Saturday, June 23, 2018

Nga - Confident or Defiant?

MM Online - Wait for official announcement of Cabinet list, says Nga:

Wow, bloke seems confident he'll get something.


  1. Most probably disheartened masked by Nga with confidence.

    1. Like hadi awang wanna be king maker and end up lathing....bangsat unknown...betoi tak?

    2. Looes.. lebih baik kau julurkan lidah bercincin kau ke dalam deep throat Pauline.

    3. Wordsmithy KT, zombiey unknown, rd 'john' & blur hy must be deep throat connoisseurs!

      Giving so much lessons to loose74¡

      For those zombie, is yr belief encourage such bedroom activity ke?

      Hmmmm… probably no. Since sodomy is a sin. But then 'playing' with young boys/girls is a-OK!

      What a confused lot.

  2. So? Go ask nostro piggy la.....cheebye kaytee

    He will eat yoir heart

  3. Liow Tiong Lai says MCA should reform the party, not leave BN.

    MCA will be the last to hold its AGM, after UMNO this month (the party will be deregistered soon after anyway) and MIC in October (they too will leave BN after TaiKor BN is gone). Gerakan already left. Mypipi? Who cares.

    So by the time MCA holds its AGM in November it may be the only party left in BN. Just switch off the lights and close the door. Don't forget to pay all the bills.

    Epitaph on BN tombstone: Forwarding address for UMNO is PAS HQ.

    1. Mca sure die.....nong nong time ago....i still remember how ong ka chuan ran away from my parents with my presence there....

      Cheebye kaytee....disprove me wrong.....cheebye la....boh chee boh hut kaytee

  4. This is DAP's doing, not Mahathir's.

    Heard the saying "a watched kettle never boils"?

    How can someone mampus if he is constantly watched by the mampus planner in cabinet?

    1. You better take care of fucking self la

    2. Wakakakaka……

      Can "a watched kettle never boils"?

      The framer was a moron who failed reality check while the followers r all living under a syiok-sendiri tempurung to believe what they want to believe!

      So, both r f**kupped real life failers, who have zilch role to influence history.

    3. Stupid fucking idiot thinks ketuanan melayu is over when the PM is from a party with Pribumi in its name.

      Still ketuanan except clueless idiot is cheering its new leaders. YOU FUCKING RETARD.

    4. Wait & see lah!

      If u really want to emphasize ketuanan/pribumi, then apa jadi pula mamak?

      Ain't him bukan melayu tulin?

      Who's a clueless idiot?

      Who's a FUCKING RETARD?

    5. No need to emphasize when Mr Ketuanan is PM and retards like you support his coalition. Bahlol!

    6. Sai hei & getting irrational just like that Rd monyet!

  5. nga is not lge faction, tis is his only chances.

    1. And you kenna excommunicated after being exposed yourself to altar boys right

      Is that why you in australia?

  6. From the Malay Mail:
    “He (Lim) was close to tears that he could not persuade the old man to appoint Nga as a minister,” said a source, referring to Dr Mahathir.


    DAP: from
    free and defiant speaker of truth to power
    pathetic humble supplicant


    1. A real life failure!

    2. Who is in power now? You stupid fucking retard.

    3. Who's in power NOW?

      Yr ketuanan freak?

      Or a bunch of M'sians with awakening sopo sense that u REFUSED to acknowledge!

      You stupid fucking retard!

    4. Shit for brains doesn't know the original "Malay Ultra" is now PM. Fucking shit for brains idiot.

  7. Nga is very devious.

    He knows he might not be appointed; thus feeds the press the story to garner support BEFORE the announcement.

    This snake thinks he can outsnake the King Cobra by getting support in social media from his cyber zombies...

    This vile person was involved in:

    1) Kelantan land grab(with his cousin ngehkooham)
    2) Tailorgate - His wife's 42-day old tailor shop "Ethan and Elton (named after his two sons)got the tailoring contract to make suits for the Perak State Assemblymen at inflated $$.

    1. Dont be like cheebye kaytee. Come clean. Go to macc and report them

  8. Nga is trying to outsnake M by pre-empting the apptments; issuing a tester statement to prop up support.

    He is the vilest, most hypocritical if not corrupted DAPster. He sidelined vets like Kula, wrested the lounge suit contract from existing Ipoh tailors, and managed to grab some Kelantan land with his cousin.

    This racist is the worst politician Msia have ever seen - his hypocritical self righteous Christian persona is astounding!!!

  9. If Nga n Ngeh comes into power (like what happend in Perak for a while ) this country is doomed.

    The likes of him is only concerned about what he could squeeze out of the Rakyat and country.

    The tailoring contract and land grab shows what he is capable of besides an inherent evil streak.

    If anything, he is the False Prophet the Bible describes.

    M cannot appoint him for ANY position in the Cabinet or elsewhere. This person should be charged for corruption long ago!

  10. Take, take and take.

    Nga will grab everything he can from you - Dr M, the DAP, Kula & gang, LGE, the Rakyat, Ipoh tailors, Kelantan, the Church, zombie supporters - if you let him.

    He even made used of a dead man (Lee Kuan Yew) and a dead man walking (Dr M) for extra punch in his crass "speeches" to incite hate and violence.

    It is time Lee Hsien Loong sue him for doing so. I can bet you nga would never dare do so if LKY is alive!!


    1. Going yr way of argument, many melayu SHOULD sue the ketuanan elites for doing likewise!

      Or u tak lihat ke?

      Gajah di pelupuk mata tidak terlihat, semut di seberang lautan terlihat.

      Siapa the yang "Take, take and take"?


    2. Fucking retard too retarded to lihat that PH or BN, it's still ketuanan. Fucking wanker of a retard.

    3. BN definitely ketuanan to the core.


      Tunngu lah. Show just starts. Unless moron like u, like pie in the face just like kt!

  11. Aah!

    Gotcha! Time to take those pills to lower all your blood pressure! hahaha!

    of coz nga's macais are all round.

  12. MACC?

    No use now lah since the AG is their friend! he was let off the hook lightly by karpal himself! But the info for tailorgate was leaked by dapters themselves in Perak who are sick of him.

    But M can reopen case too...just u wait.

  13. nga n ngeh used hiew yit foong as their test case on the power of hate.

    They cruelly villified her, putting her on the pillory in the evil cousins' ploy to purge Perak of popular veteran Dapsters. They even put her family on the pillory; citing their holidays to HK, etc!

    According to nga, his 10 million $ whitehouse is nothing since he is a "senior lawyer" and lawmaker.

    Can Tommy our new AG check his income? At least the Income Department should to make sure taxes paid commensurate with his fancy castle and fleet of cars, not to mention weeks long European holidays flaunted on FB....

    They went to church that same week after doing so, singing hymns and claiming God is on their side.

    Nga is the only fella using God as his defence besides making fun of dead folks for his opportunistic moves.

    The cousins tried their best to expel Kula too but failed.

    Yet the Methodist Church supports him. This speaks for the state of the Church in Malaysia.

  14. A fair comment from a fair gentleman:

    Wakakakaka… hell hounds,when r u going to attack Mr Koon?