Saturday, June 16, 2018

Guan Eng: Please explain?

Malaysiakini - Guan Eng: China, S'pore understand reasons for ECRL, HSR reviews (extracts):

hmmm, wonder what Boss likes? 

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had announced that the government was scrapping the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore HSR project, despite the risk of incurring a penalty close to RM500million stating the project was too expensive and would not benefit the Malaysians.

The move allegedly took Singapore by surprise.

Mahathir had also stated the government was reviewing all deals made with China including the RM60 billion ECRL contract which he described as "strange".

Lim is also slated to visit the two countries soon to further explain Malaysia's position.

Well done Guan Eng, that's how a subordinate ikut-sokong his Boss. But don't forget to explain to China and Singapore how Mahathir aims to finance his new national car project and the building of an island at Middle Rocks.

After all, you are ONLY the Finance Minister in charge of Tabung Harapan, and doing MACC-PDRM's work.


  1. And najib no need to explain?

    Cheebye kaytee should ask najib to explain first or he can explain in his behalf

    Plus kaytee can show us documents of his existence. Whether kaytee is indeed an air itam boy. The fucking list goes on and on

    This whataboutism is so fucking passe......cheebye kaytee

  2. The HSR is meant to be a massive corrupt gravy train. RM 100,000,000,000 . The cancellation , shelving , whatever, is the right decision.

    Not informing Singapore is a deliberate snub, and I support this lack of manners.

    Singapore was complicit in this corrupt deal, even if They were not themselves involved in feeding from the trough * don't be too sure about that.
    Just as Singapore's Keppel Co. was caught cooperating with Mega Corruption in Brazil's Petrobaras (2016 World's 2nd largest corruption scandal, after 1MDB which was the largest)

    1. ISEAS -Yusof Ishak Institute said RM70.0 billion but you said RM100.0 billion.

      Moody said RM680.0 billion but you said RM1.0 trillion and counting.

      Well done, Monsterball. We are damn proud of you indeed.

    2. Clap Clap! PAS can be a good ombusman. no need to run kelantan and terengganu liao

    3. Monsterball still wagging his tail to his master's footsteps. No logic or brains needed, just wag the tail and bark to happy delight when his master toys with him.

    4. The gross amount of future payments that Malaysia is liable to fork out for HSR is RM 100,000,000,000. The difference of RM 30,000,000,000 is coming from Interest payments.
      For the purpose of transparent disclosures that the Malaysia Government is making to the people of Malaysia on the true extent of the country's debts, it is important that interest payments are included.

      Where do you think the money for interest payments is coming from ?

      Falling from the sky ?
      No.... from the pockets of Malaysian citizens.

      Singapore Government-funded Yusof Ishak Institute is hardly an impartial observer on this issue,
      I find it amazing that UMNO supporters who previously demonize Singapore suddenly find them soooo credible...wakakaka..

  3. lge cant even explain the market value of a 5 mil bangalooo, can he grasp how much is 500 mil?

    1. Hy can explain on behalf of kaytee. Kaytee kukuciao would be very happy if its proven

    2. just curious, y u use tongue n not yr kukuciao?

  4. Actually it was reported that THREE Ministers will travel to SGP and China, LGE, Azmin Ali (Economic Affairs) and Anthony Loke (Transport). And they will be discussing a wide range of issues: ECRL, HSR, Gas Pipeline, MH370 etc. And if a Foreign Minister is named soon he may go as well.

    Oh how times have changed since the days when Sultans of the Malacca Empire were courted by emissaries like Cheng Ho sent by Chinese Emperors, seeking our friendship. The Emperor even offered one of his daughters Hang Li Po, as bride to the Sultan, lucky chap. Now with all these one-sided agreements signed by the previous government we have to send our Ministers overseas to seek debt forgiveness.

    Talking about National Car, what's the fuss about. DRB-HICOM owns 50.01% of Proton so that means it is a National Car.

    1. Talk about victors rewriting history they way they sees it, you just take the cake for redefining history all the down to Cheng Ho's time. Bravo!

      Truth of the matter is, it was the Melaka Sultanate that started the ball rolling by sending emissaries to China, Hang Tuah was one of them. Only after that, Cheng Ho did his round the world fleet tours.

      Then Hang Li Po came along, and she was postulated to be a daughter of a distant relative or minister, not princess of the emperor.

      Sorry to burst your vainglory bubble, but China have always had the superior position in our long historical relationship.

    2. I didn't re-write history. Emeritus Prof KKK did.

      Certain historians have suggested that Hang Tuah's legacy is false and mythical, as scholars have been engaged in intense debates on his existence and lineage.

      Such claim were made by historians such as Emeritus Professor Tan Sri Khoo Kay Khim which was highly publicised back in 2012, and Universiti Malaya's Professor Dr Ahmat Adam.

      Ahmat was quoted as saying by Malay daily, Berita Harian, that Hang Tuah is "a fictional character that existed in the classic texts of Sejarah Melayu and Hikayat Hang Tuah only".

      "Those who are historians must remember, Sejarah Melayu is fiction which can be termed literary history text but not a historical text," he reportedly said.

      Many Malaysians have since subscribed to this increasingly popular belief.

  5. Kaytee speculating on what's going to be discussed in China? Why don't Kaytee go ask Ong Ka Ting?

    I believe since some China personalities are involved, it has become a sensitive issue to be discussed in the open. As for the local cronies involved, it also needs evidences which are with those China companies.

    The noose is tightening slowly for all those crooks milking away like nobody business during the reign of the Kleptocrat.

    1. Can kaytee ask ong ka ting physically? With photo?

      Kaytee as always boh chee boh hut

      Lanpa nui

    2. do you realise that everytime you utter something you spit out Pauline's xxx fair? Your mouth must be full of them, wakakaka

  6. The expansion of Middle Rock is a cheap simple thing. We are very good at land reclamation. Just dump dirt. A lot of dirt. Malaysia has a lot of dirt. Then build a lighthouse. Then fly a gigantic Malaysian flag. SGP will be irritated by this pimple within their sights but they can't do anything about it.