Monday, June 18, 2018

How can lah - ONLY ONE name for MB Selangor?

TMI - Azmin submits only one name for MB post to Selangor Palace (extracts):

OUTGOING Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali has submitted the name of the successor for the position to the palace, according to media reports.

Azmin, who met Selangor Sultan Sharifuddin Idris Shah this morning, said the name was finalised after discussion with the PKR leadership.

“I have presented (the name of the candidate) to Tuanku after discussing the matter with the PKR leadership.

“I have also obtained the party’s consent to submit the candidate’s name to Tuanku. There is only one name and this is the final name,” Azmin told reporters as he left the palace at 11.57am today.

“The candidate’s name will be revealed tomorrow,” said the Economic Affairs Minister at Istana Bukit Kayangan today.

I recall Pakatan Rakyat (not yet Harapan) submitting ONE name to HRH in 2014 for the MB position. This was after Wan Azizah won teh Kajang by-election.

Then, HRH rejected that and demanded three names for him to consider. Many then said HRH in doing so (demanding three names) was being unconstitutional.

Years later (in 2017) HRH explained in a press interview with Malaysian Digest on his 72nd birthday celebrations why he did not approve Pakatan's nomination of Princess Iron Fan. HRH said 

“I did not approve Wan Azizah not because she is unworthy or because she is a woman."

“I’ve said it before; the MB cannot be a puppet on a string, as the MB requires strong characteristics to seat at the helm”.

The report also reported: The Sultan went on to elaborate that he felt pressured as PKR insisted on only presenting him with one name, whilst in the past all ruling state governments have complied with the Sultan's request to propose several names.

“I’ve always asked for several names from the state government, and sometimes they’ve graced with up to three names and listed them according to preference."

“What is the problem in suggesting one more name for the seat?”

couldn't be MB Selangor but can be DPM Malaysia 


Will HRH feel pressured as Azmin Ali and PH have only presented him with one name, whilst in the past all ruling state governments have complied with HRH's request to propose several names?

Either Azmin is daringly defying HRH's wishes, or HRH has now decided to change his mind and to adopt a more constitutional mode?


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    1. STFU you Sing, or I'll sic Pauline onto your mouth

    2. Oh come on la cheebye kaytee! I am absolute sure you pay fucking zero GST. Prove me wrong

    3. now no gst, how to pay it then?

    4. You surr you pay during najib? Or you make beeline to gst refund every time you come back to australia? Admit it la

      Or show me proof

  2. Kaytee trying to raise issues on Royalty again in accordance with BN standard textbook attack of 3Rs.

    Where got issue this time? Sure pass one.

    1. Especially when Madhater is the PM......Kaytee will surely die

  3. This is the new modus operandi of the Pakatan Harapan government.

    Since PH is now a registered Coalition, there is no longer any objective excuse for Royalty to insist on a menu of names.

    The person unreservedly nominated by the Party with the majority clearly commands the confidence of The House.

    Mahathir is not giving Royalty any Wiggle room.

    When BN was clearly in power, the practice was always to submit one name only.

  4. If Tuanku tendang balik, Azmin can continue to be MB. Maybe that's what he wants. Dapat dua gaji.

    1. There could be another Constitutional crisis in the making.
      However , the situation in this case is very different now, with Pakatan as the Federal Government and Mahathir as PM.
      He clearly does not fear a potential constitutional crisis.

    2. Madhater is power think lanpa boh chee kaytee hah

  5. Najib, Rosmah holidaying in Langkawi:

    How sweet...last holiday for Najib and Rosmah before he dons The Orange Suit.

    1. Huh! For US$100? I am sure TT would know what to do.

  6. Now we know what the negative publicity campaign against the Raja-raja is for ...