Saturday, June 16, 2018

New Mahathir is still Old Mahathir, 'chong-ed' by Japs

From FMT:

Take heed, Dr M hasn’t changed, says ex-MP

Sheith Khidhir Bin Abu Bakar | June 16, 2018

Tawfik Ismail alleges that Malaysia is seeing the return of Mahathirism.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: A former MP has urged senior politicians in Pakatan Harapan (PH) to remind their younger counterparts of the troubles Malaysia underwent during Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s tenure as prime minister in the 80s and 90s.

“The only guys old enough to remember Mahathirism are those in their 60s,” he said. “So the old need to remind the young.”

Tawfik, who as an Umno member was Sungai Benut MP from 1986 to 1990, was commenting on Mahathir’s recent statement that he was willing to serve as prime minister for as long as the people wanted him to.

Tawfik Ismail, son of Tun Dr Ismail
according to Robert Kuok, his father Tun Dr Ismail was the ONLY man Mahathir was shit scared of 

Tun Dr Ismail

Malaya-Malaysia 2nd DPM
reputed to eb the best PM we never had

Mahathir had earlier this year backed an agreement among PH parties for PKR de facto head Anwar Ibrahim to succeed him as prime minister.

Tawfik alleged that Mahathir was the same man he had been three decades ago, noting his recent announcement that a new national car project may be in the works.

“He hasn’t changed,” he said. “Now we’re getting Proton back. Welcome to 1984.” That was the year Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional decided on a joint venture with Japan’s Mitubishi Motors to produce the Proton Saga.

Tawfik said young people euphoric over PH’s electoral victory needed to know about alleged problems under the old Mahathir administration.

He cited as examples Mahathir’s rift with his deputy, Musa Hitam, and the widely condemned dismissal of Mohamed Salleh Abas as president of the Federal Court.

He also said people needed to be wary of foreign interests dumping poor technology on the country disguised as “experimentation and innovation” under Mahathir.

“This is how industrialised countries like Japan sell new technology that hasn’t found a market or old technology that has a diminishing market,” he said.

He said an example of the former was the failed Perwaja Steel project and an example of the latter was the adoption of the Mitsubishi Lancer model to manufacture the Proton Saga.

Perwaja was formed in 1982 during Mahathir’s tenure as prime minister with a paid-up capital of RM250 million. However, by the end of 1986 it had seen losses of up to RM131 million, reportedly due to management problems and the appreciation of the yen.

The company was later revived but was forced to shut down its Kemaman operations in 2013, laying off 1,500 workers.


  1. And your picture lei, Kaytee? kaytee must be fuck fuck short fat fat boy. Like J Lhow

  2. Take heed.... Taufik is still an UMNO member promoting UMNO agenda.

  3. And Kaytee never changed too........Still suck up to najib's dick....hahahaha

  4. TDI was also the only politician feared by the cronies. Alas poor Malaysia was curse to have illustrious leaders like Razak, Hussein Onn, and TDI gone too early but despots like Mahathir & Anwar linger for so so long and even making comebacks. Tis a cruel twist of fate.

    1. PAS must be very indebted to Ku Li because with Ku Li, PAS wouldn't have won back Kelantan in 1990. A fucking fact that even Hadi fucking awang knew that

  5. UMNO still trying their best for survival by trying to get rid of TDM and creating mistrust among the PH parties.

    They just don't seem to know of any other way to turnaround again except with the fixed mindset of always looking outwards for blame and never their own inside.

    Well, after TDM there's still AI and a whole lot more capable leaders in PH which might take UMNO and BN another 20-30 years to get rid off.

    In the meantime, who cares about UMNO or BN anymore. Let them bicker and go like headless chickens around and around while we Rakyat and PH stays united and continue the Reforms needed to make Malaysia great again.

    UMNO and BN grassroot members will finally leave after understanding their leaders all these while are not champions of anything except for their own selfish needs.

  6. A good reminder from Tawfik. The key phrase here is "....he was willing to serve as prime minister for as long as the people wanted him to". If the people don't want him any longer he will be yesterdays roti bakar.

    When he was PM before he wielded much power because BN had 2/3 majority in Parliament. Today his Bersatu has only 12 seats out of 222. There are enough old MPs within Harapan in PKR, DAP, Amanah and in the opposition PAS, PBB, UMNO who remember the old days. A vote of no confidence is a simple thing. I suspect this time voting won't be block voting.

    Allah and Malaysians have given him a second chance to redeem himself. There won't be a third. Maximum 5 years.

  7. i dun expect mahathir to change, it is we that shd change, or stand firm.

    i read a article in mkini from 1 phar kim beng, tis pig head beng really a mahathir cock sucker, i hope dap dun become 1. though i treasure freedom to speak or write, but can mkini do without all tis cock sucking n cunt licking piece?

  8. Talking about old and new, now that Ku Li (Mr Nearly Man, nearly did a lot but actually did nothing, and he hasn't changed either) has announced he is contesting for President of UMNO. Praise Allah. That's the old. Now let's have KJ throw his hat into the ring as well, to represent the New. Then let UMNO membership choose. Zahid, if he contests, will be a waste of time. He has no clue what to do. If Ku Li wins we can have the Ku Li vs TDM face-off again, this time in Parliament. Hannah can adjudicate. A young Chinese Christian woman no less, in control of an 81-year old vs a 93-year old. No race, sex, age or religious discrimination. We have a rollicking inclusive democracy. Bring It On.

  9. "Ku Li (Mr Nearly Man, nearly did a lot but actually did nothing"

    ever heard of Petronas? Petroleum Development Act 1975 (PDA)? etc

    1. Haiya!!!

      Memang bodoh sombong!

      Ever heard of the pnb dawn raid as claimed to be the masterpiece of one Khalid Ibrahim?

      Sama2 le - both typical plans were originated & conspired by heavily paid background Mat Salle consultants by both glcs.

      Ku Li & Khalid were just the chosen ketuanan heads to give the final orders. The orchestrated plans performed as expected & the credits went to the figure heads!

      Thus, the implied coming of age (syioksendiri) of the tongkat race!

    2. so? Ku Li failed to win 1990 GE even when LKS and his team kept his bargain. Then Ku Li fucked back to UMNO

      Now he can't do the simple thing. Kill the fucking Najib!

    3. Ku Li was a big failure where Anwar Ibrahim in 2008 and 2013, then Mahathir in 2018 ,succeeded - which was to bring about UMNO's fall.

      Ku Li's problem was /is he is not cut out to be a fighter.
      Make a few pretty speeches, then retire.

      Anwar and Mahathir by contrast are knife-fighters.

  10. Sorry you had to go back 43 years to find something significant that he did. I won’t mention BMF scandal was in the 80s. It was too long ago. And he has made some stirring speeches since then. I do hope he can either be opposition leader or UMNO President. Good for Malaysia. Not sure good for UMNO.

  11. Tawfik is still sore because he tried to trade his "entitlement" to a high UMNO position based on his heredity.

    His line is the only progeny of UMNO's founders who have not been able to reach the top echelons.

    Mahathir gave him 5 minutes , sized him up as one of little consequence , and dismissed him.

    He still wants revenge against Ma because of that.

    1. The intense hatred of Mahathir by Nons/LKS/LGE is enormous; I don't think they can just easily forgive and forget. It is unfortunate that they are indeed heaping all the past wrongs of Mahathir and the inequities suffered by them, upon Najib and the current UMNO generations. Simply put, they wildly want to punish Najib/UMNO, perhaps to bury them all alive, so to speak.

      I see it as a spiteful joy of retaliation masquerading as justice based on speculations and self-interested interpretation of the established laws, norms and practices. Their vindictive effort is corrupting and is reducing them all to the status of the judge, jury and executioner.

      “But if revenge is called justice, then that justice breeds yet more revenge… and then becomes a chain of hatred.” ~ Pein Naruto

      “A society built upon a foundation of vengeance is a society doomed to destroy itself.” ~ Richelle E. Goodrich

    2. not revenge, the nons has been left with no other option. now many nons seem willing to move to the middle ground, whats in the mind of malay? refuse or embrace?

  12. Malaysia's only hope of avoiding billions of lost ringit by Mahathir's harebrained schemes is for Nga Kor Ming's plan to reach completion. LKY needs to call louder.