Monday, June 11, 2018

Proton Redux - Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me

Ku Li has been absolutely spot on - Mahathir has not and will not change(d) an iota.

So let it be written. So let it be done 

The Imperial Perpetual Emperor has made an announcement that the Government intends to launch a new national car company.

He said this at a dialogue at the 24th Nikkei Conference on the Future of Asia on Monday.

someone has 40 horses to spare

He is thinking of a Proton Redux, a Malaysian new national car developed and built in collaboration with perhaps Thailand, South Korea or Japan as a partner.

The Star Online reported Do we really need a new national car company? Malaysians weigh in as they bewilderedly grappled with Mahathir's flabbergasting intention, especially in the wake of a so-called austerity drive coupled with the cancellation of Najib's MRT3.

new MRT3-B

Shows what bullshit he was sprouting about national debts. He has also shown his apathy towards public transport, which we now can with confidence confirm why.

Some of course support our new Malaysian Imperator-Hero with enthusiasm and much bodek-ination, while most in general did not receive the news well - fCK man they were mad as hell, with some urging correctly for more focus on public transport.

Extracts of the Star Online article announcing Mahathir's crazy silly obsessive intention are as follows:

Kim Guan Chuan saying that the number of cars on the roads should be reduced.

“Every day, most of the roads are choked with cars, wasting time and money,” he added.

Karthikeyan Rajamohan said the MRT 3 rail transit project should be reconsidered instead of having a “Proton 2.0”.

Noni Jelani questioned the wisdom of the proposed idea: “So this is the reason why he scrapped public transportation project. To make new car. Do we need this right now?”

In Muhammad Nasruddin’s opinion, the move would be a waste of money: “Why la … better you build MRT 3, much more better.”

Daljeet Kaur said “one failed national car” is more than enough proof that Malaysia does not need another one.

“We need proper public transport to JB (Johor Baru) and Singapore. The train to JB is terrible. Fulfil your manifesto and don’t simply start projects that benefit no one,” she added.

Another commenter, Joel Lim, expressed alarm at the idea.

“Please stop! No more national car company please. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We had enough trying to beat a dead horse. Let private companies make cars.

“Don’t do just for the sake of doing. Our market is too small,” he cautioned.

I say it again and again and again ........ Mahathir has not and will never changed. Old people don't change; instead they expect you, Malaysia and the world to change for them.

Couple this elderly trait with Mahathir's imperialistic manners and his bizarre obsessive hobby horse (no pun intended), and eureka, Malaysia may possibly get Proton Redux.

Don't whine, he's after all your Hero, wakakaka. Besides, his idea of Reform is to Re-form Proton.


  1. His cabinet will set his head straight. LGE will whisper in his ear "boh lui". Azmin, his Minister of Economic Affairs will whisper in his other ear "semua kongsi kereta sudah koyak".

    1. but he would tell the japs we got oil, many oil.

    2. I am sure there will be a minister in charge domestic trade and consumer affairs

    3. His cabinet only whispers to his left ear which is hard of hearing, meanwhile the lobbyist and cronies knew which ear he's listening from, which is his right.

    4. Looes will be the newly created Minister of Tongue Affairs.

    5. Fadlil noor told me that john is a naughty boy. No virgins for john afterlife

    6. looes, did you tongue reveal to you whether Pauline is still a virgin? wakakaka

    7. Wah! Kaytee obssessed with pauline hah...thats news

  2. Proton is now 49.9% owned by Geely and 50.01% owned by DRB-HICOM. So as far as ownership is concerned it is still a Malaysian car. And the Tanjung Malim plant is ours and it is first class.

    If it is Management control then there are things we can do to develop local managers. In fact that was what Proton did 30 years ago when they started but eventually failed. I would not be surprised if that is what Geely wants to do anyway ie develop locals to manage Proton in the long term.

    There are things we can do to make the old man happy that won't cost a bomb. We don't need to start a new Malaysian car from scratch.

    1. Mahathir got the Proton worker's votes and their suppliers workforce votes by playing the China ownership boogeyman to the hilt. Certainly he went so far up the pole shouting about Proton now being owned by China, that he couldn't climb back down again and has to continue the lie. He has burned his bridges with Proton and now its time to recreate Proton again, and again with Japan help.

  3. Why, why the old man still insists on a national car has me perplexed on this one.

    Is he trying to kill off all the current Proton car players as a grudge against them or to continue to save their businesses.

    He sure knows how to take revenge on his enemies.

    1. he is both obsessed about a national car (but of his making) and also a very vindictive man who is now out to get those who were disrespectful to him during Najib's tenure as PM, wakakaka

    2. Like Trump, he's playing a stand-off with the crony suppliers: either they cut ties with Proton-Geely and reconnect with his upcoming baby, or they will suffer his vengeance like Najib.

    3. Wakakakaka…

      So quick to jump on a non-verified news! Or should I say fitnah!

      The original news came out of Singgie's strait times!

      It has not been verified by mamak personally first!

      Lately, many 'funny' stories somehow come out from RedDot FIRST!

      Is this the way RedDot playing her political underhandedness to vent her frustration against the multiple agreements that jibby signed with her & now becomes water under the bridge?

      Furthermore, like it or not, mamak IS indeed a changed man. Very much contradicting kt's relentless claim of "Mahathir has not and will never changed."

      There will be pie in the face SOON!

    4. He is mad this Mad...dy.

    5. Nurul Izzah says Govt will consider concerns about new car project - Read more at

      stop sucking maddy's dick

    6. Well, ck....spore will report as its. Its just sideshow la. Dr m still need to nus alumni every year

    7. And kaytee should stop sucking najib's dick

    8. Quote mamak verbatim:

      "Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said having a new national car project would help boost Malaysia’s engineering capability.

      He noted that when he first started the Proton car project back in the 1980s, Malaysia had no knowledge whatsoever about how to build cars but gradually acquired the knowledge to design, build and mass-produce cars over a period of more than two decades.

      Mahathir, who first disclosed plans for the new national initiative for Malaysia at the Nikkei Conference in Tokyo yesterday, said there was a need to create opportunities for engineers to do things on their own.

      At today's press conference, Mahathir said quite a lot of Malaysian engineering companies had to close down because they could not supply items according to the demand of the new owners or managers of Proton.

      "We need to revive them because the whole idea about investing in a national car is not just about building a national car, it's about becoming a catalyst for growing the engineering capability," the prime minister said.

      "All over the world people are outsourcing parts of motorcars, we can produce parts for branded cars in Malaysia and export them which will earn us a lot of foreign exchange," he said.

      Mahathir said whoever wants to be involved in the new car project should submit a proposal.

      “If the proposal is good, we have to give the opportunity to them. However, we don't want to give the licence to people for them to sell (to another party). This is something that this government will stop," he said.

      "If we give the licence to that person, that person must do the work. If he's found to be selling the licence to somebody else, we'll take it back," he added."

      So, can the mamak bashers understand:

      1) a new national car PROJECT would help boost Malaysia’s engineering capability

      2) Malaysia now is not making use of those skills of to design, build and mass-produce cars over a period of more than two decades.

      3) to create opportunities for engineers to do things on their own. And quite a lot of Malaysian engineering companies had to close down because they could not supply items according to the demand of the new owners or managers of Proton.

      3) the whole idea about investing in a national car is not just about building a national car, it's about becoming a catalyst for growing the engineering capability,"

      4) "All over the world people are outsourcing parts of motorcars, we can produce parts for branded cars in Malaysia and export them which will earn us a lot of foreign exchange."

      5) whoever wants to be involved in the new car project should submit a proposal.

      IS mamak proposing a new proton ver 2.0 or is he saying something like manufacturing parts for branded cars in Malaysia and export them?

      Mana tu new proton 2.0 when ONLY parts for branded cars r mentioned!

      U guys r REALLY having a quick jerk that no lady would likes to enjoy!


    9. Branded car? Who other than Lotus which now belongs to Geely that Mahathir has flatly refused to cooperate? If he was referring to those like Ferrari, Lambo, et al, all these brands have their own chain of reliable suppliers furthermore why would they want Mahathir's overpriced, subpar quality parts?

      They won't risk damaging their brand names for Proton quality.

    10. Spending money in sending cheebye john to hajj is ok?

    11. There r qualified parts/source suppliers for many branded goods of the world from bolihland.

      Penang has a few analytical equipment part suppliers known throughout the world in that typical industries. Similarly, M'sia supplies the best chocolate paste to many branded Belgium names! There r local shoe makers supplying to Salvatore Ferragamo, Bruno Magli & the likes. There r many other examples in other fields too.

      Most of these suppliers r family owned & run for many years in quiet & silent mode. They built up their reputations through hardwork & dedication over the yrs of toiling.

      Many tongkat addicted operators, especially in engineering & IT fields, obtain the monopolistic licences via kabel then form joined ventures with oversea brands & yet ended up producing shoddy goods & services!

      Wakakakaka… c.f. PD lah!

      Before u know how to walk, u want to run - especially under the induced ketuanan influence of power&money buy anything!

      Proton is that typical prime cut!

      Any wonder, why most of the unemployable 'professionals' come from this class?

      So u honestly think mamak is going to repeat the same mistake of pulling the young seedlings to fasten the growth!

      Tempurung dweller knows nut lah!

    12. CK, if you don't know about the automotive industry, please shut the fuck up.

      The national car program (even Perodua) has been plagued by substandard parts caused by the greediness of Mahathir's cronies. Now that China's manufacturing capabilities have leapfrogged us many times over, we can never catchup to its volume game, price, and quality per price point.

      Just look at iPhones. If China can come out with such quality at the required price point, how can Malaysia hoped to compete as Tier 1 supplier to those well established branded automakers?

      Lunacy and fantasies are in order.

  4. Build new Island, build Malaysian new national car, new AG, new BNM governor, new Chief Judge?, new IGP?.. etc? It is a New Malaysia indeed.

    1. crony, buddy n racist party remain unchange, so not everything is new, show that mahathir is still pretty nostalgic wakaka.

    2. Build island on coral outcrop? Done that
      National car project? Done that
      New AG that's compliant? Done that many times
      New BNM gov'nor that's compliant? Done that too
      New Chief Judge that's compliant? Are you kidding me!
      New IGP that's compliant? Is that a question or a statement.
      Getting cronies & sycophants to suck up? Oh yes. Done that

      New Malaysia? Nope. Just Old Malaysia in a new package.

  5. Mahathir will make misteps....and the new National Car project is one such.
    This doesn't make Malaysia's 7th Prime Minister the ogre that Ktemoc paints him to be.

    The country needs to invest to prepare for Industrial Revolution 4.0, not another car project. Leave that to the private sector.

    A new IGP and a new Chief Justice is definitely needed. b
    Both are sullied figures from Najis.

    1. That's the trouble with unhappy resentful angry bloggers who were previously di dedak-kan by Najib. And maybe even now masih di dedak-kan as part of the post war campaigning by UMNO...huge funds might be wiped out but some seniors still have deep pockets for such cyber war...hope spring eternal for these morons who just can't accept they have completely lost their place to control the nation.

      Anyway...expect Ktemoc to snatch at any misstep by Dr M and quickly declare that Dr M has not and will never change. If anyone else were to head PH, would he appoint LGE as Finance Minister ? Tommy Thomas as AG ? By the by, would any other than DR M stand firm to the King and insisted that he won't submit another or more names for the appointment of the new AG as allegedly demanded ? Many actions so far have indicated Dr M is a changed man and only the dedak-rised will willfully pretend not to see.

      This mulling of having a new car project, if indeed true, is a misstep indeed by Dr M. Soon he will be made aware of his badly judged suggestion by all the majority voices and hopefully he will quickly let go just as he did when protest were made that he can't hold the education portfolio while being PM.

  6. When Parliament 14 convenes Najib should be made Shadow Finance Minister and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. He will have the opportunity to keep Finance Minister LGE on his toes. Check and Balance. He can chair and at the same time answer all questions pertaining to 1MDB, as they are re-opened and investigated. If Tony Pua is not made Minister (and Najib not in jail) he can be Deputy Chairman. Bring It On !!

    1. I do hope ku li will become oppo leader. Kaytee can be ku li running dog

  7. As Chairman of PAC and Shadow Finance Minister Najib can show the official letter from China Premier Li Keqiang, confirming China will import USD2 Trillion (RM8 Trillion) worth of goods over the next five years, which is equivalent to RM1.6 Trillion per year. In 2017 our TOTAL exports to all countries was not even RM1 Trillion. This means we just struck 777 JACKPOT.

    Huge achievement by Najib.

    But even with this JACKPOT Malaysia cannot afford another national car. Instead please use the JACKPOT to slowly pay off the national HUTANG.

  8. Can anybody recall the reason that he gave for the privatisation of govt depts such as LLN & RIMV etc? Now his gomen want to do business, betul ka ni che det?


    Hahahaha.....can cheebye kaytee come to msia to help ku li?


    Cheebye kaytee.....fool me twice.....hahahaha