Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Repercussions of Guan Eng's arrogant faux pas

NST - Guan Eng's action will only fuel people's hatred - Pas' Takiyuddin:

KOTA BARU: Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng continue to receive flak today for issuing official statements in Chinese, this time from a Pas leader who said such move will only fuel hatred among the people.

Its secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said doing so could cause anxiety and suspicion, including disrupting unity in a multi-ethnic society of Malaysia.

Lim was slammed recently after he issued a statement related to the Tun Razak Exchange in three languages - Malay, English and Chinese.

"This is something unprecedented or never been done in the history of the country's administration, that a minister publishes a government official statement in Chinese even as a translation.

"Pas also views Lim's reply on the issue on Facebook, which was only in Chinese to defend his move, as arrogant," he said in a statement.

PAS was once Guan Eng's (and other DAP pollies) favourite party, next to the DAP itself, wakakaka.

In fact, Nga Kor Ming, for all his alleged Hew Kuan Yau-like verbal bigotry, used to phone allahyarham Tuan Guru Dato' Bentara Setia Haji Nik Abdul Aziz Bin Nik Mat to confirm Quranic phrases he (David Nga) could use to fling at and intimidate his BN foes, wakakaka.

And this was what gave the late Pak Haji the false impression the DAP leaders except for Karpal Singh were ready to accept and even embrace Islam.

Pak Haji was my Quranic sifu 

But since their acrimonious parting post 2014 which came to the fore following the Kajang by-election (thanks to too-smart-by-half Rafizi Ramli), the DAP is Satan's nest in the eyes of PAS, and vice versa.

Don't need to be a motor-car-scientist (wakakaka) to know that PAS would eventually pounce on Guan Eng's polygot faux pas, a faux pas imbued with the ultra arrogance of also a too-smart-by-half semi-apotheosized Guan Eng.

But Takiyuddin Hassan has not been totally wrong, in that Guan Eng's arrogance would arouse paranoid suspicions among Malays that the alleged Chinese-led Pakatan Harapan would see the rise and overwhelming dominance of Chinese political power in Malaysia, even if it is ridiculous in reality.

limpeh leh 

There are quite a number of political ignoramus in Malaysia, among ALL ethnic groups and ALL religious denominations. I had long ago saw the ones in UMNO and PAS, and have recently (last three years) seen the ones in Pakatan, especially young Chinese Malaysians (Hell-Hounds).

These ignoramus leap on the filmiest of suspicions or khabar-angin and fake news to make headlines and hate-news.

see my post 
Mufti Perak: Bubur boleh diajar kembali menjadi nasi 

Thus Guan Eng's arrogant act in his unprecedented "Ni hao ma" statement has given unwanted fuel to ignite such ignoramus amongst the Malay community, already suffering from an ethnic siege-mentality, to believe the worst in anything Chinese.

It doesn't help when Malay heads of GLCs and many government divisions have been or will be sacked, when a Chinese is in charge of a Finance Ministry on a trimming-to-be-lean vengeance, even in the FM is not personally responsible for the downsizing. And a Chinese Minister of Transport complaining about a MAVCOM Head getting a salary of RM75K per month would also sound like a green eyed Chinese ogre.

But apart from that, what effect will such language-instigated racial turbulence have on vernacular education, especially the Pakatan manifesto-promise of recognising the UEC?


  1. PAS has been reckoned to have been fully satiated with De Dak.

  2. The once greatest champion of the "Gunakan Bahasa" mob has said Its a Small Matter.

    Why is Abdullah Ktemoc jumping up and down ?

  3. Lim Guan Eng's action was a minor matter.

    Now...the Australian Ktemoc's call to shut down JAKIM.....that is truly dangerous and stupid..

  4. LGE is very happy today. He just called TDM and chope the 1B first, claiming it for Tabung Harapan. Next 1MDB installment already settle. See how quickly he get attention before Azmin even squeak?

  5. If MACC find 1 million in my house it is up to them to prove I am corrupt. If they find 1 Billion, then it is up to me to prove I am not.

  6. Now we see the wisdom in not rushing to arrest and charging Najib. Let more evidence pile up. Witnesses come forward. Accomplices surrender themselves or are brought in. Then Tommy can pick and choose.

  7. On the Mandarin official statement note I don't entirely agree it is wrong since the statement was delivered in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin and not just one in Mandarin.

    Whilst working as a media reporter, I have attended events, albeit by commercial companies, which issued statements in English, Malay and Mandarin for the benefit of English, Malay and Chinese language media covering the event.

    The only omission was a statement in Tamil.

    1. Objectively, there was nothing wrong with Lim Guan Eng replying to a Facebook question posed in Chinese- in Chinese.

      The Blogger here is just being evil-hearted wanting to Hentam Lim Guan Eng by whatever means necessary.

    2. It is understandable for private sector when the targeted audience is mainly Chinese with a lesser of others, but this cannot fly when you are in Government and do this officially because YOU(LGE) represents the Government, and the Government of the day should be a Government for all not just for Malays & Chinese.

      If he were to walk the talk that his Government represents all, then why not issue his statements in all the relevant languages as well and not just Chinese? On the flip side, as to be fair to all races, why can't he just stay with Malay and English?

    3. John,

      "If he were to walk the talk that his Government represents all, then why not issue his statements in all the relevant languages as well and not just Chinese?"

      Read the original NST article which states:-

      "Lim was slammed recently after he issued a statement related to the Tun Razak Exchange in three languages - Bahasa Melayu, English and Mandarin."

      Lim issued the press releases in three languages, Malay, English and Mandarin.

      He did his duty as a government minister by issuing a press statement in Malay - the national language, plus one in English and another in Mandarin.

      from my experience as a journalist who has covered several government media events, press releases are usually issued in Malay and in English for the benefit of foreign media who may be attending.

      Some people are making an issue out of this by making t seem that he issued the press release only in Mandarin, in which case I would have criticised him, since I am not Chinese and cannot read Mandarin but when an UMNO paper reports that he issued the release in Malay, English and Mandarin, I think there should not be a big issue.

      Guan Eng could have just said that he issued a press release in Mandarin to make sure that the Chinese language media (including from China) would have no excuse to misquote him due to a mistake in translation instead of playing the constitution card.

    4. John

      Uh, your beef with this issue is LGE did not issue statements in more languages?

    5. My beef is, why just stop at Chinese? Is he communicating with China on the press statement?

      If he wants to do it, then do it for all major languages used in Malaysia.

      If he's incapable of doing it, then don't just do it for one race only. Be fair to all and just stick to the old process of using Malay and English ONLY!

      Even my old boss (who is a Chinese, mind you) told me not to pander to those Mandarin-only Luddites, because after 50 years of independence they should at least have learned to understand everyday Malay OR English. I respected him for that even til today and perhaps until I die.

    6. John

      K, appreciate you taking the time to reply.

      It seems LGE is getting flak from others for purportedly undermining national unity for issuing statements in another language. I guess it would be less of an issue had it been in another language and not Chinese.

    7. Oh come on! That includes john, unknown and the entire pas cheebyes.....john wanna establish islamic state that potong your kukuciao

      And you thank him.....hahahaha

    8. @HH
      Even if LGE had issued it in Tamil only and not Chinese, I will still flak him for it. As i mentioned, he must be fair to all 'cause he supposed to represent all. Either issue in all the minority languages or none at all and just stick to Malay & English ONLY!

      Your comment doesn't make any sense to this discussion and until you do, I will ignore it.

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    11. Hohohoho! I'm glad you enjoy your little fun with Looes, KT. But his nonsensical ramblings is disrupting the discussion. Hope you can moderate it better. Cheers.

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      Wakakakaka…… Freudian slip?

      Or u admit yr little brother is indeed small?

      Shot everything, but make very sure u don't do self-induced damages lah!

      Perhaps, too syiok to realize!

  8. I believe more serious resentments amongst the Malays will be due to the termination or non-renewal of contracts of GLC heads, unless there is any evidence of them having been involved in some wrongdoing or gross incompetence.

    As for why TM CEO Shazalli Ramly who took over as CEO on 1 May 2017, then resigned as CEO in June 2018, TM shares were going sideways betweem RM6.00 and and a high of RM6.60 from January 2017 till late February 2018, then began a steady plunge to RM3.00 today.

    TM's Q4 2017 report, 4th quarter and 2017 financial year ended 31 December 2017, which TM announced on 27 February 2018, showed the highest revenue and net profit over Q1, Q2, Q3 2017 and TM reported the highest revenue and net profit in its 2017 Annual report compared to the three previous years.

    However, shortly before or following this 27 February announcement, TM's share price began its steady drop to RM3 today.

    On 22 May 2018, TM released its Q1 2018 quarterly report (quarter ended 31 March 2018), which showed a slightly lower revenue of RM2.8 billion compared to between RM2.9 billion and RM3.1 billion in the 4 quarters of 2017, though TM's Q1 2018 net profit fell to RM157.1 million from between RM210 million and RM277 million in the four quarters of 2017, and closer to its 2016 quarterly net profit reported.

    On 28 February 2018 JF Apex Research reported:-

    Lower earnings - TM’s 4Q17 normalised PATAMI declined 17.7% YoY to RM222m (after excluding impact of forex and fair value changes) due to higher cost from its Mobile unit despite lower depreciation charges. Reported 4Q17 PATAMI surged 79.5% YoY to RM277m.

    Flat year - FY17 normalised PATAMI rose 1.8% YoY to RM863.2m while reported PATAMI gained 19.8% to RM929.7m. Full year revenue gained 0.2% YoY to RM12.09b.

    Revenue led by Internet - 4Q17 revenue declined 1.1% YoY to RM3.2b as higher contribution from Internet (+7% YoY) was unable to fully offset declines in Data (-2.3% YoY), Voice (-6.7% YoY) and Others (-4.3% YoY).

    Higher QoQ – 4Q17 reported PATAMI rose 30.8% QoQ while normalised PATAMI added 9.1% QoQ. Revenue increased 8.8% QoQ following growths in all product segments (Internet +1.3%, Voice +0.9%, Data +12.8% and Others +31.3%).

    Drop in subscribers – Total broadband subscribers dropped 1.6% YoY and 0.7% QoQ to 2.33m as growth UniFi subscribers of 18.7% YoY and 6% QoQ to 1.13m was unable to compensate for decline in Streamyx subs by -15.1% YoY and -6.3% QoQ to 1.21m.

    Lower ARPU– TM’s Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for Streamyx broadband was slightly lower at RM90 (vs RM91 in 3Q17) while ARPU for UniFi declined to RM197 vs RM199 in 3Q17.

    2018 KPIs announced – TM announced its 2018 KPIs which is similar to 2017: 1) revenue growth of 3.5% to 4%, 2) Maintain 2017 EBIT level, 3) customer satisfaction level of 74. Management expects a flat EBIT due to expansion of its LTE and mobile services.

    Dividend – TM declared a 2nd interim dividend of 12.1 sen, taking full year dividend to 21.5 sen and translating into a yield of 3.6%.

    It recommended to hold:-

    So this could explain the reason for the plunge in TM's share price from late February 2018, though one wonders whether the plunge in TM's share price could be due to that controversial video Hebat Negara Ku by CEOs of GLCs which Shazalli is said to have organised, which was deemed to have been propaganda in favour of BN.

    However, Shazalli gave no reason for his resignation.

    1. TM shares went down could be because of investors being wary of Government meddling with their UNIFI operations when they were ORDERED to double that broadband speeds without increasing the charges.

      Investors are jumpy with these kinda intervention and also because of the infra outlay needed to double up the speeds but no expected increase in income. My opinion of course.

      Shazalli is a capable CEO, being instrumental in reviving Celcom's fortune til it surpassed Maxis in terms of user base & profits. His marketing strategy to take on and beat Maxis & Digi in the prepaid customers paid off handsomely. Him leaving is a loss to TM.

      And not just him, but so many other technocrats left/leaving augurs a dim view, that they will be left alone to carry out their functions which enabled them to score above average returns year after year, a legacy of Najib's government.

      Government interference is never a good thing as I mentioned above, and Mahathir's legacy is one of constant meddling by him and his cohorts in the private sector, sometimes to the detriment of the country as whole.

      When the investors are running, the technocrats are running, this is a bad omen for things to come. Mark my words.

    2. John,

      "Investors are jumpy with these kinda intervention and also because of the infra outlay needed to double up the speeds but no expected increase in income. My opinion of course."

      I agree with you, especially of Unifi and Streamyx subscription comprise a sizeable part of TM's revenue.

      Also, years ago, the CEO of mentioned that the relatively weak ringgit exchange rate (it was a lot stronger at the time), makes it more expensive in ringgit terms, for a Malaysian telco to purchase telecom network equipment which are priced in US dollars, than a country with a strong currency such as Singapore, so if TM has to add network capacity (or what is often termed "bandwidth") at additional cost without being able to charge more for higher capacity, it would end up earning lower profits, if not make a loss.

      This is something which a lawyer like Gobind appears not to understand.

      "Shazalli is a capable CEO, being instrumental in reviving Celcom's fortune til it surpassed Maxis in terms of user base & profits. His marketing strategy to take on and beat Maxis & Digi in the prepaid customers paid off handsomely. Him leaving is a loss to TM."

      I know Shazalli personally, especially when he was with Celcom Axiata and remember when Celcom under him surpassed Maxis and won a Frost & Sullivan award.

      So I am pretty sure that TM would have done well under him and whilst he has not revealed his reasons for resigning, I suspect it could be due to this pressure put on TM by the Minister of Communications & Multimedia to reduce the price of broadband.

      Quite frankly, I do not know how much a few tens of ringgit lower monthly subscription or double the existing broadband speed will benefit subscribers.

      I'd rather that the KKMM goes after the culprits in the MCMC's phone blocking outsource contractor who leaked the details of subscribers on all cellular networks to criminals who have used them to con a lot of people out of their hard-earned money, including a neighbour and friend of mine who was conned into transferring close to RM500,000 into three bank accounts by a conman impersonating the police who said she was suspected of money laundering and could face up to 14 years in jail.

      It finally dawaned on her that she had been conned and she lodged a police report toward the end of last year and whilst the bank froze the three accounts, her lawyer is still in the process of getting the bank to release whatever is left of her money back to her.

      Rather than force this obviously populist measure on the broadband service providers, the KKMM should find ways to make them improve their quality and reliability of service to their subscribers, as well as their speed to fix problems. Right on, it typically takes four days after a report is lodged for TM to fix a Unifi service breakdown.

      Another thing I'd like to see is the abolishing of prepaid account validity unless regularly topped up within a certain period, such as 30 days.

      Instead, I'd like to see prepaid accounts last as long as there is prepaid credit, though the mobile telcos may be allowed to levy a minimum monthly deduction of RM5 or RM10 from the prepaid balance of accounts which are not used or hardly used to make calls or send SMS.

      I understand that in Sweden, one's prepaid account remains active as long as there is a credit balance

    3. i think unifi is sort of monopoly.

    4. Lawyers never do make sense in fields other than their own, and even then sometimes they make it a point for outsiders not able to understand them!

      The weird thing about Shazalli leaving is the absence of reason. Normally, an amicable parting would entail the CEO giving some sorta excuse (sometimes lame but hey) ie Muller & Bellew from MAS. In his case, there's no reason giving raise it could be inamicable or perhaps even forced out. Something to ponder about.

      As for broadband speed, I had my 5Mbps doubled to 10Mbps but seriously I felt nothing at all. Even back with 5, and all the household using it, there's no lag but often there's drops in connection. I fully agree with you that Gobind should instead focus on improving line connection quality and also to spread more broadband into the hinterlands and especially in Borneoan states.

      As for the prepaid thingy, I hazard a guess that its due to security reasons. The Government may not want dormant/unused prepaid accounts for crime, phishing scams, or even phone detonated IEDs(a tactic used in Iraq).

    5. HY,

      "i think unifi is sort of monopoly."

      More or less, since TM owns most of the high speed broadband fibre infrastructure.

      In order to avoid a monopoly, some countries seperate the license issued to various communications operators according to their function.

      For example, the municipality owns ducts in which broadband cabling is run and leases out usage of the ducts for a wholesale communications infrastructure operator to lay the fibres in and there may be a single wholesale communications infrastructure owner and operator.

      Next, are the end-user broadband service providers which lease or rent use of these the fibres to provide broadband service to end users, which may be homes or businesses.

      This model, which if I recall right is used in Sweden, Taiwan and some other countries provide a level playing field for retail broadband service providers to compete in providing broadband service to end users.

      The owner and fibre infrastructure is not licensed to provide service to end users.

      Cellular telephone companies can also lease these fibres to use in the back haul connections between their base stations and their network core.

      However, under Malaysia's High Speed Broadband Plan, it was decided to let Telekom Malaysia, which has the funds, both lay, own the fibre infrastructure, as well as provide service to end users over it, whilst at the same time it must allow competitors, such as Maxis, to rent TM's fibres from it to provide broadband service to end users, and whilst we have the option to subscribe to fibre broadband service provided by TM's competitors, however it appears that TM's Unifi has captured the lion's share of fibre broadband subscribers.

      Perhaps our new Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh should consider merging TM's wholesale division with into a separate entity which will be the licensed communications infrastructure owner and operator which leases out fibres to retail service operators to end users.

      This will hopefully allow for more end user choice and competition on quality of service and price.

      The infrastructure owner and operator may need to be allowed to be a monopoly, so it can benefit from economies of scale, since infrastructure deployment costs are very expensive.

      You may not realise it but some cellular operators such as Tune Talk, XoX, Merchantrade and some others are what are called mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) which provide their service by riding on the network infrastructure of an operator which owns and operates its network infrastructure. TuneTalk is such an MVNO which rides on Celcom's network. It pays Celcom a wholesale rate for voice minutes, SMS and cellular data, which TuneTalk then sells to its end users. However, here it also competes with Celcom which also provides retail service to its own end users.

    6. if that is the case, then govt intervention seem reasonable provided the intention is to lower the fees. john assertion sound like he get dedak from tm.

      i subscribe to redone, the rm8 per month package, riding on celcom i believe. we the poor must equip ourselves with more knowledge to debunk the propaganda n disinformation from those dedak eaters. thanks for the great explanation n clarification.

    7. The 1st batch of Government Heads of Department and GLC heads being removed were clearly involved in misconduct. E.g Serigar , Apandi , Felda Head.

      In any case they are also being replaced by Melayu, so why should it result in racial resentment ?

      The 2nd phase are people not specifically suspected of wrong doing, but seen as not aligned to Pakatan direction. Every New set of management/ owners has a right to ensure their key officers are aligned to their objectives.
      Nothing wrong with that. It does not even need to be related to any performance issues.

      Now...things get tricky if a Chinapek or Aneh gets appointed to be a GLC CEO. Which some Pakatan Parties are pushing , to make a point.

      Expect Race-Religion warriors to come out of the woodwork.
      Fully Supported by Ktemoc, just to spite Pakatan , especially DAP.

    8. HY seems to think that if a person is full, it must be reasonable to continue force-feeding him. Such flipped logic from dedak eating hell hound.

      As long you have high speed connection, anything more is just a want, not a need. By all means keep the same speed but lower the price, but what clueless Gobind doing is asking to double the bandwidth at the same price. How many would truly feel the higher speeds? Very very few indeed.

      TM should instead be focusing on getting broadband penetration into the kampungs and secluded towns. To these rakyat, a broadband is a need. Those city folks like HY just can't wrap his dedak-filled head around this fact, and selfishly clamour for more speed but to hell with those kampung folks and their needs. Selfish zombie.

      I would suggest both TM & TIME to demerged and create a separate entity to manage the trunking to base station network. A Government fund might be needed to sustain its operations, if it were to provide cheap HSB. Since both them have consumer services, they can then focus on their respective core business of providing fibre internet from those base stations to users.

    9. My experience with broadband in remote education broadcast indicates it's vitally important to have high speed for any decent nowadays applications.

      The cost of infrastructure is coming down fast due to new equipment technology & better spectrum time/frequency modulation implementation.

      To built a 2/3G receiving/transmitting base station will cost more than a 4/5G facilty.

      The reasons being obsolete equipments that r inefficient & difficult to maintain due to depleting original equipment manufacturers. Besides the obvious limiting data carrying capacity.

      The rural & perhaps the remote location folks can find 2/3G network filling their simple needs of communication.

      But the children losses out in having streaming 4/5G educational broadcastings!

      It costs less to built a 4/5G superfast network nowadays compare with a archaic 2/3G network!

      The local telcos talk bulls while the blur mcmc personals play middleman to share the ill-gotten fund for using obsolete technology at exorbitant project cost to the detriment of the rural & remote communities.

      For m'sia to be truly into the age of 21st century there r a lot of works to be done:

      1) removing corrupt tophats
      2) remote hp6 deadwood techies
      3) rebook at new transmission technology & broadcasting methodology
      4) remote monopolist service providing, network infrastructure owning
      5) be ready to compete openly.

      2x speed at reduced fee is the right step by Gobind Singh Deo. He is well advices. The process can be done so quickly is telling that the monopolistic entry has been milking the users all these years while remaining highly inefficien!

      The voluntary resignation of Shazalli proves him to be a dirty gentleman - knowing his time is up & go quietly. He has had his heist!

    10. CK is foolish and knows nothing about broadband in the boondocks. What they need is not super high speed but just the basic broadband connection, and then it has to be stable throughout its usage. No point providing a kampung with 100Mbps line but it cuts out every single hour! A 10 Mbps stable line will require less cost but more beneficial in the long run.

      Gobind is going in the wrong direction and he has no clue whatsoever constitutes a good way to move forward. Perhaps he got just as clueless yes-men sycophants, like CK, to advice him.

      To move Malaysia forward the steps needed is:
      1) De-couple TM & Time from ownership of fibre backbone.
      2) Remove Government intervention.
      3) Remove Gobind as Coms Minister.
      4) Get a technocrat as Coms Minister. Preferably from IT/Coms field.
      5) Increase penetrations to remote places with stable connections.
      6) Liberalise the service providers.
      7) Market competition will reduce the prices naturally.

    11. I strongly suggest hadi awang to instruct those 2 cheebye terengganu and kelantan menteri besar to hire this cheebye john as chief scientific officer.....then we see how fucking good john is

      Talking is easy man...john should reveal himself public so that we have opportunity to shame this cheebye

    12. Again, sai he for a rd monyet!

    13. i know nothing much abt tech, my layman view is it is a matter of choice, moreover almost all tech relate to speed n volume rarely see price coming down eg processor, capacitor, resistor, hardisk etc but getting more advance instead. penetration of rural is another topic need further explore as this might involve huge infrastructure, thus wireless could be a solution, i dun know.

      1n2) it depend, can work both way, economy of scale or competition depend on how govt manage it, to benefit the people or crony, so intervention might be necessary.

      3) gobind is elected by people, n pick by pm, u can remove him via a democracy process if u think thats the right thing to do.

      4) msia is not communist china, technocrats can contribute but not necessarily have to be a minister.

      5) can agree but how, talk is easy.

      6n7) agree, thats y the first step is to kick out the useless crony n political appointee, that might include the dedak eaters like u?

    14. HY,
      1&2) is doable. There's business to be made, so who doesn't want in? As long they get a fair chance and no Government interference like right now, competition and more choices will come.

      3&4) Gobind is selected for Coms Minister and he can also be fired as Coms Minister. The people didn't elect him to be a Coms Minister. And replacing him with a technocrat will ensure a well suited person will be capable to perform as compared to clueless Gobind.

      5) Its simple. Rather than spend the CAPEX for equipment to double the speeds, use it to lay more fibre to the rural parts. That's why I said those who demand for higher speeds are robbing the rural folks of their broadband.

      6&7) No, kick out clueless politicians from meddling like Gobind, and his just as clueless yes-men like you and CK. Replace you three with technocrats who knows the industry, knows the market, and knows how to do their jobs. And lay off that dietary of unhealthy dedak.

    15. 12567) u keep contradict yrself, u have to make up yr mind whether govt interference is necessary, u cant liberise n promote maket competition but at the same time want rural penetration. its a typical trait among dedak eaters, they dun know what they talking abt.

      34) at least in msia context, appointed minister derive their power from politics n election ie people, without tis backing for eg technocrats, no one would listen to him. if u have no idea how technocrats work, join ck in communist china, so that msia can have less n less dedak eaters.

    16. If u DONT know the facts, tech &/or casual, then DONT comment lah - simple as that!

      2cents worth just to prove u r ONLY certified monkeys. Memang just plain maruah-less.

      But then what's maruah to idiots - toilet paper to wipe clean the soiled hands after the jamban cleaning!

    17. i am frank pertaining to what thing i know, i believe i am okay with most thing china n chinese include sociopolitical, culture, history, n a little bit abt religion n philosophy. most other topic or subject i make use of logic, common sense n being consistent. u seem to know everything minus off logic n common sense, n oso very flexible as long as the fact n myth suit u, thats a talent u monopolise which none of us can match u wakaka.

    18. U used logic & common sense!

      They r the rare commodities u definitely DONT processed.

      Keep kidding itself lah. Yr 小民的智慧 will get u through through yr utopian dream!

  9. So when will the PAS Govt and their excos also banned Arabic statements and speeches in their official Govt. statements in Trengganu and Kelantan?

    All official Govt. letters, statements, speeches should be in Bahasa Malaysia. And why should there be exceptions for Arabic, Mandarin, Tamil, French, Latin, Jawi etc which are not stated in the Constitution?

    There are just too many hypocrites among politicians nowadays and you just wonder when they will stop politiking and instead face reality that any Language is just a tool for communication whether it is for Govt, Commerce, finance, politics, religion etc.

    It just makes those politicians speaking like a bunch of fools while they think they are being real heroes in an unreal world of their own.

    Using Language as a political tool is surely one of the most idiotic, unlearned, unreal thought of idea to come out from any racist politicians and so many eagerly adopted it without knowing thinking it's patriotic.

  10. The only mistake tokong made in this multi lingual fiasco was to try throw the "Constitution" at his detractors...only to have 'constitution experts' tear him to pieces.

    There is nothing wrong issuing statements in Chinese (or any other language)as long as there is a BM piece in place.

  11. Let's be blunt. Half the mainstream malay population will NEVER support DAP no matter what. So, at this point, LGE would be smarter to forget these people and drum up support from the kadazans, dusuns, dayaks, orang asli etc who would probably have less extreme demands and have more in common with DAP socialist inclinations. LGE can also appeal to liberal malays, shias and persecuted malay minorities to support him.
    You can never parley with anyone who is only interested in racial or religious supremacy so dont even bother.

    1. Hahahaha.....and all will surely support pas especially hadi awang commit adultery with umno

      So adultery is allowed under yislam.....hahahaha


    Ktemoc needs to help his Boss Najib by owning up to what items he donated as gifts.

  13. BUKIT Gantang MP Syed Abu Hussin Hafiz Syed Abdul Fasal is the latest UMNO MP to leave the party. This leaves the Barisan Nasional lynchpin party with 52 members in Parliament. They still have the most seats but PKR is not far behind with 48. If these resignations continue, pretty soon for the first time ever UMNO won't have the most seats in Parliament.

  14. In PAS-run Kota Baru, road names carry Jawi script.
    Many Government buildings throughout Malaysia, including schools now carry Jawi name boards. A kind of in-your-face Ketuanan agenda.

    Strictly speaking Jawi-script is Not Bahasa Malaysia.

    1. In what language is the motto on the viewer's right side of Malaysia's coat of arms?

  15. Gobind Singh sees it the way I do, ie merge Bernama and RTM. The cost savings can be considerable. Run the merged entity as an independent entity, without government interference along the lines of the BBC. Online and on air. Deadwood needs to go.

  16. It is simply amazing that we had this man as our PM for so long. No wonder the KLCI and Ringgit keeps crashing, as the market is continually spooked by these revelations and there is no telling what will be exposed next:

    Former premier Najib Abdul Razak said the valuation of the items, particularly jewellery, seized from residences linked to him are subjective and unrealistic.

    “It depends on the source of the stones, it depends when they were gifted or when they were purchased. Valuation can tend to differ.

    “So let us not get too excited about it. Let us look at the items, every single item, and we hope to have a chance to examine these items. And (then) we can come to a conclusion on the source of the items and get an explanation on the items seized by the police,” he told Malaysiakini in an exclusive interview at the news portal's office in Petaling Jaya this afternoon.

    Najib said like any husband, he was not aware of the extent of his wife Rosmah Mansor's collection of jewellery and other items...

    1. "It is simply amazing that we had this man as our PM for so long. No wonder the KLCI and Ringgit keeps crashing, as the market is continually spooked by these revelations and there is no telling what will be exposed next:"

      Hmmm... Please go on to reveal even the cost of the toilet bowl at the castles. I want to see the KLCI dropping below 900.

    2. WHY KLCI behaves as such:

      Status Of The Local Bourse

      Wakakakaka…… hp6 lagi nak comment!

      Memang pariah.

    3. 0.1 % was intended for Ktemoc
      0.01 % was intended for Unknown
      0.005% was intended for john.


    4. you lot are the type totally intolerant towards opposing views.

    5. Totally intolerant towards opposing views WHEN such views r twisted farts!

      Be clearly defined lah. Otherwise, sama2 juga for yr piece.

  17. Paul Low, the former Minister in the PMO was in charge of good governance practice and strengthening of transparency and accountability. He is also a total embarrassment and disgrace.

    1. LGE is the disgrace for being stupid in not knowing how to stop the KLSE and RM slide into oblivion.

    2. Katak bawah tempurung should pay more attention to events outside the country.
      US-China trade war looming.
      Renminbi value being deliberately dropped by PRC Govt policy

    3. There is no such thing as letting the humongous amount of god-awful stinky shit to flow out without fouling the air for miles around. Better for the FM to let the shit to continue to flow out until the house is clean. So all have to bear the foul air, unbearable as it might be, for quite bit while cleaning-up operational is in progress. No point enjoying nice perfumed air while the house is all sumbat up with loads and loads of the most awful shit that's been clogged up for years. Like huge boils being lanced, all the poisoned pus must be squeezed out before they kill the patient.

      As our FM very rightfully said, another one more term for BN, we won't be able to save the country. If BN had prevailed, we would be properly Greece'd up.

    4. But jj....that will make cheebye kaytee happy. No way we allow the fucking pleasure to kaytee..

      Plus ku li is the ketuanan melayu arsehole which we forbid him to survive politically. Hisham rais would agree with me

  18. National Language Acts 1963/67 Section 3

    Use of translation - Nothing in this Act shall affect the right of the federal government or the government of any state to use any translation of official documents or communications in any other language for such purposes as may be deemed necessary in the public interest.

    1. The Ketuanan Freaks don't give a fig about any Acts...they have been so conditioned DELIBERATELY for decades that they will jump like monyet kena belacan if anything remotely Chinese get national attention. It is not far fetched to suspect that on these Ketuanan Freaks' wish list is that they fervently want the Chinese numbers in this country to go much much lower to the equivalent of those of the Indians and that they be impoverished as the majority of Indians. That's the amount of fear and hatred these Ketuanans have been indoctrinated for years have resulted in. Even when almost everything are now in their hands, including the economy, they are still not satisfied...and they have the gall to say their religion is supremely right, the ONE and ONLY one for all and is a religion of peace. Podah !

  19. Hopefully the investigations on who Najib funded with those "donations" won't lead to PAS, as the court case against Sarawak Report may expose. If PAS is wise they should drop the case now, otherwise more digging may suggest some of that 1MDB money went their way.

    Lawyers, acting for PAS president Hadi Awang in a legal case being waged in London against Sarawak Report, have now conceded that a controversial recording said to be of a senior PAS MP, Nik Abduh, is genuine.

    Speaking in court yesterday barrister Jacob Dean confirmed that Hadi will not contest the authenticity of the recording, removing the need for expert forensic evidence to identify the speaker. Hadi’s lawyers further indicated that Nik Abduh and possibly others present at the time of the recording (thought to include Hadi’s son-in-law, Zaharuddin Muhammad), would be among the witnesses his client plans to call to give evidence at trial:

    Original Denials
    The decision to concede that the voice on the recording was indeed Nik Abduh, stood in marked contrast to previous public denials made by Nik Abduh himself and also appears to conflict with statements made by PAS before the General Election.

    The controversial statements on the recording itself included the following translated remarks:

    “During the Sarawak Election, people did co-operate with UMNO to defeat DAP. Regarding the monetary issue, the fatwa [legal opinion] was already in place. It was apparent that Tok Guru Nik Aziz took UMNO’s money, Tok Guru Haji Hadi took UMNO’s money, I took UMNO’s money, everyone accused took UMNO’s money!!

    Among the reasons why we succeeded was with UMNO’s help. UMNO helped us to achieve victory. In 10-11 of these activities. That is us being smart. Umno is stupid. Why do people keep asking us about UMNO’s money? This issue is now over. Tok Guru Nik Aziz took a considerable amount of UMNO’s money. Not a problem? Tok Guru Harun Din, not a problem. This meeting today not a problem.

    …. I have met Tok Guru Haji Hadi. Tok Guru Haji Hadi said lucky you taking UMNO’s money. Just do whatever we want. But do not use the money for our private matters. For our personal gain. Instead, use it for Islamic purposes. That’s why we have good relations with UMNO today… why Najib can even accept RUU amendments [Translated]

    1. Not contesting doesn't mean that Hadi concedes the recording is genuine, only that he has absolute trust in the British justice system to serve the case fairly and render judgment after due process.

      TS here is just another CK trying to spin the case to his liking but holds no water with the esteemed judge and the barristers involved.

      What Hadi did is put faith in the due process and allows whatever defence the white bitch can mount up, and he has faith on the judge to be fair if the evidence, including that purported voice recording, does not hold to scrutiny just like the piles of bullshit she posted on her blog that she put up as her prime evidence.

      Nik Abduh has categorically denied it and so far has never changed his stance, therefore the onus is on those accusers to prove his guilt.

      TS point of view is, if Nik Abduh doesn't deny it everyday, every hour, every second, that means he's guilty. Such utter stupidity from a long winding nonsensical hell-hound.

    2. By Hadi not contesting the recording, the Court will admit it as evidence.
      If the contents are what Claire Rewcastle says it is, Hadi's case is dangerously damaged.

      Bear in mind, under UK law, the Plaintiff in a Defamation trial has to prove that he has been defamed. That is because UK law provides strong protection to freedom of speech, within quite liberal limits.

      Once Hadi's case is seriously damaged, he is likely to lose. Will he commit Hara-Kiri if he loses ?

      During Tunku's time, there was a case of an honourable Minister resigning when he lost a defamation case.

      Will "Islamic" Hadi do that ?
      We shall see...

    3. Hadi has submitted that the white bitch's fake news have damaged his reputation, the onus is on the white bitch now to prove that the statements made are factual and true. The ball is in her court. Otherwise, why is the onus on her to provide evidence for the case and not Hadi?

      If Hadi did not contest, is because he has no concerns about its admission. If the evidence stands, it will be admitted as evidence in the case, otherwise it will be thrown out the same as the piles of rubbish submitted earlier by the white bitch.

      Her clock is ticking, and her time's almost up.
      Will we see Mahathir making a deal with Hadi to save his bitch?
      We shall see...

    4. Wakakakaka…


      "Bear in mind, under UK law, the Plaintiff in a Defamation trial has to prove that he has been defamed. That is because UK law provides strong protection to freedom of speech, within quite liberal limits."

      Rd monyet:

      "Hadi has submitted that the white bitch's fake news have damaged his reputation, the onus is on the white bitch now to prove that the statements made are factual and true. The ball is in her court. Otherwise, why is the onus on her to provide evidence for the case and not Hadi?"

      Whose the certified clown here?

    5. Clearly its CK, because he doesn't know how to read.

    6. Wakakakakaka……



    Damage control...

    Even UMNO is distancing itself from Najib.

    I expect UMNO will not follow up on the earlier claim that the cash belonged to UMNO.

    THAT was a lame attempt to rescue Najib, but most UMNO people now realise Najib is radioactive, and being a hero to rescue him would be exposing themselves and their own skeletons to dangerous scrutiny.

  21. I'm glad many Malay netizens refuse to take the bait on this deliberate Race-Religion diversion.

    Shared from some of my contacts - a sarcastic note -
    RM 1.1. Billion cash and valuables found with Najib no problem....Lim Guan Eng issuing statements in Bahasa, English and Chinese "menggugat kestabilan Negara".

  22. Aah, the likes of lge n nkm are all opportunists.

    These people don't care - all they are interested in is their political mileage.

    Stability and prosperity do not count in their vocabulary. let the ringgit fall and the KLSE collapse, lge won't care...

  23. Everyday, lge has to get his to be under the limelight...

    Doesn't matter on what.

    Come July, his corruption cases will be up again.

    Let's see how M will play it out...probably will ask the AG to drop it. M can make use of this to make LKS & Sons forever beholden to him.....

    1. The new AG is LGE's lawyer in that case.

  24. Hello KT
    Heard that there was a more sensational happening in the little red dot..m sure you wld hv known abt it. How come no news abt that? if it was done by anybody else in PH..m sure it wld be headlines and KT wld be celebrating with champagne and fireworks..rite? Dont be selective in yr writings la...

    1. posts on lil red dot have been occasional - not my area of interest

    2. For those zombies & that rd monyet, yr tok zombie is too clever by half to sue Claire in UK.

      Now yr dream is collapsing ehile the 'purity of heart' vis-a-vis yr zombie elites is open to question!

      Serve u right when ALL of u ignore allahyarham tok guru nik aziz's consistent advice of not ever working with umno!

      Tok is shaking his head in heaven while watching his beloved party being sucked into hell by his evil colleagues & son!

    3. Tok is happy because PAS got back Terengganu and kicked out PAN from Kelantan and Terengganu.

  25. For those ketuanan freaks, zombies, hp6 pseudo-intellects & zombie livers out there, u ALL should read this:

    See those acute points in

    1) drowning in yr ketuanan dream about BM only

    2) sh*t understandings of what yr elites have been doing w/o u want to find out

    3) dedak induced provocateurs to sh*t-agitating the blurs for milking milk from stone cow

    Eat yr heart out while continuing to slumber under yr tempurung.

    The best part is there IS no equivalent words/meanings in multi-language translations. That goes for the preparation of the authentic heritage/traditional feast too. Foreigner/outsider CAN even get the preparation RIGHT bcoz mentally they r not cultured in doing some rituals(culinary). Thus the original taste is gone.

    Eat that too for yr lousy choice & variety - just to shield yr bloody railtrack ignorance!

    1. A stupid who entraps himself.
      [there IS no equivalent words/meanings in multi-language translations], if there is no equivalent translation, then the true meaning will be lost in translation. Do you know what that means, stupid?

      It means a message will be interpreted differently by those who read these inaccurate translations. If an English order were made to arrest CK, a BM one to arrest CK & family, and a Chinese one is to execute CK & family, what do you think will the consequences of this "lost in translations boo-boo"?

      That's why even in legal documents there will always be minimal multi-language version and even then one version will take primacy over other translations.

      Such foolishness from an ignorant hell-hound.

    2. Terminal stage of rd, reinforced by syiok-sendiri monkey show character!


    3. And you're like a trapped animal, fearful, hissing and baring your fangs but all too knowing your days are numbered. You walked into your own trap and you foolishly blame others.

    4. Wakakakakaka……

      死鸡撑饭盖 ver2.0

      U don't need to know the meaning, after all sai hei lah for a maruah-less rd money.

  26. Calm down n take those tabs, jj....

    sooner or later, u will self destruct in your orgy of hatred!

    1. Self destruct in orgy of hatred ? wakakaka...I save my passion for more worthy stuff, not for the likes of sotongs and bigoted ketuanan like you would I sacrifice meself, hehehe. When I do have the time, I just drop in and throw in some belacan for you monyets just to see your jumping antics...wakakakaka

  27. Malaysia has a Constitution and a Language Act which clearly spells out the usage of Bahasa Malaysia and other languages whether in official Govt. matters, Courts, Education, public and non-public etc.

    Unlike other countries like Indonesia, Thailand etc which have their own Pancasila, contitutions etc which specifically restricts their usage of other languages.


    Because Malaysia unlike those countries is a Multi-racial, multi religious, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic hodgepodge population of which Malays (not lumping together other Bumis or pri-Bumis)is only about 50% which was even lesser during the time the Constitution was framed.

    So, to all the Political Ketuanan freaks and language champions who thinks less of any languages being used as a communication tool, should go change the Constitution and whatever Language Acts first before using languages as a political fodder.

    That's why this blogger Kaytee and many others looks at it as sort of a political fax paux.