Monday, June 25, 2018

Clueless DPM in New Malaysia?

Yahoo News - DPM clueless over Siti Kasim’s arrest, leaves matter to cops:


Not a nice description of our DPM, who BTW is also Women Affairs Minister.

Shouldn't such news about Siti Kasim, a prominent advocate-lawyer for the LGBT community, and her client being arrested by police be of some interest to the Women Affairs Minister if not the DPM?

Princess Iron Fan had then dismissed the news as a police matter. She may argue she's technically right, but it's not a good start to her career as Women's Affairs Minister nor DPM. Wonder what she does as DPM and Women Affairs Minister?

The New Malaysia?

Princess Iron Fan and Sun Wukong.

Painting in the Long Corridor of the Summer Palace in Beijing


  1. Why should she be fully conversant on everything that happens ?

    Minister's responsibility is national policy.
    This was not primarily a matter under her Ministry.

    Another Ktemoc attack-for-attacking sake Hell-Hound hatchet job.

    1. Interesting. Why would she like displaying an open fan. Is it a message that she has birth connection to Japan or is it some other message. Am intrigued...any guess?

    2. Wan has Korean blood
      Mahathir has Kerala blood
      Anwar has Tamil blood
      AAB has Hainan blood
      Hussein Oon has Turkish blood
      Zahid has Javanese blood
      Najib has Bugis (Celebes) blood
      Tunku has Thai blood
      kaytee has Thai (tomyam) blood, wakakaka
      looes74 sips Queensland juice, wakakaka again

    3. Thank you. No need to publish this.

  2. Ktemoc dearly misses the Wagyu Cow-condo bitch.

  3. What about najib razak?

    You motherfucker kaytee

    You should be banned from blogging for obvious reason

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    2. sure your 3" dick can screw with anybody

    3. looes, look who else also has a 3" this picture below

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    4. Pete at least show his face and credential. A blogger who blogs for 20 years who never show his face. Never tell us what he does for living

      Whatever he talks is all talk cock sing song. Even journalists need to get their sources fact checked and referenced.

      So who is cheebye motherfucker kaytee? Who cheeebye motherfucker mentor.....his elusive fiction military? Is kaytee really air itam lang?

  4. We don't need this patronising girl Ministry. We have had this or similar Ministry since 1957. Longer than we've had NEP. Still no progress? Women must learn to look after themselves.

    If we really must have, then put a man in charge. After all Jibby was Minister of Women 2012-2013. Or Rafidah Aziz. Yeow!

    Speaking about clueless, Jibby's excuse for the 1MDB disaster was because he was clueless. Inspector Clouseau clueless.

    1. My point is kaytee said zilch about najib rajib. That raises suspicion and skepticism on kaytee character and credential

      With such hideous, why we should allow him to survive in www? Isnt it till to kill this fucking beast called kaytee mock?

    2. Cha-Bor like Ktemoc need special protection mah

    3. Kaytee.....closseau....more like magoo except for najib, kaytee would be a domiciled rat

  5. New Malaysia's DPM clueless over alleged "adult kidnapping".

    Old Malaysia's PM clueless over 1MDB misappropriation at grand scale.

    1. Bloggers such as Ktemoc are clueless that they are clueless.

    2. Kaytee.....unscrupulous and hideous