Monday, June 18, 2018

Did minister BULL about veggie minus GST being 50% cheaper?

FMT - Show how GST-free grocery became cheaper after zero-rating, minister told (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: A consumer pressure group wants Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Salahuddin Ayub to back up his claim that prices of meat, vegetables and other essentials have dropped by as much as 50% following the zero-rating of the goods and services tax (GST).

Malaysia Consumers Movement said many fresh food items were already exempted from GST before the new Pakatan Harapan (PH) government scrapped GST payment for all items.

“We think it’s a premature statement from the minister. Achieving 30% to 50% savings in less than a month is magic,” its president Darshan Singh Dhillon told FMT.

“It will be great if he could back up his statement with some data and share it with the public,” he said.

Meanwhile, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) CEO Ali Salman also voiced doubt over the supposed price reduction due to the zero-rating of GST.

“We have said in the past that GST was not a primary factor in increasing cost of goods and services,” he said.

He added that because the perishable items were already zero-rated before, it was unlikely that their prices would be reduced with the new government’s move.
He said prices should be determined by market forces unless there was a public emergency or a situation that warranted government intervention.

Salahuddin had said the prices of fresh produce had dropped significantly after the GST was zero-rated on June 1.

He said it may take some time for prices of other goods and services to be reduced.

“Vegetable prices have dropped by 50% while prices of poultry and meat, such as beef, have also been reduced,” he said.

The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) has said what I have said before, a fact rather than a politicised statement, that:

“........ GST was not a primary factor in increasing cost of goods and services”.

But the kiasu attitude among some of my visitors have come up with all sorts of bullshit of ancillary costs, but which they haven't explained why that could be as much as 50% of the vegetables' cost.

Bullshit, kiasu and fake news.

Pakatan went into the campaign for GE14 with a bad promised policy of removing the GST when the consumption didn't hurt the poor as much as they lied about, as most fresh consumables including petrol were not subjected to GST.

Even my fave char koay teow was NOT GST-ed because the hawker was running a business with annual revenue of less than RM500,000, but thanks to some of my visitor, the kiasu-bullshit type, they inflated the cost of wantan to some extra 60 sens for GST to ancillary costs - what implausible bullshit.

101% haram wantan 

Now the minister was not briefed properly, did not know what was GST-ed or not, or had fibbed.

The Truth is out there and which will set you free, you bloody chained Hell-Hound mongrels, chained to the will, dominance and manipulations of your new Tokong No 1.



  1. The bulk of retail business activity in Malaysia comprises small businesses less than RM 500,000 per year turnover.
    They have seen their input costs go up by more than 6% post GST and unable to recover it via GST. So they increase prices - more than 6%.
    That's the reality that does not figure in the formulas of Conventional economists, including those at IDEAS.

  2. When ordinary folks see others before 9/5 making millions and billions thru corruption, pilferages, cheating, robbing, stealing etc, what was to stop them making monies also by hiking prices of what they sell to make also more monies?

    Morally, they feel it is justified. Who don't want easy monies to be made. Everything is so easy by pointing the fingers at the Govt.

    The question to be asked was, where were all the enforcement authorities and Consumer NGO groups who were supposed to protect all us poor consumers from outrageous price hikes? All were corrupted to the core to keep quiet.

    The fault finally goes to BN Govt. again, for the systemic failure of all the depts and agencies.

    Now, the PH Govt, has to throughly changed all the tainted enforcement agencies and heads of consumer's NGOs for causing such a systemic failure in Price Controls of basic household foods.

    1. so pakatan now can lie?

    2. and you? I am sure Kaytee paid zero malaysia gst. Show me the document kaytee. You donald trump right?

  3. Salahuddin is a novice when it comes to BULL shixxing.

    Najib said Li Keqiang promised to import USD2 Trillion over 5 years from Malaysia. That equals to RM1.6 Trillion per year average.

    But Bai Tian, the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia said today that bilateral trade between Malaysia and China is expected to exceed US$100 billion this year (2018), and was only US$96 billion in 2017.
    Not even is the same ball park.

    It takes an EXPERT to BULL like that to justify the RM60B ECRL. Salahuddin should learn from the MASTER before he tries one over kangkung and towgeh.

    1. who is in government now?

    2. Even Salah-huddin's own ministry said that his statement was salah, and that prices on the overall had increased instead of decreasing. But what what do we know, those zombies will still lap up his stories of 50% decrease while paying 50% more than before. The electorate have never proven to be logical anyways.

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