Saturday, June 30, 2018

Malaysian government mean-spirited

FMT - Putrajaya axes BN political appointees to foreign missions (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: The foreign ministry has directed several heads of Malaysian missions overseas whose appointments were politically related to the former Barisan Nasional (BN) government to vacate their posts, a report said today.

Political appointees to ambassadorial posts are common throughout the world, especially in the USA, where large political donors to political parties are rewarded when the party they backed wins in an election, with the prestigious positions which those donors crave for.

In Australia too, political appointees are quite commonplace. Examples were Liberal Party's Alexander Downer (a failed Liberal Party PM-aspirant) as High Commissioner to the UK, Labor's Kim Beasley (another failed but Labor Party PM-aspirant) as Ambassador to the USA, and National Party's Tim Fisher (former Aus DPM and a staunch Catholic) as Ambassador to the Holy See (Vatican).

But in those countries, politically-appointed ambassadors weren't and haven't been withdrawn when the parties they backed lose an election. They were allowed to finished their assigned tours, and in some cases, even had their tours extended if they did excellent jobs for their countries. Yes, they were/are considered as exemplary citizens of their countries in the eyes of the host nations and the world.

Envoys aren't appointed on whims and fancies but through considerable sets of protocols which includes the proposed envoys' acceptance by their host nations. To suddenly withdraw those envoys would not only alarm the host nations but also insult the latter's earlier acceptance.

Let me discuss with you a couple of examples, namely:

(a) Datin Blanche O’Leary - she was formerly High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea (PNG), appointed in 2009. That was nearly 10 years ago. She has since (in 2013) been appointed Ambassador to Finland.

Alas for her, she is the wife of Kayveas of the now-questionable myPPP, but is considered as a BN person or a BN appointee.

(b) Bernard Dompok - member of UPKO, former CM Sabah and former minister (PM's department & Plantation Industries and Commodities) until 2013. He, as a Catholic, was appointed Ambassador to the Holy See (Vatican) in 2015.

Blanche O’Leary would have served 5 years as Ambassador to Finland and would have come to the end of her normal 5-year tour whilst Dompok has been envoy to the Vatican for about 3 years.

Rather than present a nasty mean-spirited picture to the world that these two were recalled by their nation because of their political affiliations, it would have been more dignified and gracious to just allow, in Blanche O’Leary's case, her tour of duty to end without any unnecessary adversarial attribution, and in Dompok's case, for his tour to be completed in April 2020 (5 years tour and also as per an earlier extension by the BN government).

Likewise with the others.

The new PH government has shown its politically-divisive nature even in such areas as the field of diplomacy where Malaysian envoys (irrespective of their domestic political affiliations) should be upheld as exemplary Malaysian citizens in the eyes of the world, as Western and more mature nations do with their political appointees.

We don't want our Malaysia to reflect the vindictive meanness of Mahathir towards our envoys in the way he has been against Najib, Anwar, AAB and KJ.


  1. Well, what can we say, PH needs to appoint Husam Musa, Raja Kamarul Bahrin, and many others to ambassadorial positions.

  2. Since when najib is so fucking generous towards oppos

    Najib kick pakatan rakyat out through mean spirited cheebye kaytee fuck

    Understand why we must ensure that kaytee die horribly

  3. Yes, Political appointees to ambassadorial posts are common throughout the world, but Ktemoc deliberately , I believe, ignored an additional point that it is customary for them to tender their resignations when there is a change in Government, especially when a different Party takes over.
    Those who do not resign, may or may not be Asked to leave, but that is the prerogative of the new government.
    No abuse of power or mean-spiritedness is implied.

    Ktemoc is permanently engaged to Hentam the Pakatan Government every which way he can. CRAP.

    1. Monsterball the humongous dedak-makan-er continues to bullshit with his "that it is customary for them to tender their resignations when there is a change in Government, especially when a different Party takes over" - there has not been such mean-spiritness by mature nations

    2. US State Department says "it's common, typical practice" for politically appointed ambassadors to resign their posts when administrations change."

      Ktemoc should refrain from Bullshiting on a subject that he is ignorant about.

    3. David Eagles, director of the Partnership for Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition, agreed it is customary that all noncareer ambassadors submit their resignations when administrations change in Washington.

      “Historically there have been exceptions,” he told VOA by email, “which have been dealt with on a case-by-case basis due to professional or personal reasons.”

    4. Oooooi....cheebye kaytee....if these cheebye appointees not be gone. You think tan seng gnaw will get cushy cushy ambassador job hah?

    5. Plus.....kaytee cheebye this useless pig use the fucking traitor word. Pigs like kaytee must be sent to abatoir....make char siew

  4. In the replacement of the ambassadors to the various country, it's the right of the CURRENT govt. Period!

    In the case of US, cases of sudden/half term changed of ambassadors due to change if govt r aplenty!

    Likewise, in UK!

    Is it cherry picking season in Oz now?

    Or r u infested with cherry picking fever?

    1. Same same in oz land la.....lagi worse....due to aussie fuckin ciyizenship issue, the fucking current aussie govt hold by elections during labor party national convention....all the same....

      Wait....why this cheebye kaytee quiet....why this cheebye kaytee still alive

      Time to 珠九族

    2. Minor extensions may be allowed to let children finish their school term..that's all

  5. The Pakatan Government, in some cases has 180-degrees opposite policies from Najis.

    It is impossible to trust and believe that Najis politically appointed Ambassadors will honestly and fairly represent the policies of the Pakatan Administration.

    SO. It is fair that they must GO.

    1. No obligation to keep them. They can always ask dedak from kaytee

  6. Only 5? Where are the rest? There are 195 countries in the world. There are definitely more than 5 and if including the supporting staff, it runs into thousands of BN appointed Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Consuls etc.

    A lot of them don't look exemplary citizens representing the country and it's more of an elitist reward clubship for those like Kaytee who are rewarded for their exemplary past and present record in bootlicking or keeping one eye close to wrongdoings or good at being accomplices towards some political agenda or good at entertaining VVIPs etc.

    All these posts should be given to retired Govt. servants esp those from the diplomatic corps, armed services, courts justices etc and not to political appointees.

    And most of those appointed must be at least English fluent besides the language of the country they are appointed to and know how to socialise.

    1. Definitely not kaytee. Kaytee should be sent alcatraz. Of ya a fucking janitor there

  7. Stolen 4B. But all the time say 40B stolen.
    Still got massive assets.

    1. The Assets are unrelated to the Liabilities.
      The cash originally raised from the Liabilities is GONE.

      That is the fact that Najis apologists are desperately trying to deny.