Monday, June 25, 2018

Welcome back to PM Mahathir Mark I

MM Online - Dr M revives Singapore water dispute, takes swipe at Trump (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 — Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has revived the muscular foreign policy that characterised his first stint in power, seeking to renegotiate a longstanding water supply agreement with Singapore and taking shots at both the US and China.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Haslinda Amin, the 92-year-old Dr Mahathir criticised a 1962 water supply deal with Singapore as “too costly,” adding to tensions after he announced plans to cancel a multibillion-dollar high-speed rail project that would’ve connected Kuala Lumpur to the city-state.

Water is among issues with Singapore “that we need to settle,” Dr Mahathir said on Friday at his office in Kuala Lumpur. “We will sit down and talk with them, like civilised people.”

Though Lee Kuan Yew had long gone, his legacy remains, more so in the person of son Lee Hsien Loong, and nothing riles Mahathir more than his old arch foe or descendants, wakakaka, probably with the exceptions of Najib, Anwar and KJ.

It cannot be denied that some of that animosity came from Lee KY's arrogance and hurtful-boastful words, but some I suspect came from jealousy, at how a lil' red-dot could progress so fantastically in the way that Mahathir had dreamed of Malaysia progressing in similar or even better fashion, but alas ...

By any measuring standards, short of national leadership, Malaysia with its bountiful natural resources (oil & gas, minerals, timber, land, sea, water, etc) should have been superior, and indeed by leaps and bounds. But as I mentioned of the sole exception, t'was national leadership (including Mahathir's) that allowed Singapore to beat us kaukau.

Mahathir had had bad relationship with Singapore during his previous regime, making us wonder whether his projects-then involving Singapore proximity and/or interests have to do with what Malaysia needed or merely to spite Singapore. That culminated in his silly 'crooked bridge' profligacy which would have costed Malaysian taxpayers much. We couldn't afford that sort of national waste just to merely pamper his chip on his shoulder against a neighbour. And we now definitely can't.

But it looks like Mahathir is back to his old self, which we saw in:

(a) cancellation (and tentative un-cancellation) of the HSR (blabbergastingly saying it's not an urgent issue to advise Singapore yet),

(b) Mahathir's proposal to build an island on Middle Rocks,

(c) water issues (again and again, instead of building a water purification plant in the JB are),

and what else?

I cannot but help thinking this old man just want to get at Singapore for the spite of it, just as he wants to get at Najib, Anwar and KJ.

One of Najib's biggest sins, apart from ignoring him, his son Mukhriz, and to preserve the wasteful legacy of his rule, has been the sale of KTM land to Singapore.

That KTM land had been his 'hold' over Singapore, his weapon to punish the frustrated Singapore government by leaving valuable land in Singapore undeveloped, but which now he no longer has, wakakaka. Imagine how furious he must have been to see Najib just cooperating with Singapore to develop those valuable land.

Yes, the old Mahathir is back, and he has amply indicated so by mentioning Malaysia needs a new national car, even after the monumental expensive failure of Proton.


  1. Please lah, the discrepancy in the rate of water supply IS the issue m'sia SHOULD have renegotiate loong long time ago.

    The past bolihland governing nincompoops had no balls & always been played out by the Singgies legally.

    I support wholeheartedly for mamak to right this chronic taking advantages of our natural resource by the RedDot.

    This abomination MUST not be continued!

    1. Thats how singapore gonna nego with msia. Cheaper water in exchange of cancellation of hsr.

      I dont really agree with ck that spore has taken full advantage of malaysia. Especially when malaysia is getting 50 cents per 1000 gallons.

      No need to pay infrastructure and maintenance. Cheap cheap.

    2. Have u been to Europe!

      The bottled water there is MORE expensive than petrol!

    3. I know, ck but then if you didnt sell to any sources including spore, these water will go to waste.

      Work out a really win win solution unlike that stupid najib razak and his underling cheebye kaytee

      Water and sand in exchange of major dredging operation in flood prone areas. Of course, can leave out kelantan and terengganu....see these cheebye pas folks would beg singapore for help.

      Johoreans would told u that southern johor enjoy cheap water for decades

    4. The rate is the problem!

      Lee YiShyan is a moron for saying M'sia just selling what's falling from the sky!

      Tell that to the Ozzie for selling the iron sand to China lah. It's from the ground.

      What about RedDot's impex activities - middle man mah!

      Such mind can be elected into the s'pore Parliament says a lot about the quality of these new singgies!

  2. your intense dislike for the man who can walk on water is seriously affecting your perception and better judgement

    the way I see it this is just a shot across the bows in case the sing tries to act unreasonable with the hsr project, dwelling and ranting about the past leave that to the losers

  3. LGE made a phone call to TDM last week.

    LGE: Toonsee, we have a problem.

    TDM: Apa hal Saudara? Saya tengah tidur-lah.

    LGE: 1MDB-lah, apa lagi. We will have to fork out an estimated RM34.6 billion to service debts generated by 1MDB over the next five years. Debt servicing, both coupon and principal, will approximately be RM1.7 billion in 2019, RM1.7 billion in 2020, RM2.7 billion in 2021, RM15.4 billion in 2022 and RM13.1 billion in 2023. Where will we find that kind of money?

    TDM: We have a rich neighbour down south, used to be our parasitic twin until we aborted them a while ago.

    LGE: So?

    TDM: Aaahh Saudara, they need something from us. Something they don't have. Allah did not give to them. So they have to buy from us because we have plenty.

    LGE: What's that? Good food?

    TDM: No....water-lah. Sekarang kita jual kat mereka 1,000 gallon hanya 3 sen. Macam free. Mana boleh. When you visit them soon to discuss the HSR please tell them kita tak ada lagi GST and we have so many financial scandals to settle. So we have no choice but to increase price of raw water. And we won't be buying back treated water at 50 sen per 1,000 gallons. We can treat it ourselves.

    LGE: Good idea, what should be our new price for raw water?

    TDM: You are the Finance Minister. Pakai-lah otak sendiri.

    LGE: Roger that Toonsee. I will issue a statement in Mandarin tomorrow.

  4. The 1962 Agreement is sacrosanct.
    Singapore has made it clear it will resort to War to protect its water supply.

    However, it should be made clear that not one single milli-litre of water will be provided to Singapore after 2061.

    Malaysia's right to take that position is also sacrosanct.

    1. They knew that. Msia knew that they have been getting cheap treated water all these while without any cost on infrastructure and maintenance.

      Any popular spore needs raw water for industrial consumption and hence Newater will solve the problem.

      Hence my take is make sure of spore capital by dredging the river bed along the flood prone in exchange of sand sold at competitive price lor.

      Win win....i am sure spore will pay the price. Marshall plan and japan aid works ultimately eventually in favour of.....hehehe

  5. A leopard never change its spots. As the leopard called Tun.

  6. Actually if Singapore is willing to be open, there can be a win-win solution.
    Malaysia can make it clear there is no threat to the actual supply, our unhappiness is the ridiculous price.

    A benefit to Singapore would be the possibility of renewal of water supply after 2061.

    Of course, it is technically feasible for Singapore to achieve full water supply independence via a combination of Desalination, purifying sewage water and maximising rainwater catchment.

    All these methods are either highly costly or unreliable compared to getting river catchment water from Johore.

  7. Check out the Tentacles of Lee Kuan Yew.
    How come there are still ISA detainees for more than 40 years in SIA?