are clearly such.

    Bahasa Malaysia is the National Language, but 1960's and 1970's-style politically motivated exclusion of other languages is NOT going to help Malaysia prosper.

    Rais Yatim is one such dinosaur. Rumour has it that he is Mahathir's favoured candidate for Dewan Rakyat.
    He parachuted into Pakatan Harapan about 1 week before the election, in a clear act of opportunism.

    Yucky Yuck.

  5. I'm old enough to remember the peak of the "Gunakan Bahasa Malaysia" hysteria.

    The usage of English and any other languages was made an anathema.
    There were public demonstrations burning English newspapers.

    The education system was dumbed down to accommodate the policy.
    Fast forward 40 years, and we are in a deep well which has no visible means of escape.

    I respect Bahasa Malaysia as the national language.

    But engaging in a politically-motivated frenzy to attack Lim Guan Eng over a Facebook reply in Chinese to a Chinese newspaper query - in Chinese - is Bullshit.

    1. Arab language on road signage perfectly A-OK ?

    2. i think lge fb reply in chinese is to serve political purpose. is this healthy in a so called new msia? btw what is new msia?

    3. I hope you know the difference between Arabic and Jawi script. But if it is indeed Arabic then where is that sign? In kelantan or Terengganu? I couldn't give a shit then. In Penang we have road signs in Bahasa, English, Jawi, Chinese and Tamil

    4. Buried in Oz land...but continuing endlessly with instigating and shit stirring kuat kuat to cause havoc for the populace over here, no wonder unable to go the ground to see Jawi words on those road signs. Just stop stuffing in so much dedak and raise your head once in awhile to see what's going on.

      Jawi letters are typically found only in Arabic and Arabic loan words. And the Ketuanans went onto a huge hue and cry over a para of Chinese wordings in a personal FB which specifically addressed queries raised by Chinese reporters which necessitate reply in the same language. The Ketuanans went berserk and brought in issue of is Jawi in the Constitution ? This reminds me of a Sci-Fi story whereby the government of the day had successfully brainwashed the entire 80% of its people to hate the color blue...anything blue is vile and totally unacceptable to these Ketuanans and that's how it came about that they will even attack their own as well as the 'others' should the victims happened to suffer from sudden heart attack and went blue with apoplexy....these knee-jerk extremists went berserk and descended to strangle these unfortunate victims of heart attack to stamp out the color blue from their faces.

      So Chinese here be malaysia ke, old malaysia ke...just beware not to have heart attack in public...otherwise you risks having the breathe strangled out of you while you struggle to bring in oxygen just to live.

      It will be poetic justice if the Ketuanans were to strangle the Chinese running dogs instead, wakakkaka.


    KPMG says it...the three 1MDB financial reports for the 2011, 2011, and 2012 financial years were basically Fake News.

    1. obviously kpmg is oso a dedak eater, like tsg wakaka.

    2. If the Pakatan Administration wants to play it nasty, KPMG's licence to operate in Malaysia could now be at risk, for its previous certification of Dodgy 1MDB financial statements.

  7. Bow to the Tokong.
    Or face his wrath.
    What is Allah in Chinese Mandarin?