Sunday, June 17, 2018

It's in the DNA

MM Online - Let bazaar shakedown be first and only strike, veterans group tells Pakatan:

People are seen shopping at the Ramadan bazaar along Jalan Masjid India in Kuala Lumpur. — Picture by Choo Choy May

KUALA LUMPUR, June 16 — Lawmakers and leaders from the ruling Pakatan Harapan coalition must mindful of “recommendations” they make to civil servants, said Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan.

The group’s president, BG (Rtd) Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji, also said allegations that a PPBM leader demanded up to RM5,000 each from traders at a Ramadan bazaar along Jalan Masjid India must be investigated thoroughly.

“Patriot would like to remind Pakatan Harapan MPs and ADUNs to be extra careful in making recommendation for licences, permits, contract works, and projects,” he said in a statement.

Arshad also urged civil servants not to acquiesce to abusive requests and recommendations from politicians, telling them that they need not fear as long as they abide completely by existing regulations.

“Patriot hopes this first red mark incident is also the last. We have much to do in rebuilding our nation.”

The Federal Territories chapter of PH was hit by controversy after a letter purportedly from City Hall was leaked online to show it allocated 80 lots at the bazaar to one junior PPBM leader.

City Hall said it felt obligated to issue the allocation as the application was accompanied by a support letter from Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Loon.

Fong has denied wrongdoing and threatened to sue the PPBM leader accused of pocketing hundreds of thousands of ringgit by shaking down traders for over 50 times what it officially costs to rent lots at the bazaar.

Typical trademarks of rent-seeking mentality that you would have thought came from a bygone era that started strongly in 1981.

But the naughty bloke has been Mohd Noorhisyam of Pribumi (which is after all UMNO Baru-er). He is now accused of collecting up to RM5,000 from bazaar traders in Jalan Masjid India after allegedly misusing his political connections to secure 80 bazaar lots from Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

RM5K x 80 = RM400K

But a DBKL letter to Mohd Noorhisyam showed that the 80 lots were approved for nine days for only RM6,238. The letter was deliberately leaked to the media because a DAP MP seems to be involved.

RM400K - RM6,236 = alleged Mohd Noorhisyam's profits.

Pribumi's Mohd Noorhisyam

Bukit Bintang DAP MP Fong Kui Lun's name was dragged into the controversy as he had written a letter to DBKL supporting Mohd Noorhisyam's application to rent the Ramadan bazaar lots. But Fong said he didn't realise Mohd Noorhisyam was doing a rental business, wakakaka.

Fong is bloody mad about the naughty association, denying receiving any money. He is now considering suing Mohd Noorhisyam, whose own Pribumi has made a report to the police.

Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lun

I wonder if Fong's name was not involved, would that letter have been leaked by DBKL?


  1. DAP also possibly corrupted as well ?

    1. Sleeping aaa? LGE's lawyer now AG but case not dropped yet...sabar sikit...

  2. Refreshing to see PPBM called "Pribumi".

    Calling PPBM "Bersatu" is a form of denial.

    We need to see things for what they are, the reconstitution of BN and UMNO as PH and PPBM. We have reached full cycle and the 80s and 90s will be repeated.

    1. No...

      Pakatan is openly addressing the issue and possible wrong-doing.

      80's and 90's And pre-May 9 2018 BN/UMNO would have buried this as a minor 'misunderstanding'.

    2. very diff. now small to big case all kena exposed. we must therefore continue to champion freedom of press, speech etc etc.

    3. Full Time prepaid commenter sowing discord in the hope of reenergising and revitalising his beloved UMNO and fake multiracial BN party.

      Unfortunately, not in this blogspace cos I see most commenters can easily see thru all the twists and ingenious turns like what Kaytee was trying earlier in a more subtle manner.

      Go spend time to help sort out your beloved Party from implosion and demise before your efforts turn to nought.


    4. Full Time prepaid commenter performing the role of a pom pom girl in the hope of averting the eyes of the rakyat from the broken promises of his beloved PH and sowing the seeds of unquestioning loyalty for his master.

      Unfortunately, not in this blogspace cos I see most commenters can easily see thru all his twists and ingenious turns.

      Go spend time to help make your beloved Party keep its promises.

      RIP Teoh Beng Hock.

    5. Wow…… crocodile tear!

      Where were u when TBH died?

      The committed suicide theory gang, perhaps!

  3. YB Fong Kui Lun is as straight as they come. Poor old chap got suckered by a young chiku. He should lodge a complaint with Michael Chong, MCA's Public Services and Complaints Department. Hold a press conference. And wear a mask of shame, please.

  4. I find it hard to believe, if it's true, that all those involved including DBKL were innocent of fleecing those Ramadan Bazaar traders.

    The buck finally stops at the one in DBKL with the responsibility to approve for whatever reasons he/she may give. Why wasn't the lots given via a balloting or tender system?

    Looks like all sharing a piece of the pie and throwing innocent wayang when caught.

  5. Ktemoc endlessly repeated that Najib is innocent of all the allegations against him unless there is concrete evidence to prove him guilty.

    It Seems this does not extend to others not in his Good Books.

    1. "So, what the hell is Kit Siang talking about? He is lying through his teeth. What kleptocracy? First it was RM42 billion. Then RM2.6 billion. And then it was RM42 million. And now it is US$100. Yes, that is what they say Najib stole. They say Najib used US$100 of the RM42 million for personal use even if the rest was transferred to three political party accounts without Najib’s knowledge or involvement." ~ RPK

    2. RPK was always lousy at Maths

    3. Wakakakaka…

      Mom's fitnah on 1MDB is akin to saying the 72 virgins promised in zombiism r varying depends on which cults the followers r attuned to!

    4. What US 100? Trying to absolve Taikor by some illogical statements.

      Wait lah for the arrest and court trails to follow.

      Then come back and try writing again and explaining.

      In the meantime try explaining why keeping RM114 millions in different currencies in the house when Ahjib has so many bank accounts everywhere.

    5. "try explaining why keeping RM114 millions in different currencies in the house when Ahjib has so many bank accounts everywhere"

      The other type of people who like to keep Mega Millions in cash instead of in the bank are Drug Lords.

  6. Bukit appropriate .....Epicentre of Sin in Malaysia.

    Everything and Anything is available... Everything and Everyone has a price... all the Authorities are compromised one way or another.

    If you are in the way, your choice is often either accept Silver or accept Lead.

    Silver is money, Lead is bullets.