Sunday, June 10, 2018

The macai has fallen

Malaysiakini - DPM: We must be careful in what we say, respect monarchy (extracts):

Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail reminded the people to respect the country's sensitivities before issuing public statements.

She said although Malaysia practised freedom of expression, there were some things that needed to be filtered to ensure that the peace in the nation is always preserved.

"We need to be careful of what we say, watch our manners and respect the constitutional monarchy," she told a media conference when attending the 2018 Kuala Lumpur@ Iftar programme at Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur tonight.

She was commenting on the resignation of A Kadir Jasin today as head of media and communications of the Council of Eminent Persons with immediate effect.

FMT - PAS: Take early action on criticisms against royalty (extracts):

KOTA BHARU: The government needs to take action to stop the spread of open criticisms against Malay rulers, said PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

He said such criticism must be curbed at the early stage to avoid any polemic in society.

“I can see that the foundation of the new Malaysia is press freedom. We have to admit there is a need for press freedom but it should not be absolute. Absolute freedom will be detrimental to the country."

“So, there are things that we can openly criticise and there are things that need to go through the proper channels."

“All parties need to respect the existing channels”

It's not such a good idea to be insubordinate or worse, derhaka, against the rulers. No sirree, not even in today's Malaysia where the rulers still remain a central pillar of Malaysian or more correctly Malay socio-culture.

Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat.

The macai who had impertinently tested the temperature of the water with his derhaka-ish toes, has now been dragged into those muddy waters by a humongous crocodile, wakakaka, though who he was testing the water for in his seditious attempt to humiliate HM Agong, that you have to speculate by yourself.

He is lucky his mouth hasn't been stitched up with thorny rattan canes (or razor sharp barbwire).

But Anwar has been serendipitous, gaining important covert support from an unexpected source at a time when his former corp of anwaristas has been decimated by new adulating morons who have deified a new Idol. It's said (and also noticed) that unfriendly sources have recently been undermining Anwar every which way.

Malaysian royalty has regained considerable grounds since earlier days, thanks in no small part by some royals investing in good compassionate gestures and good publicity.

The wannabe-republican cause has been set back somewhat, wakakaka. Dirgahayu Tuanku.


  1. who is the wannabe republican? y u write exactly like those in umno?

  2. i realised tis syed liar is no diff with petra n merican, never dare publish comment that criticize them. what a bunch of hypo.

    this syed liar is one of the stupid similar to those mkini chinese stupid that believe it is alright for mahathir not to stick to promise, what diff then does this make mahathir n najib in a so called new msian, a bunch of idiot.

  3. This piece of u smirks of yr clear dislike of mamak over manmanlai!

    Both of them used to be yr pet hates.

    And now there is a hierarchical ranking bcoz mamak can finish what manmanlai cannot!


    Can I ask what's jibby's ranking in there of that diagonally like?

  4. Anwar Ibrahim deserves credit for his political and PR skills in averting what could have been a very nasty Constitutional crisis over Tommy Thomas appointment.

  5. Kadir Jasin's assertion that his blog posts were purely personal and nothing to do with the imminent person's council was always untenable.

    Unless he blogged on hobbies, travel or children

    The RM 250 Million expenditure may or may not be true, but the document which was posted was patently fake.
    Given the gravity of the subject, it reflects a poor judgement to post it.

  6. In spite of hunting high and low for that so-called "a hue and cry for a Republic of Malaysia", I came away avalanche of such calls...maybe a lone voice or two or three among the multitudes of comments and out of these few, at least 50% are from suspected, cybertroopers, to cause trouble.

    For those comments in social media like Malaysiakini, Malaysianinsight and some blogsites, etc, urging Dr M to stay even longer than the 2 years, this sort of action does not come about in a vacuum. If no one is running to the media crying unfair treatment just 3 days into the new governance, if no one is accusing the PM as having no role at all in the victory of PH, if no one is seen flying around bowing and hand-kissing, if no one is saying to a large group that since the Government is not under DAP, there is no fear of the rights of the Malays and the Royalty being taken away ( words to that effect ), if no one is going around insisting on respect to be given at all cost...if ALL these flurry of hasty unthinking words and actions had NOT happened when the new government is not even in its 3rd weeks...then it is doubtful there will be calls for Dr M to stay on longer than the 2 years since misgivings and huge mistrust have started to surface. Remember, nothing happens on its must all be in context.

    And the fact that certain bloggers and writings have now harped on the unsavory aspects of certain personality does not help at all, feeding into fear, just as that certain person is also feeding into the fear of a 'special' group who feared being deprived of their rights. These people do unto each other !

    The overwhelming sense is that these comments came about because of the REAL fear that on the heels of such hard won victory to kick out that 61 years old thieving, lying and tyrannical behemoth.....rightly or wrongly, these people seemed to fear a return of UMNO.20 by the actions of certain actors. These fears might be unnecessary and not borne out at all, but perceptions are difficult to dispel.

    1. i think pkr n anwar is pretty reasonable in their assertion n view. can u enlighten which one could validate mahathir to break his promise to stay longer than 2 years or make it a full term?

      the nons dupe into illusion n ecstasy believe that kadir n syed liar can say whatever they wan, n we could oso do the same? what if mahathir n his cohort just make a twist n u turn then what we do next?

      we know anwar style is always boastful n sometimes talk too much, but he is relatively harmless n less ruthless compare to u know who.

    2. Things are so fluid now...we have never been in such a situation before and it's like we have to take each new day one at a time since events unfold so rapidly. We get a lot of words everyday, a sea of words.....a lot of words from leaders, from wannabe leaders, from defeated spiteful ex leaders, from happy, vindicated bloggers, and unhappy, angry, spiteful bloggers, from the citizens of all stripes, from NGOs, from analysts....but actions speak the loudest. So let's judge the actions.

    3. what do u think anwar n pkr would react if mahathir dun stick to promise? of course to some, more mess more merrier.

    4. It's now not even 35 days into the new government...and two years is 730 we are just only 4.7% into the current PM's reign. Impatience can lead to many missteps and it would be a pity to lose out again just because of the lack of cool thinking, careful choice of words and ability to strategize effectively.

  7. I wonder how long TDM can last with the incessant to and fro upmanship between his Hellhounds and Manmanlai Miows.

    All these incessant barbs thrown are not coming directly from TDN nor AI. They seem to make statements only to support each other.

    It looks likely the instigators are actually causing both TDM and AI to be dropped as PMs and are wishfully hoping for someone else within PH to lead the coalition and Govt. Someone not as tainted as both of them and someone whom the Royalties would like and favour.

    Why is everyone so impatient nowadays? Power do corrupt every politician and that is so true within PH nowadays.

    Issues which promotes the political standing seems to take precedence over other equally important issues.

    The DPM and the Dwarf seems to look like they are the only sensible and independent voices heard over all these noises.

    How odd?

    1. Yeah! why everybody is so impatient? Why kaytee is so not impatient in making char siew out of nostro piggy? I need my pork meat.