Thursday, June 28, 2018

Lambs to the slaughter

MM Online - Students, activists believe Dr M will unshackle universities (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, June 28 — Students and activists affected by laws curbing academic freedom — a legacy of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's previous administration — expressed faith today that the prime minister will honour his word and free universities from decades of political interference.

Two student leaders who were punished by their universities for dissidence told a forum on academic freedom here that they expect nothing less than total autonomy for universities, and they were optimistic that the man blamed for the laws that fettered academia will respond accordingly. [...]

From 1975 to 2012, the former BN government amended the law five times, initially increasing prohibitions on students’ activities on and off campus, Fortify Rights noted in a statement issued to accompany its 2017 annual report on rights infringement in campuses for the past one year.

The law outlined penalties for those found involved in activism, among others by imposing stiff penalties for violations that also included potential imprisonment under the 1975 amendment.

how mahathir looks at university students

Dumbos - problem is these moronic punks are too naive, with many still not born when Malaysia's most evil dictator was ruling the roost and making a joke out of university independence.

As George Santayana said: Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

And If I may paraphrase it a wee bit: Those who do not remember know or did not live through the past are condemned to repeat it.

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  1. Azmin Ali finally started work as Minister for Economic Affairs at the PMO. He is worried about the Ringgit and KLCI so he called Lim Guan Eng the Finance Minister.

    AA: Hello Saudara Lim, how are things at MoF? Found any more Red Files lately?

    LGE: I'm fine Dato' Seri, just one or two more Red Files but many bags of confetti shredded paper. And a mysterious huge superbike in my office. Siapa punya pun saya tak tahu tapi ada sticker serigala on the tangki minyak.

    AA: Saudara, I'm worried about the falling KLCI and Ringgit. What are you doing about it?

    LGE: Me? I thought that was your job. I just do the book-keeping. You do the brainstorming. You ada Master Degree right?

    AA: Eh, I thought I was only responsible for EPU. But even EPU pun saya blurr.

    LGE: Just look up their website-lah!

    AA: I just Googled this morning, tapi website kosong-lah. "No Information Available For This Page". Jadi apa saya nak buat. Meja saya kosong. Computer saya oso kosong. At least you boleh cari Red File. Tiap-tiap minggu you buat Press Conference. Macam filem star. Minister lain Mat Sabu, Kula, Anthony, Gobind semua sibuk buat kerja. Tapi saya di PMO lonely. I nak balik jadi MB lah. Ramai member kat Shah Alam.

    LGE: I kesian you. Don't be worried about KLCI atau Ringgit. Everywhere around the world currencies and stock market down.

    AA: Maybe you better simpan saja Red File boleh tak? Jangan buat expose lagi. Nanti ekonomi Malaysia lebih teruk. Kerja saya pun lebih susah.

    LGE: Tak boleh Dato' Seri. Mandat Harapan is to be Transparent and Bersih. Kalau beli rumah tentu mesti buat spring cleaning, cuci tandas, clear longkang sumbat dan sapu lantai bersih, baru boleh pindah masuk.

    AA: Oh betul cakap Saudara. Kalau macam tu teruskan. Kita se-Pasukan Harapan. Minister for Economic Affairs dari PKR, Finance Minister dari DAP. Check and Balance, Macam Dacing, Only Better.

    Tapi jangan lupa saya ya? Kalau ada kerja sikit tolong pass pada saya, jangan sorok semua bagi Tony dan Kian Meng. Promise?

    LGE: Ok promise, bye....

  2. PAS / Hadi would be well advised to withdraw their defamation case against Sarawak Report. Heavy burden of proof is required for defamation cases in the UK and didn’t Hadi win Marang with a huge majority and PAS win Terengganu his home state? PAS also did well nationwide in terms of raw votes. So how did Hadi & PAS suffer defamation?

    The other danger in pursuing this defamation case is unnecessary exposure to the Najib investigation that is about to explode. Remember the Audis and Porsches allegedly registered to PAS leaders, all on the internet. True or not? People may have forgotten about this, so let it rest. If PAS decides to pursue this case then all the dirt will be dug up again and they may get entangled with the 1MDB investigation. But if they withdraw the case it may be loss of face and admission of guilt. how? Pray hard for guidance.

    1. Hadi has no worries, so why should you worry? Burden of proof lies with the white bitch so Hadi doesn't need to do anything at all. He's sitting back, relaxing, while watching the white bitch sweating, cursing, scrambling around the world, praying to her God, for any shred of incriminating evidence.

      She thought she had it in her piles of bullshit but the right honourable judge threw it out.

      She thought she had it in the purported voice recording, but Hadi nonchalantly allowed it in her pitiful defence.

      Hadi is just enjoying his time sitting back and drinking his Kopi-O while waiting for the verdict onto her.

  3. If voting age is reduced to 18+ as proposed, why not amend the Universities Act to also allow full academic Freedom in all public and Private Universities and Colleges? If they are mature enough to vote, they should also be mature enough to express their academic freedom.

    The lame excuses given that students would neglect their studies or be easily duped into politicizing issues or not mature enough politically are just excuses by the previous BN Govt. to control and prevent student activism and intellectuals from upsurping their own parties inadequate intellectual quotient.

    Are farmers, fishermen, blue or white collar workers, labourers, housewives, jobless youths, old men and women, bloggers etc more politically intellectual than students?

    The survival of various BN initiated NGOs like ISMA, ABIM, JMM, MPP etc to be the political voices in the academic world to replace student activism and the academic intelligentsia is abhorrent and dumb.

    Just look at all the dumb, bootlickers and unintelligent leaders and their speeches in those NGOs and compare it with what full academia freedom, speech and association can achieve if only the Govt. stop meddling academic freedom in all our institutions of higher learnings.

    TDM has to undo his previous mistakes of curbing academic freedom which contributed indirectly to a lame society which don't have the intelligence and will power enough to stop all the wrongs of a kleptocratic Govt.

    When you control an breed students and academia like lambs, of course they will behave like lambs to be lead to slaughter.

    1. by your "are just excuses by the previous BN Govt. to control and prevent student activism and intellectuals from" I trust you mean Mahathir's regime

      Having gullible 18 years old vote for Mahathri is not the same as having 18 year old independent-minded students speaking out against the old monster, thus lowering the voting age is not the same as giving university students freedom of speech

    2. Yeah yeah and invite that fucking cheebye kaytee to have fucking public lecture at university where i will throw rotten eggs at kaytee

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    3. aiyoh, still fascinated by my dick?

  4. History never really repeats itself.
    The world - and people - are much more complex than that.

    That's why Generals who try to refight the last war invariably fail.

    1. If cheebye kaytee is the fucking commander or private, i will shoot kaytee dead first when the war starts

    2. Provided people involved NEVER changev - aka zombies + blur-sotongs!