Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Susan Loone & Old-New Pakatan Praetorian Guards

From FB pages:

Susan Loone being held off by Praetorian Bouncer

Susan Loone in her own words:

Thanks David ST Loh for the nice shot. If you look closely you can see how the bodyguard was trying to bar me from asking his boss questions. He was near to physically manhandling me. I was damn pissed off that day.

I must say it is a real struggle now to cover our former opposition leaders who are now ministers in Dr Mahathir Mohamad's cabinet. Its a battle everyday especially when you are an independent media.

It's not even 100 days and the old BN habit of favouritism and treating the media unfairly is already taking root in this so called New Malaysian government! Former PM Najib and his gang did the same to some of us, where are they today?

Malaysiakini has always been neutral but we did give the voiceless a lot of space since it was established in 1999. I dare say Mkini's presence contributed to the making of a New Malaysia. However all this means nothing much now. Some of us used to get calls at nights, even midnight, to be asked why we are not carrying certain statements. Now the same people are too busy to answer whatsapp messages.

For example, Mat Sabu may be a great guy and all but he has a lousy press team, who invited only the govt linked broadcasting station and a certain portal deem to be pro-Pakatan Harapan. To me, this is totally unprofessional!

Just the other day many of us were not invited nor informed of Mat Sabu's Hari Raya open house. Just got to know it when I watched it on TV. I felt really disappointed because I had questions for him as Defence Minister. I dont care about his rendang and ketupat or duit raya. I covered Mat Sabu for 20 years. I would go to whatever nook or corner to give him coverage as he was a nobody then and was very much marginalised. Well now he is minister, he has probably forgotten everyone in his past who made it possible for him to be where he is today.

Even for some who are nothing yet, running around and issuing all kinds of statements (many unnecessary) with no posts, treat journos badly when we are just doing our job. We got barred, and shoved around the other day in Guar Perahu and I couldn't even ask Anwar Ibrahim or Wan Azizah more than one question before being told to stop it by his body guards. I don't know what the fuss is about.

Are we carrying guns? Are we suicide bombers? I wanted to blurt out as I did many years ago at the same venue "You are not even PM yet, we are already being treated badly!!".

Anwar did allow me one question and his wife replied "ditto" when I asked her for her response as well. Only one Q! How about the other reporters? I'm sure they have questions too.

To think that before he went to jail, I spent most of my weekends covering his events.

Nevermind that their daughter Nurul Izzah is supposedly a defender of press freedom. Nevermind that we waited till 1030pm on a Sunday nite for a press conference and was later told "sorry, there is not going to be one".

Anwar like other newly minted ministers too are simply enjoying their new found publicity and limelight - basking in the spotlight of being featured daily on the TV screen that they forget who were the people there, sometimes the lone figure, or the few, covering their events when they were nobodies. It's okay if you forget but today, that you are up there on the pedestal, please let us also do our jobs.

Is that too much to ask for?


Kaytee's notes (1): there was always a fierce phalanx of Praetorian Guards around Anwar Ibrahim, going back to late 2004 after he was released from jail after the Appellate Court dismissed charges against him on a technicality. They were like bouncers who did not hesitate to shove people, even anwaristas, out of the way.

Kaytee's notes (2): many do not know that Susan Loone was (maybe still is) a PKR member who knows the Anwar couple very well and they her.

Susan once was supposed to stand as a PKR candidate in Seri Delima in 2004 but DAP also wanted that seat. She was instead given Bayan Baru which she declined. I blogged on that 10 years ago (2008) in Go apologize to Susan Loone!

Extracts follow:

Please see Seruan Keadilan Online - Wednesday, March 24, 2004 where she was nominated by the party as the candidate for the parliamentary seat of Sri Delima.

She didn’t stand for it because there were problems over the seat with DAP, when she was then asked to transfer to Bayan Baru. She rejected that on principle and opted out – not hard up lah! I would encourage the blogger to check with Dr Syed Husin rather than some lowly member on the veracity of what I have just stated.

(c) pushing her political agenda on Allblog. Hahahahaha I have just written above as to who was the one actually pushing the political agenda, much to Susan’s (and our) disgust. Now, I ask again, why would Allblogs visit Anwar Ibrahim if it was supposed to be apolitical?

And what about PABS?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah – go ask my bro Zainol of mahaguru58 – he’ll tell you, ke ke ke! Susan, Zainol, a few others and I were tickled pink at the consternation out there when Susan and I started PABS - aiyoh lah, those jokers ... What a bunch of hopeless under-confident bloggers, so scared of competition!

Now, those who have demanded of Susan an unnecessary apology should be men enough (note plural!) to offer their apologies to her for their wrongful accusations, and to Marina Mahathir for causing her unnecessary hurt.

Er … no need to apologize to me ler. I am quite forgiving ;-).

Oh, BTW, one joker ;-) left a note in my post The enemy within for Mukhriz Mahathir, saying:

“I think you are in love with susan loone but she spurned you. I checked the internet and it seems you are the only one who cares to write so much about susan loone. trying to get her attention izzit? try a different approach lah. definitely, you can't attract her with your stupidity.”

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – is that best you can do?

I suppose there is no point in explaining to you such issues as objectivity, facts through careful reading, an open mind, friendship, and loyalty, because you would degenerate this entire spectrum of qualities into baser motives ;-)

Now, run along and apologize to Susan Loone and Marina Mahathir, two great sweeties who have my respect and friendship.

Damn nostalgia - those were the days before my "wakakaka" was born, wakakaka.


  1. I agree the press need fair access to politicians but really, at a Raya Open House?

    There is no such thing as "just one question sir" because if you entertain one question from one reporter there are 10 more with "one question" each. Then it is no more Open House, it is Press Conference.

    The collective press need to come to an agreement with the new Cabinet when, where and how often interviews can and should be held, otherwise Mat Sabu will be interrupted when he is out fishing and Gobind and missus will be stopped at the supermarket check-out counter.

    And don't blame the bodyguard. Just like poor Susan, he is just doing his job.

    1. Read carefully. She isn't blaming the bodyguards, but their bosses.

    2. Bagai kacang lupakan kulit.

    3. John lupa what nik aziz taught him

  2. It's always the people surrounding the leader esp the press secretary who are not up to the mark in their job.

    And nowadays, I notice the questions by local journos/reporters are so nonsensical and lack the professionalism it makes some cringe in embarassment for those asking. And sometimes you just wish the Q&A when allowed during PC conference are over fast as the standard of questions asked are so low standard.

    But local Journos/reporters are so full of themselves sometimes, they think they are great.

    Getting SNUB by the way is part of the job. Move on. Stop being sentimental. Nobody owes any journos/reporters anything. All are just working for bosses or the organisation and stop behaving like a prima donna.

  3. Hari Raya open house isn't the right measure of access. In fact , unless there is some urgent matter to address, the host shouldn't be talking politics.

  4. Monsterball's note on Ktemoc.

    "2004 after he was released from jail after the Appellate Court dismissed charges against him on a technicality".


    The Federal Court ruled that the case against Anwar did not meet the standard of the burden of proof.

    What technicality is that ?

  5. Moral of Susan Loone's side of the story and her disappointment is - DO NOT BE POLITICIANS' USEFUL IDIOT.

    Many of them will use sincere, idealistic, passionate and intensely loyal supporters to get them into power, after which these politicians will quite often fart in their loyal supporters' faces, as happened to Susan Loone.

    Before GE14 we used to wipe our anal orifices with Scotties toilet paper and after GE14 we wipe our anal orifices with Onward toilet paper.

    Whilst I am unaware of any market studies as to which brand of toilet paper wipes cleaner or is softer on the anal orifice, however I believe it's safe to say that all brands get the job done pretty much the same, though the harder varieties might be too rough on sensitive anal orifices.

    I guess Malaysian will have to live with the current brand for the next almost five years.

    Oh BTW! Owners of Nokia phones would be interested to know that Nokia produced toilet paper after it was founded in 1865. A display of rolls of Nokia Silk branded toilet paper produced in the 1960s is on display at the Museum Centre Vapriikki, Tampere

    BTW. I'm quite a fan of Nokia and right now have three Nokia phones.

  6. Wakakakaka…

    KT is getting desperate!

    Throwing everything &/or anything at the PH govt & hope something WILL stick!

    May I suggest u come out with a story about mamak's cat pisses on yr leg while u write something on manmanlai, while lge's pet jumping dog knocks over yr coffee cup & ruining yr write-up!

    1. Its the same, your Government is trying its darnest best to throw whatever mud and slime onto Najib in hopes that something, ANYTHING, would stick but so far left a very disappointed and angry geriatric PM.

    2. Sai hei!!

      That reading deficiency cancer is spreading fast, past terminal stage.

      Hence, the mumbo-jumbo of unable to relate event coherently!

    3. must constantly tekan people like john and kaytee so that they go kaput. Why let them get away with it? Low life also must torture.

      Thats how encik (non commissioned officer) tekan those chao keng (smart alec) recruit....hahahaha

      Let them hentak kaki till mampus