Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Latheefa Koya told Lim Kit Siang to F-O

FMT - Public opinion not enough to convict Najib, lawyers tell Kit Siang (extracts):

Lim Ah Pek, you mongrel of a lawyer (with KT's blogger licence, wakakaka) - undang2 ta'tahu, pi makan udang2 lah, lu ch'au-kah

PETALING JAYA: Public opinion does not count when it comes to determining if former prime minister Najib Razak is guilty under the law, says a lawyer after DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang said the maxim “innocent until proven guilty” should not apply in Najib’s case.

Latheefa Koya said public opinion on an individual was not a legal entity.

Kaytee's note: Otherwise Lim Kit Siang would have long been sembileh kaukau, wakakaka, dicabaikan and panggang seperti satay Kajang.

lim, kit dan siang di paggang dengan secukupnya 

She said during the 14th general election (GE14), the people had expressed their opinion about Najib’s guilt by voting for Pakatan Harapan (PH).
“It’s clear from the election results that the people overwhelmingly believe Najib is guilty. And the people of Malaysia are entitled to that opinion. For a major political figure such as Najib, that is a damning opinion.

“However, that does not mean he is legally guilty in the eyes of the law. Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor remain innocent until the court passes a verdict of guilty,” she told FMT.

Latheefa said as such, one should not confuse guilt pronounced by a court of law with public opinion. “These are two different things.”

Latheefa was asked to comment on Lim’s statement that the results of GE14 had demonstrated why the maxim “innocent until proven guilty” was not applicable to Najib.

smug trouble-maker having already char-koay teow Malaysian politics 

Lim, who is the MP for Iskandar Puteri, had backed fellow PH lawmaker Hanipa Maidin who earlier issued a statement saying that the maxim had to apply within a context, otherwise it would be rendered ridiculous.

Lim said the “people’s court” in GE14 had pronounced Najib guilty of the 1MDB kleptocracy scandal, a major issue in the general election campaign, and had ousted him as prime minister of Malaysia.

Lim, the instigator Raja Batu Api, should look into the mirror before he declared the "the people's court" had voted Najib guilty of all sins under the sun. BTW, isn't his son in the same boat where UMNO, BN and PAS (their people's court) consider Guan Eng guilty as hell of corrupt dealings whilst as CM Penang?

Leaving aside Latheefa's correct legal opinion which Lim KS, though a lawyer himself seems to know shit about or is unscrupulously ignoring, PH only obtained approximately 49% of votes although it secured 56% of the parliamentary seats

Kaytee's note: Hmmm, no Pakatan member has complained about this where with 49% of votes, PH secured 56% seats, though in 2008 and 2013, the clowns made much ado about Pakatan Rakyat obtaining more than 50% of votes but getting disproportionately less seats. The fCking hypocrites, wakakaka.

Lim KS should know that 49% of the nation's total votes cast did/does NOT reflect the people's votes, but as the figures have shown, only 49% of the rakyat.

Shamsher and I have been vindicated by Latheefa's pronouncement that until the court of law, and not that of 49% of the rakyat, says Najib and/or Rosmah are guilty, they remain innocent.

It's merely a due process of Malaysian law minus the dirty politicisation of a legal case by ultra-mongrel trouble-maker Lim Kit Siang.

have you forgotten above issues which you have been ranting about for last 30 years 


  1. I say it's time we brought back the Jury system, which was abolished in 1995. Have 12 common folk decide in court, the judge keeps proceedings fair and provides advice to the jury.

    Lord Denning, a famous English Judge, had this to say about juries:

    Twelve persons selected at random are likely to be a cross-section of the people as a whole, and thus represent the views of the common man.

    1. won't work in our racially conscious and divided society

    2. Especially kaytee is still alive. A good kaytee is a dead kaytee

    3. This (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trial_of_George_Zimmerman) is a prime example of the fallacy of trial by jury.

  2. Saya sudah lama membakul sampahkan apa jua yang dikeluarkan dari mulut Lim Kit Siang. Hati busuk punya orang.

    BTW my dear HY.. England 2 : Tunisia 1. England young side can win this world cup. InsyaAllah..

    1. "Lim Kit Siang. Hati busuk punya orang."

      spot on.

    2. Calling a spade spade is "Hati busuk punya orang."??


      The one who r hating busuk r those mubafiks out to twist a fact to save their master lah!

    3. Now i know who cheebye kaytee. Beng hock told me personally if i can find kaytee, i shall tusuk kaytee

    4. Looes seems to consort with those who cannot corroborate his story telling. Next he will probably says "Elvis told him..."

  3. Now cheebye kaytee wanna pit pkr against dap.....there are plenty of idiots around

    One of them is hy

  4. Kaytee's note: Hmmm, no Pakatan member has complained about this where with 49% of votes, PH secured 56% seats, though in 2008 and 2013, the clowns made much ado about Pakatan Rakyat obtaining more than 50% of votes but getting disproportionately less seats.

    No drama here. In GE14 the party winning the most votes rightfully WON the elections. In GE13 the party that won the most votes unfairly LOST the elections.

  5. Why didn't Latheefa Koya telling dumb Pakatoons that before GE14, which would have my poor phone so much crap mindlessly posted and forwarded via WhatsApp and all that repetitive teh tarik talk.

    I'm no lawyer and I do not need Latheefa Koya to vindicate me.

    I simply maintain that I am right - FULL STOP.

  6. you can try splitting all the hairs on samy vellu's head but lks could be right as far as the people's court is concerned and naturally a courts guilty verdict would be the icing on the cake

    calm down, you are showing too much emotions in trying to defend najib, koya did not say FO to lks, I believe you did and the strange but funny thing is none from the bn side said a word in defence of your idol, perhaps they too have resigned to the fact

    1. Calm cheebye kaytee! Are you kidding? We must keep pressuring him till he mampus. High blood pressure can kill kaytee....then so be it

  7. He needs to be able to say that voters decided that son was innocent. He needed a self-consistent legal philosophy.

  8. What's wrong with LKS, an independent MP with no Govt. post bashing UMNO or Ahjib till kingdom come?

    Compare that, with previous PM, Ministers, UMNO warlords, BN warlords, ordinary UMNO attack dogs, BN media, blogs etc all bashing him without even a murmur from any anybody who were supposed to uphold the law.

    Now, what standards are we talking about? Last time when the shoe was in the other foot, everything goes and a right of reply can also end up being charged, convicted, harassed etc.

    At least, LKS is still a gentlemen and did not now blame Ahjib for being a murderer, yet.

    Wakakakakaka. Idiots trying to show their morality aplentiful nowadays.

    1. so you are saying Pakatan should behave like BN???

    2. I am very disappointed in kaytee. Such repartree from kaytee towards nostro piggy is lame and weak

      Kaytee.....i am aaiting for my char siew

  9. So...the party which got the most votes , got the most number of seats.
    Nothing hypocritical about that.

    1. Monster....your attitude is correct. Lets tui lam kaytee. Make sure he is dead

  10. KT doesn't seem to have constructive mind teasing propositions to put forward. All is about one person or the other.

    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. - Eleanor Roosevelt

    Which is KT?

    1. Ktemoc is in the 4th category which Eleanor Roosevelt was too genteel to put forward.

      Great minds discuss ideas
      Average minds discuss events
      Small minds discuss people
      Pooki minds discuss pooki hair

      Ktemoc is in the last category...his pooki minds is always on Pauline's pubic hair, wakakakkaka

    2. doesn't that put you in the 5th category?