Friday, June 22, 2018

Pot or Bird

MM Online - ‘Najib always assumes people are stupid,’ says Dr M:

Hmmm, pot calling kettle black or birds of same feathers?.


  1. TRXC is son of 1MDB. 1MDB is son of MoF. 1MDB took money from son's piggy bank to bayar hutang. So now son have no money to buy drum set. Have to ask money from grandfather MoF. And where does grandfather get money from? Limpeh-loh.

  2. The 2016 World Bank report considered Malaysia's declining education standards as it most important long-term development threat.

    Yes, Mahathir 1.0's policies and actions were instrumental in the decline. Not to forget dysfunctional actions by subsequent Prime Ministers and Education Ministers .

    Mahathir 2.0 understands that very well...the malaise of the education system is at the root of Malaysia's troubles. That is why he is treating it as an issue of utmost importance and urgency.

    That is what Old Man needs to fix before he goes to his appointment with Allah.

  3. Yes....kaytee always treat people like fools. Hence no face no phpto

    1. and I succeeded with you

    2. How long are you going to hide your identity? Cheebye kaytee

      Pauline hanson is closing in exposing u