Tuesday, June 26, 2018

More rats than frogs

FMT - Ku Li says BN exodus cause for alarm (extracts):

KUALA TERENGGANU: Umno presidential candidate Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah views seriously Barisan Nasional (BN) parties leaving the coalition without prior discussion with leaders of other component parties.

He said this was made worse by the action of an Umno elected representative leaving the party without first referring the matter to party leaders.

For UMNO elected MPs to leave the party, it's normal for rats (not so much frogs) to desert what they perceive as a sinking ship. Also, the Malaysian well-known moola is not longer readily available.

But I hear you Tengku, because nowhere in the world would rats leave a sinking vessel in such obscene haste and in such disgusting numbers and with such bullshit reasons as UMNO-ites do today.

It's definitely a World First and a phenomenon for the Malaysian Book of Records. Malaysia Boleh.


  1. Then what about those who left for najib during the perak illegal takeover. Much noise made by cheebye kaytee but kaytee mention very little on najib involvement.

    As usual he deflected blame on everybody except najib razak.

    That speaks much about the credibility of cheebye kaytee.

    Accountability goes both way and kaytee really thinks he can get away with it. He really thinks he is a god

    1. What's the problem when you supported BN Sabah MPs to jump ship to Warisan? Isn't that hypocritical and double standard talk?

    2. The recent ship jumping shows the unprincipled, opportunistic nature of Malaysian political parties and I'm pretty sue that if what's left of the BN wins in GE15, these parties will jump ship back to BN again.

    3. I have problem in supporting cheebye hadi awang. Nik aziz told me so

  2. Problem is, the rats will infest the Pakatan ship - so stay tuned.

    1. Pakatan has successfully cleaned UMNO... by taking its virus. Hohohoho! Once a cleaned, dedicated UMNO is rebirthed, it can be worthy to work with PAS to bring national unity and sound governance back to the country.

      The Pakatan circus will run out of audience sooner rather than later, no matter how entertaining it is currently.

    2. "Pakatan has successfully cleaned UMNO."

      I have thought about that too. BN has for all intents and purposes fallen apart and reverted back to the Alliance days but now with UMNO dominant with MIC and MCA practically insignificant.

      I'm pretty sure that once UMNO gathers itself up, especially after the party elections, it will begin to play its role as an opposition party and make life difficult for Pakatan, not only in attacks on leading Pakatan MPs and cabinet members but also against policies implemented and I would not be surprised to see UMNO street protests, pickets and demonstrations and this time it will be politically difficult for Pakatan government to send the FRU after them, since they have been saying that people have the right to gather and protest peacefully.

      "The Pakatan circus will run out of audience sooner rather than later, no matter how entertaining it is currently."

      If the Pakatan government fails to address the economic concerns, especially of the rural and semi rural voters, as well as lower-income urban voters, I'm sure there will be rising discontent and disillusion with Pakatan, especially amongst this voter segment, who will likely shift towards UMNO or PAS.

      Already there are rumblings amongst urban, middle class voters that the Pakatan government must do more to improve the economy and attract productive investments which create jobs and marketable goods, rather than just speculative investments, which are mostly short term optimistic and parasitic.

      They must get cracking on this once parliament sits and thereafter.

    3. Foreign Direct Investment - companies that come here and invest in productive factories, ttading houses, facilities, service providers are far more appreciative of transparency and rule of law that Pakatan is offering.

      Hot money share market and bond traders are more attracted to the Rah-Rah Marketing that UMNO Najis dished out. They don't care if its a hen-house of Kleptocrats, as long as they can make a quick buck.

      That is why they are the ones who have been selling off their hot holdings in the light of the Prime Minister and also the Finance Minister's disclosure of massive financial malpractice in the Former Administration.

      The telling difference is Not one single Factory , Trading Company or Service provider has announced a pull-out or deferment of investment plans arising from Lim Guan Eng's announcements.

      In fact , in the longer term , I expect an open, ethical, inclusive government based on Rule of Law will be event more attractive to such FDI investors.

    4. The fact is, during LGE's time in Penang it recorded the largest clearout of MNC factories, is no coincidence. The latest is Bosch has pulled out from intending to setup a factory there. Big warning sign if they even fear to step in. Most that came in are low skilled manual labour work, which is no longer profitable when using local labour nor make sense to hire foreign workers when they can setup factories at their workers home countries. Therefore those of the rest here are in wait and see mode, but if they get another whiff of protectionism, they will run faster than you can say "please wait!".

      In summary, those that have no ties have up and ran while those still here are preparing for contingencies what comes may.

  3. Finally KuLi is alarmed?

    Mr Nearly-man finally woke up when the 13-member BN was reduced to 3. For decades he did nothing as UMNO went down the drain.

    Only UMNO, MCA and MIC left, the Original Three Musketeers that formed the Alliance.

    The Original Three Musketeers Rallying Cry:
    All For One and One For All
    United We Stand Divided We Fall

    In UMNO's case the cry now is "Deserted We Fall" RIP

    1. Hahahahaha......hahahaha.....no wonder cheebye kaytee is vomitting blood

    2. They should revert back to the Sailing Boat logo.

      I actually quite liked it in those days.

    3. The Sailing Boat actually stood for something good under Tunku Abdul Rahman's leadership.

      The Dacing stood for Massive Kleptocracy and Corruption and Abuse of Power under Najis.

  4. Maybe some will join PSM ?

    1. PSM has been rather quiet since GE14. Dunno what they are gearing up to do next, now that Pakatan, which they support is in government.

      Many on the left regarded that getting rid of Najib and toppling the BN from power would open up more room for them to bringing about socialism in Malaysia but from the looks of it, Malaysia is no closer to implementing even some mild social-democratic policies, than we were under BN, so what now?

    2. PSM does not support Pakatan...They made that clear.

    3. It sheiss.....ask that fucking cheebye kaytee to help you la

      Go and get him to assist u....or....you can just stay quiet because whatever fuck you say....kaytee mock doesnt give a damn

      One fuckinf lesson to you it sheiss....about this cheebye kaytee....why i am bend in destroying him

    4. watch it looes74, Pauline's going to stuff your mouth full of hair, wakakaka

    5. "Go and get him to assist u....or....you can just stay quiet because whatever fuck you say....kaytee mock doesnt give a damn"

      How can you say that? At least Kay Tee approved my post. Whether he agrees with me or not or cares about what I write, I dunno.

      Anyway, I'm not posting just for Kay Tee but for anyone who reads these comments to Kay Tee's posts.

    6. "PSM does not support Pakatan...They made that clear."

      Yes, Monsterball. PSM made it clear that they do not support Pakatan after Pakatan farted in their face and refused to accept them into Pakatan. More recently Pakatan farted in Dr. Jeyakumar's face and ran a DAP candidate in Sungai Siput in GE14 and won the seat from Dr. Jeyakumar who had held that seat for 10 years.

      Before that PSM were trying very hard to be accepted into Pakatan but were rebuffed.

      PSM were doing and still do what most left groups in the US do - i.e. support the Democrats as the "lesser evil" to the Republicans, and in Malaysia it is support Pakatan as the "lesser evil" to the BN.

      However, I would like to see what concessions this "lesser evil", many of whom are neo-liberals, will provide for the working class and the trade union movement in terms of allowing them more freedom to strike, strengthen labour protection laws, mandate higher retrenchment benefits for workers retrenched, mandate and enforce stricter occupational safety and health regulations, implement a higher minimum wage and enforce it more strictly, enforce more stringent environmental protection, stop evicting what PSM calls "urban pioneers" (peneroka bandar), concede to residents' demands that highways through their neighbourhoods be halted and so forth.