Thursday, June 07, 2018

Reminder to Singapore: Mahathir is NOT a Chinese

MM Online - Singaporean writer: Malaysia doesn’t understand the honour of agreements:

KUALA LUMPUR, June 7 — A Singaporean columnist has criticised Malaysia for cancelling a high-speed rail link between the two countries, accusing Malaysia of lacking the “ancient Chinese’s” appreciation of honour.
In an opinion piece published by the South China Morning Post, the writer said the Han Dynasty was built on its eventual emperor’s observation of his pledges and agreements.

The writer also said that the Han emperor’s unwavering commitment to his verbal promises also led to the phrase “yuefa sanzhang (pact of three clauses)” that now means a gentlemen’s agreement.

“The ancient Chinese understood the importance of agreements, which they entered into through formal and informal means, such as written contracts, blood oaths, verbal promises and physical gestures such as clapping the other person’s palm with one’s own,” the writer wrote.

The writer added that he was disappointed that he would now not be able to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in just 90 minutes as opposed to five hours by road.

peonies - flowers symbolising honour and nobility 

He also expressed concern over Malaysia’s decision to cancel the project unilaterally.

He then suggested that the cancellation of the HSR was a throwback to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s previous term as prime minister, during which he said “relations between the two countries were fraught with difficulties”.

Dr Mahathir announced the cancellation of the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail after determining that his administration inherited over RM1 trillion in liabilities from the defeated Barisan Nasional.

The writer is both wrong and right, as follows:

He is wrong because Mahathir is NOT a Chinese, thus the old man cannot be accused of "lacking the 'ancient Chinese’s' appreciation of honour", and as far as Mahathir himself is concerned, fCk the Han Dynasty and its Emperor's "unwavering commitment to his verbal promises".

And praise be to the Kulasekhara Dynasty.

Only the ancient Chinese believed in "a man's words are his honour".

However, the writer has been correct when: He also expressed concern over Malaysia’s decision to cancel the project unilaterally.

He then suggested that the cancellation of the HSR was a throwback to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s previous term as prime minister, during which he said “relations between the two countries were fraught with difficulties”. 

But that's vintage Mahathir, who if I may remind everyone, has also abandoned his very own words of 'Bangsa Malaysia', and who now wants to stay as PM for 3 years instead of his promised 2 - fCk 'words' which are meant to be discarded and forgotten when convenient.


  1. chabo, you must be the only blind and vengeful person left in Malaysia right now...can't you feel the vibes of transformation, reformation and generally a feel good atmosphere, yet here you are slurring the old it not commendable what he is trying to do right now taking his past misdeeds into consideration....

    1. How can he feels the vibrancy

      1) being far2 away in Oz

      2) being presently overwhelmed by post ge14 pent-up frustration


    2. 3) constantly on fugitive run from pauline hanson


  2. Yes.....mamak is ah neh. Plus kaytee no need to re-emphasis on dr m cunningness. Singaporeans kniw far better than kaytee on dr m.

    So....what next, kaytee? Tell us something we dont know lei. Else wasting internet bandwith

    Hence kaytee must die reputationally

  3. The HSR contract hasn't been made public, but reportedly 85% of the total cost of the RM 100 Billion project is borne by Malaysia.

    It is cheap, really cheap to talk about the sanctity of contracts when you are just paying 15 cents out of a dollar.

    That kind of patently unfair contract I would consider it eminently breakable.

    In fact it would be a duty for a new Malaysian government to cancel the project first then talk.

    1. dun quite understand the unfair part, if the track is mostly in msia land, y not msia bear most of the cost?

    2. The question is over who will be using the tracks. Singapore pays 15% but has equal access to the tracks. Is that fair?

    3. Vin....spore govt would spend more money on sia and changi airport. Or better still cruise terminal.

      Hsr is a white elephant la

  4. mahathir understand chinese much better than any sporean. he know chinese stress more on guanxi, chinese dun understand the diff between rule of law n rule by law, chinese love money n power. in a way, mahathir is more chinese than singapore chinese, who mostly know zilch abt chinese culture n history.

    1. Wakakakaka…

      "chinese dun understand the diff between rule of law n rule by law, chinese love money n power."

      Either u DONT know 老祖宗的法家思想 - 法制为核心思想的重要学派 or u've once again confused yr pet 小民的尊严 with rule of law!

      Everybody love money n power. Even yr 令人作呕的龙应台,when given power & money, CAN only perform/talk cockgaroo.

      Perhaps, u too behave like the Singie, as far as Chinese culture n history go!

    2. Stop being stupid. Cucuk kaytee instead. Kenna cucuk by kaytee only make him song. Kapish!

    3. hehehe, legalist or legalim is rule by law, full stop. yr understanding of our ancestors thought is more or less at kt level, and slightly below my good friend hasan wakaka.

    4. Say it to herself lah.

      How could anmoxai understand 法家思想?

      Thus, from WHERE comes legalist or legalim is rule by law?

      Haven't I mentioned to u that intrinsic to the 老祖宗的思想 IS 皇权法制!

      Tsk… tsk… sigh… perhaps too much anmoxai influence.

      Before u fart some more, maybe u need to cleanse that corrupted thought of yrs!

    5. "huh"? u stick to maggie, pauline n tongue la.

    6. simple question, the law in dynasty china was to protect the emperor/govt or the people? dun talk theory, tell me the history.

      u can ask a malay call hasan if u dun know wakaka.

    7. Hi HY.. Terengganu is just simply awesome. Peace, tranquility and lots of oil & gas. I support England to win the world cup. An England supporter since those were the days.

    8. bro I went to tanjung jara last year, the beach n water is amazing, just a bit regret its only for guest. n u r right, i drove around, dungun is lively n peaceful.

      i am from the gary lineger, glenn hoddle, mark hateley n chris waddle era. now i support any team from asia.

    9. No theory, just simple GENERAL fact.

      Which is more important - peace & prosperity for the people or yr utopian fart of 小民的尊严?

      Tell me the history lah - not just the Chinese but the world!

      IF the laws in dynastic china, OR for that fact ANYWHERE on Earth, r to protect the emperor/gov & yet provide a sensible & peaceful livinghood for the people at large, those laws r GOOD LAWS!

      That melayu palsu yang terlampau melayu IS just like u.

      Both r equally f**ked up with yr selfish & narrow-but-disguised-as-open-minded indoctrination of no consequences.

      Both r diseased - one feeds on the entitlemented tongkat linked to ketuanan while u r in perpetual phase of cinapek apologi-tis caused, perhaps, by been born Chinese!

    10. What deng xiao peng says is correct, regardless of black or white cat, the one catches rats is a good cat

    11. kt oso correct, regardless of short tongue or long tongue...

    12. there r many countries that r at peace, n their people live a much better life, n u see many chinece move there n not the other way round, bec they r not only live under rule of law, they can oso choose who is their leader. they no more a zombie.

    13. Wakakakaka…

      U write just like kt - cherry picking to suit yr theme!

      YES, there r many countries that r at peace, n their people live a much better life (presumably than China).

      Yet u have conveniently forgotten that there r even more countries that r at war/chaos, n their people live a much desperately life than those in China.

      Is that yr way of emphasizing 小民的尊严 by choosing only yr interpretation of live under the rule of law?

      The Chinese choose their own leaders under a system that u DON'T approved. But, who r u to dictate their choice of living under rule of law (for u, rule by law!) BUT with a growing sense of pride?

      Yr definite fitnah (by chance infested by yr so pals?) about many chinece move oversea n not the other way round CLEARLY shows yr tempurung understanding of things China!

      China has come of age so fast today, ONE main reason is a lot of well-educated technocrats have chosen to return to China. In fact, 98+% have returned to contribute in the fields of science/business bcoz there is a bright future in China for them.

      U think like that moronic 龙应台, hence yr cockatoo China bashings. Instead, based on yr twisted logic, u should ask WHY so many Taiwanese r moving out n homing tiwards mainland China - a dictatorial country despised by u!

      U people r just those bleeding heart m40 who have never being to a war-torn country or live a day in a debilitated slum to understand how desperate those affected r hanging on.

      Rule of law & rule by law r idealism that just DONT fit into their craving for a day of peace.

      Only f**k-up like u, inching towards a nonreligious zombie state of being, can loudly proclaim this n that, just to syiok sendiri!

  5. When a contract is made and proven to be done mala fide later, it would be even worse for any country to continue to harp on honour and integrity in entering into such a contract, wouldn't it?

    The HSR costs of about RM100 billion definitely would have caused many of those who were expecting to benefit from it, to curse and swear to see their supposedly enormous ill-gotten gains wipe away.

    I would not be surprised big tycoons involved are paying good monies to employ bloggers, writers, editors, newspapers to write articles in the hope of salvaging this cancelled lucrative project and perhaps a politician or two.

    Remember "There is no honour among thieves, robbers, corrupted persons."

    Good Try, Kaytee. Wakakakakakakkakakaka

    1. Haiya.....on the contrary....hir say liao. Spore can do anything they want instead by one stupid hsr terminus.

      Spore wants rich aussie langs except kaytee to park their money in spore. Pay spore tax. Shit, eat spore. Hahahaha

      Only speculators got their hands burnt. Fuck them la

  6. Who is right?

    The cost to build the 350km high speed rail linking Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is expected to range between S$20 billion (RM60 billion) and S$25 billion. ~ Institute of Southeast Asia Studies (ISEAS).

    The 350km railway project, which was mooted by the Barisan Nasional government, is estimated to cost RM110 billion. ~ Pakatan Harapan

  7. Huh? From SPAD to APAD? What's the difference between Agensi dan Suruhanjaya? SPAD still exists but under APAD. YB Anthony, how much money wasted to change letter heads, logo, signage, name cards/tags, dll lah.. Just status quo SPAD and move on.

    1. And the sunni and shites? Hahaha

    2. An agency of a ministry is under the control of that ministry. A suruhanjaya is not answerable to a said ministry even if its functions mirror that of the said ministry.

    3. The objective function of the former SPAD remains.
      Orderly administration of commercial land transport
      Regulatory oversight of commercial land transport legal framework
      National Land Transport strategy, especially urban areas.

      What has changed was previously SPAD under the Prime Minister's Department was an independent fiefdom which served as a conduit for channelling patronage and largesse, often detracting from its regulatory responsibilities.

      That is how so many dubious and rogue express bus operators, for example, continue to operate, with their operating license renewed year after year.

      The function is now where it belongs - as integrated part of an overall national Transport administration.

    4. No matter how much you....stupid monster explain to this cheebye kaytee, its fucking meaningless

      We should spend more time exposing who the fuck kaytee is and then torture him till his deputation kaputted.

      More effective thats way. Najib has done it on anwar....remember