Thursday, June 07, 2018

War of the Bunga Raya

MM Online - Anwar lashes out at Kadir Jasin over ‘disparaging’ blog post on Agong:

KUALA LUMPUR, June 6 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim chastised veteran newsman Datuk A. Kadir Jasin tonight, labelling the latter’s blog post on Yang di-Pertuan Agong as “disparaging”.

Malaysiakini reported the PKR de facto leader as saying Kadir should have shown more respect and decorum to the Malay Rulers, as they were not given an opportunity to respond.

“To give disparaging remarks without giving the Rulers the opportunity to clarify, that’s not healthy, especially when you use your position and be seen to be close to people in the government.

“I’ve also seen some of the assertions, and there are some major factual errors there, I think we should be mindful of that,” Anwar reportedly told the press.

MM Online - Rapped by Anwar, Kadir says only noting Rulers’ positions secure:

KUALA LUMPUR, June 7 — Datuk A. Kadir Jasin defended his disclosure that the government spent RM257 million for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s expenditure over 16 months, telling critics he was showing how royals need no assurances beyond what the Federal Constitution provides.

Responding specifically to Pakatan Harapan de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s criticism, Kadir also rejected the allegation that he was using his proximity to the government to “disparage” the Malay Rulers.

Kadir is the official spokesman of the Council of Eminent Persons that advises the Cabinet, but in his blog entry today, the former New Straits Times group chief editor maintained that he was speaking in his personal capacity.

“Regarding what Anwar implied to be ‘factual errors’, feel free to dispute these and provide the correct facts. If I am wrong, I will issue a correction and apologise,” he wrote.

We can see how the Pakatan schism that will be has started, and with royalty as its catalyst.

Daulat Tuanku, Dirgahaya Perdana Menteri.


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    1. Of course kaytee happy....kaytee can cucuk u to have internal not to be happy

  2. There are many in PPBM who can't stand Anwar Ibrahim, but they want to be in power now. So the key strategy is to push Anwar out to pasture.

    But Anwar was instrumental in laying the base. 2018 could not have happened without the foundation of 2008 and 2013, as well as the governance examples of Penang and Selangor.

    Syed Kotak and Scribble are key proxies in the PPBM side, and are now using their blogs daily to disparage Anwar.

    I personally think Anwar did very well to diffuse a potentially damaging Constitutional crisis over the appointment of the Attorney General.

    This fight is very dangerous as it will tear the coalition apart.
    Chill it guys....its a big world and plenty of problems to fix without trying to kill each other off.

  3. It is clear the Royalties are making life difficult for TDM whether it is his swearing in as PM, Cabinet members or in appointing the AG.

    So TDM's Hellhounds are unleashed to ensure the Royalties do not interfere with politics and his smooth administration of the country. That's why his hellhounds always include in the proviso, to go by the Constitution and Rules of Laws.

    Ai is just helping to smoothen things out whenever roadblocks occur to ensure things do not boil over into another Constitutional crisis since it is hardly possible for TDM to seek an audience with the Rulers.

    At the same time also giving advice to TDM Hellhounds to temper their attacks whenever it goes overboard.

    I believe there are still palace officials playing politics for their BN masters in influencing the Rulers in certain matters thus creating confusion and doubts to the Rulers.

    And prepaid BN Cybertroopers on the outside like Kaytee are just throwing fireworks everyday hoping that somehow the PH coalition will split and BN can form new coalition to rule again once more and save all their masters and cronies from impending suits, criminal charges, civil charges, positions etc.

    What BN supporters and cybertroopers do not realise is that BN itself is facing implosion from within and their coalition partners are leaving one by one with their seats dwindling by the day and UMNO itself facing deregistration again if the threats continue unabated and incur the wrath of TDM.

    So, what's the point of BN, UMNO supporters and cybertroopers throwing fireworks and keep on attacking using the same old modus operandi of protecting Royalty, Agama and Bangsa when it ain't going to revive back the BN coalition anymore?

    Is it, to buy time to create confusion so that the corrupted and criminals have more time to stash away their loot and clear their tracks since there wasn't time to prepare earlier, fully confident of a BN win in GE14?

    Or is it just a poor loser's way of throwing tantrums due to the continued arrogance and Ketuanan mentality imbedded by their party? Even non Malays were afflicted by the virus eg. Wee Wee with his statements off late.

    Wakakakakakkakaka Eat that, Kaytee.

    1. prepaid BN Cybertroopers - wakakaka, your vocabulary exceeds your knowledge

    2. Courtesy of cheebye kaytee. Hence never see nostro piggy turned into char siew

  4. The Scribble fella now being investigated for Sedition.

    Unfortunately Perkasa is now blaming the Nons for the criticisms of Royalty.

  5. Interesting conundrum coming up.

    Eventually these Sedition investigations will end up on Attorney General Tommy Thomas' desk.

    One of the assurances PH made for his appointment is that the sanctity of he Royal institutions will be protected.

    The Old Mahathir will Kautim his sidekicks such Jasin.
    The New Mahathir promised to allow the Rule Of Law to take its course.

    Will the Old or New Mahathir turn up ?

    1. Interesting times indeed. While the royalty has no choice but to turn to Anwar now, will he survive the start of Mahathir's signature character assassination that has claimed the careers of BOTH his successors? Or will he end up in Bamboo River for the 3rd time to rot his life away while his nemesis is back on top?

    2. time is not on mahathir side, n who else he can rely on if badawi/najib also dare to fight him? i believe/hope he will choose the pacify n conciliate approach wrt anwar.

    3. mahathir really detests anwar more than badawi

    4. Yeah! I believe you have plenty of proof. Can you show them to us public?

      Name, ic, address, photo. Your physical presence too

  6. Malay rulers visited me over A-G appointment, says Dr Mahathir

    "THE majority of Malay rulers were against the delay in Tommy Thomas' appointment as attorney-general, said Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    He told Malay-language daily Sinar Harian that several sultans had visited him to convey their views on the stand-off."

    Mmmm....instead of the PM running to the Royals, looks like the Royals have secretly visited Dr M, wakakkakaka. Best part of this is no hand kissing photos flying around, hihi.

    This old man can really hold his own...have to admit this. Not for him a repeat of the Selangor case for the appointment of the MB then, in which case Azmin lucked out, hehe.