Saturday, June 16, 2018

Ministerial recommendations

I like to recommend, serious matey wakakaka, a few names for some ministries:

(a) Anwar Ibrahim for Foreign Minister:

I reckon he is virtually the most experienced man for the foreign desk, well, apart from Mahathir himself but who is more of an expert on Japan, Japanese cars and Japanese steel mills.

Since Mahathir has refused to surrender the PM's post to Anwar at this stage, it's best to keep the latter busy and in a job he knows bloody well. Besides, his international mateys are all around, and he is likely to make friends than enemies when compared to an irascible old man like Mahathir.

(b) I believe the DPM shouldn't hold the Women Affairs portfolio.

She should be shadowing Mahathir (in case the old man has a relapse of his cardio-problems) and getting pretty involved in over-sighting the cabinet and cabinet affairs.

I therefore recommend the Malaysian lady best suited to the job, to wit, Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir.

She is a leading activist on women-affairs, AIDS, SIS (Islam & Women) and humanitarian matters, articulate in the Malay and English languages, a damn good writer, and a compassionate and brave lady. Make her a Senator and give her the Women Affairs portfolio and she will do wonders.

(c) I have a sneaky suspicion Nurul Izzah may be made House Speaker, so I support that.

(d) Zaid Ibrahim be made Minister for Law, with particular functions to review and amend:

  • the Constitution, and to make right what have been made wrong by "someone",
  • clear the ambiguous areas in the Constitution (is Malaysia a secular nation?),
  • restore the Senate to what it should be in accordance with the spirit with which the Senate was meant to be, before it was mutilated by "someone",
  • restore Constitutional provisions for local elections

Guess he needs to be made a Senator.

(e) Lim Kit Siang be made Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. He may require a few tenge.

Alternatively, make him Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Mogadishu, capital of Somalia.

my boy is the Finance Minister 

That should give Malaysians some peace from his pompous bullshit almost-daily speeches like telling BN, UMNO and UMNO members what to do post-GE14.


  1. How about appointment KT to be the impromptu mouthpiece of bn(umno) in the absence of mom (a self proclaimed pas supporter)?

    Both of them serve bn (umno) VERY well le!

  2. What happened Kaytee? Did you fell down and knocked your head?

    How come you so suddenly now start proposing who is to be Minister in the PH Cabinet and Govt.?

    Except for LKS which obviously you still have a beef about, the rest of your recommendations looks not bad.

    You just have to sneak in your sweetie Nurul instead of Hannah as choice of House speaker based on lust. Even though she is janda now, I don't think you are the type(BN cybertrooper) she favours right now. The Royalties may feel offended, you kacau daun.


    1. Not just a beef! More like Kaytee is attempting to make char siew out LKS. Speaking of char siew, Nostro piggy still survives.

      What happened?

      Kaytee lust for Nurul.....Must potong one you know. You think Kaytee's 3 inches dick is strong enough hah

  3. Ktemoc should be Ambassador to Mongolia.
    Najib to be Malaysian Resident in Riker's Island ( go Google it).

  4. "......his pompous bullshit almost-daily speeches...."


    I also recommend that Kaytee should retire from blogging and like Anthony Bourdain while committing seppuku, hang himself


    PLUS ALL PROCEEDS AND BELONGINGS FROM THAT CHEEBYE KAYTEE to be donated to Tabung Harapan.....hahahahaha

    1. time and time again I had sworn to you I did NOT f**k your mother

    2. Or you are being fucked by all thinking Malaysians who can see through your fucking bullshits......Cheebye Kaytee

      Fuck put at Australia so as to be screwed by Pauline Hanson la. Don't even come into Singapore as you would be thrown into Changi prison with the keys thrown away

    3. showing off his Sing-ness wah!

      screwed by Pauline? at least I am not like you, working your wriggly tongue like mad, wakakaka

  5. And the PM-ship must remain with Mahathir.

    This is essential.

    We now have a two party system where the winner tries to jail the loser. And PH has the advantage of having as PM someone who can actually die in office as per the "PM sampai mampus" plan by Nga Kor Ming.

    So PH makes sure all the dirty documents are signed by PM and when UMNO or PAS takes over all they have is a dead body to investigate and jail.

    1. that's a bit cruel to wish someone to die

  6. The constitution is clearly not secular. The "State List" sets out the legislative powers of State governments relating to Islam, and a parallel judicial system of Syariah courts. How much clearer does it need to be?

  7. Lim Kit Siang is deliberately twisting the knife in mire deeply into UMNO and BN, which he has been doing for 30 years.

    The RM 2.6 Billion question is why is Ktemoc sooo Sakit Hati in favour of UMNO ?

    1. It's a magic show type of knife twisting.

      In goes the knife into the box but the Mahath..oops..I mean girl comes out unscathed!

      Good show by the ex-detainee-mangsa...oops I mean magician!

  8. I'm all for more minorities (yes women are just that in Parliament), it's about bloody time they did some work instead of just constantly nagging from the sidelines. Having a Ministry of Women's Affairs (aka Ministry of Kitchen and Nursery) just makes it more obvious that men think they can't do a proper job. Why don't we have a Ministry of Minorities as well? Or a Ministry of Small People andHandicapped ?

    It is also patronising having Womens and Puteri wings in political parties. Why? The men can't stand the nagging so put them in the kitchen to make cookies?

    Hannah and Nurul for Speaker and Deputy Speaker. Give them a BIG Gavel so they can knock the male MPs on the head. Or better a whip (oooh yes and latex pants too!)

    Anwar as Foreign Minister sounds good, oh how TDM would love to push him up to the Dewan Negara for 3 years. He can't be a threat there and if Zaid is President of the Senate then it would fire up the debates there. 60/40 in Senate to reflect Lower House. Hopefully the opposition will play ball by putting in past MCA, MIC, Gerakan Presidents so they can explain past decisions.

    Back to the House, Pubic Accounts Committee should be headed by an Opposition member and I suggest Najib, with Tony Pua as Deputy. He can speed up the discussions since he was the former FM and he knows all the nooks and cracks in MoF so LGE cannot hide another bungalow or swimming pool somewhere.

    There must also be other Select Committees for Health, Defence, Education and more. Liberally populated by past Ministers. Check and Balance.

    Sabah and Sarawak representation: If the Cabinet size is 28 then at least six (three each) should be rightfully theirs.

    And 9/28 to be women. One third. Like what they asked. Then we put them under the microscope like the male Ministers are. No crying now. Can't stand the heat go back to the kitchen.

    1. at this stage Women Affairs is still necessary - one day we hope we don't need it

    2. What do you mean? They will continue to have affairs with women like they did before they won.

  9. No to Minister of Gender Equality, Minister of Ethics, or Minister of Indian Affairs. As if we need reminders to treat everyone equally or we need to be honest or that Indians are a poor lot. We know that. Patronising. And Paul Low was a wimpy disaster.


    Hahahaha.....what will cheebye kaytee going to say?

    Coming soon....first to Bamboo River , then the Yankees can have him for Riker's Island.

  12. is there a ministry of sandiwara? lge can do.