Monday, June 04, 2018

BEST political statement 2018 (17)

FMT - Anwar cautions against slipping into old ways (extracts):

GEORGE TOWN: PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim today warned Pakatan Harapan (PH) against slipping into “the old ways” of doing things, especially when it comes to differing points of view.

Speaking in an interview carried live on Invoke’s Facebook, Anwar said it was strange that some who called themselves liberal became ultra-conservative when it came to the issue of power, to the point where they could not be criticised or told off.

Calling this an outdated way of viewing things, Anwar said he had also told Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad that there were young leaders in PKR who held very strong views on issues.

Although he said he did not agree with all of these views, Anwar added that such leaders should be given space in order to bring out their talent.

“There will be differences in views, and sometimes a slip of the tongue. Then we control. Controlling is okay.

“But to block such views, to have a slanting view of this, or to even pressure such a person for having a voice, this is representative of the old regime.”

Giving the example of PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli, Anwar said the former MP could be “controversial”.

“I agree with some of his views and disagree with others. For instance, I know for a fact that a certain statement is true, but then I am of the view that it is better for Wan Azizah to deal with this while I talk to the prime minister,” he said, referring to Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

Anwar said there must be some leeway due to Malaysia’s new situation following the May 9 polls.

“We need Malaysians to be calm. But what I disagree with is that it is as though you cannot have differing arguments within this new government. If you disagree, it means you are racist.

“This is only restarting the culture that we have become so used to – that Umno culture,” he said.

Anwar had been asked to comment on Rafizi’s claim that Mahathir had made Cabinet appointments without consultation with other parties.

Rafizi also caused a stir when he reportedly said Mahathir was not the main reason PH had won in the May 9 general election. He said PH had taken Putrajaya on the back of bread and butter issues coupled with the implementation of the goods and services tax by the Barisan Nasional government.

This time the honour goes to Anwar Ibrahim, who was brilliant in his 
exposé of the possible resurgent of UMNO culture from within Pakatan ranks, that it is as though you cannot have differing arguments within this new governmentIf you disagree, it means you are racist.

I deem Anwar's 
"But what I disagree with is that it is as though you cannot have differing arguments within this new government" as the BEST political statement (2018) thus far, wakakaka.

Actually the resurgence of UMNO Culture 2.0 has already happened among Pakatan Hell-Hounds and Vultures who reckon "If you disagree, it means you are ... fCk-asking to be slaughtered".

They should bear in mind what Anwar has just said, that we don't want a return of the UMNO culture of Praetorian Guards slaughtering anyone who disagrees or voices his/her disagreement with the Great Leader Mahathir, and which today they are behaving like so.


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  1. Anwar Ibrahim sparked off the Reformasi movement , which ultimately displaced UMNO from power 20 years later.
    The multi-racial PKR and the alliance he build up with DAP is the core foundation of Pakatan Harapan.
    For that, he has spent more than 10 years of that time behind bars.

    But he is at this moment at risk of becoming an irrelevant "emeritus".

    There are currently serious and vigorous efforts to prevent him from ever taking the top position.
    The idea that it is Anwar's destiny never to be Prime Minister has a lot of foundation.

    Guys like the Syed Box fella and Kadir Jasin are openly attacking and spreading lies about him.

    1. Mahathir only needs 2 more years and Anwar be finished. Even Najib with the Government machinery and incumbency can be overthrown within 2 years, so what more is someone no longer relevant to current politics?

      Now that they have tasted REAL power thanks to him, the Anwaristas & Pakatuns will not want to let go and only Mahathir can assure their stay as long as they like. Within 2 years time, Anwar will have found his party -his vehicle of vengeance- turning against him and side with the one man they swore to bring to justice. The irony of ironies.

      Anwar's legacy will be consigned to the footnote of Malaysian history. A nearly-there man who just couldn't cross the finish line in front of him, whilst wily coyote Mahathir took glory in the last minute.

      Anwar would have finally being screwed 3 times over by Mahathir.

  2. I sometimes wonder why the old Mahathirists are still so worried about AI.

    The indoctrination by TDM must have been so effective their brains are all wired up and unable to rewire again.

    I believe the Mahathirists are all worried that AI might be keeping hidden his revenge against all the conspiracies done against him and just waiting for the day.

    In life, you reap what you sow for evil done unto others.

    I believe Kaytee is a former Mahathirists turned Ahjibkor BFF. With Ahjibkor down, knowing TDM only got 2-3 years left, his future looks bleak awaiting KARMA. Too late to Poh Lam Pah or become a Night Soil carrier. It's futile.


    1. Wrong! Kaytee is razakist who believe in serving the razak lineage especially the 二世祖 called najib razak.

      You must understand kaytee kukuciao is under najib's hand.....inheritance mah....passed down from tun razak

      Now i am more curious why kaytee never attempts to turn nostro piggy into char siew....

      Very crucial question! Requires 5 why analysis....


  3. Hopefully, after Dr M had 'stabilized' the country, then Anwar can take his turn to be PM that had been promised to him.

    At this time of writing, it seemed Agong had finally appoints T Thomas as the AG and sacks Apandi. With this taken care of, we hope the new AG could start cracking the case on 1MDB, delayed as it is todate.

    Coming back to Anwar meeting Agong to assure him before we know of the confirmation of the appointment, it was reported as such : “I told them not to worry because the government was not under DAP, and there were no attempts to eliminate the power of the rulers,”

    Anwar was quoted by news portal The Malaysian Insight (TMI) as having said in a speech at a Malaysian Muslim Youth Association (Abim) event at its headquarters in Kajang on Saturday night.

    A pro Umno blogger had written in response to the above :

    My questions to Anwar;
    1. So, if the government was under DAP, then the Rulers need to worry as there would be attempts to eliminate their power, right?
    2. The constitutional monarch will not lose power? Is that so? Which kind of power they will not lose? we know why a lot of people are leery and not too trusting of good old Anwar. I guess DAP have some questions for Anwar too after his speech to Abim.

    1. Anwar talks Tiger with Tigers, talks Chicken with Chicken.
      He's the Master Politician.

    2. Yet Mahathir is playing him like a fiddle.
      The Supreme Dark Arts Master of Politics is him.

    3. Very remiss of Anwar ammunition to people like Syed Akbar Ali of the OSTB fame and Kadir Jasin. By saying one thing to the Malays and another to the the non Malays and yet another to the religious, he risks being called fork-tongue serpent which many in fact are already labeling him now. Rafizi is actually a very personable, smart guy with fire in him. But it looks more and more like he's being berZahidHamidikan by our "brader", wakakkakaka. He's made to do the dirty like what Zahid was made to do 2 decades ago...hmmm, history repeating ? Wish Anwar would tread carefully...he's too volatile, like the free radical with the missing electron...maybe he should take up his own suggestion to go on a "lecture" tour overseas.

    4. If Anwar continues to be a loose cannon like Zaid, he will soon be irrelevant in the larger scheme of New Malaysia politics.

  4. The euphoria is over...the Honeymoon lasted less than a month, and it is over.

    It has been a bruising 72 hours, as the nation argued over the requirements and qualifications for the Federal Government's top Law Officer.

    Opposition (nowadays) Hell Hounds were out in full force, though I don't expect Ktemoc to criticise "his" Hell-Hounds.

    It was nauseating but revealing to read their mentality on display on-line.
    To them, this is an Islamic state, and it is an affront to appoint an Aneh and a Christian to the position, no matter how professionally qualified he is.

    There were even a few AhPeks and Anehs coming out of the woodwork in support, calling the candidate unqualified. Only, I never heard anything from them when a patently bad, politicised candidate, former UMNO treasurer Apandi was appointed by Najib.

    Malaya' s first 2 Attorney Generals were Orang Putih.
    Was there any problem with the sanctity of Islam then ? It is clear the AG has no role in the administration of Islam.

    Thank God, the Rulers finally understood the full legal-constitutional picture and accepted the nomination of the AG.

    I suppose it is fitting that two leaders with a history of being Race-Religion ultras were instrumental in successfully pushing this through - Mahathir and Anwar.

    And now ...let Tommy Thomas get down to work.

    Mahathir is racing against time to repair the damage to Malaysia's Rule of Law, a lot of it he himself was responsible.

    1. don't fCking tell lies - see my

    2. "Malaya' s first 2 Attorney Generals were Orang Putih."

      Much of Malaysia's high ranked civil servants and heads of security forces were also Orang Putih. There was never an option to choose otherwise back then, so sanctity or not have no bearing unlike now. Why do like to leave out the overall picture and take facts out of context?

    3. The Constitutional context is the same now as it was in 1960 (with an Orang Putih AG)

      a) There are no Race-Religion conditions on who may be appointed as AG.
      b) The AG's scope of responsibilities do not touch on the administration and enforcement of Shariah law in Malaya/Malaysia.

    4. But the Syariah wasn't as empowered back in 1960, as currently after Mahathir himself upgraded its importance. Now the AG has to consider Syariah law as well when advising the Government and that is something TT is incapable to do.

      So back at you, isn't PH got the full support of the law fraternity? So why is it so difficult to find a capable Muslim lawyer as AG amongst them, or are you implying ALL Muslim lawyers in Malaysia are incapable or perhaps the capable ones are in UMNO/PAS?

    5. You are still stuck in UMNO-PAS Race-Religion mentality.

      The objective was to find the most capable MALAYSIAN legal practitioner available for Pakatan Harapan's primary legal priority , which is the restoration of the Rule of Law in the country.

      If that objective criterion turns up a Christian Aneh , so be it. If it turns up a Malay Muslim, that is fine to.

      That's the Malaysia we want to build , not the blinkered Malaysia where all Top positions MUST always be filled by an UMNOfied Malay-Muslim.

    6. Well then, name me a non-Muslim lawyer that knows Syariah inside out that can take my Hadi to the cleaners on all things Islamic legality. Then go further and tell me why this person, if exist, wasn't chosen ahead of TT?

      Take your time. I'll be waiting.

  5. Yesterday June 4 was the 29th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre.
    Lest We Forget...

    My plea to the new Malaysian Government.

    By all means maintain good economic ties with China, but DO NOT allow Malaysia to become a quasi-colony of the PRC Regime, as Najib was already in process of doing.

    I see only grief at the end of that road.

    1. Grief would be Malaysia turning into quasi-colony of Sinkie/Israeli. That's what we're turning into.

    2. Go check with the Saudi Prince lah...isn't he now buddy buddy with Israel ? So what did your Hadi Yang Banyak Wang Sekarang now said about this ? In fact, that Prince has labeled your Hadi as a terrorist la, wakakkakka.

    3. Why need to go so far? Even your PM now has bowed down to Sinkie concession to stop HSR. If it went thru, their advantage in attracting high income professionals would dim greatly but now, their pre-eminent role is perpetually assured. So why need to go so far when your PM is proverbially sucking on Lee Junior's dick?


    Najib's top-flight lawyers discharge themselves.....
    Najib is in Deep Shit over SRC.
    Mahathir is smartly going after Najib with the lower hanging fruit first.
    The SRC case involves much smaller amounts than the main 1MDB case.

    However, the money which flowed into Najib's personal bank account has already been documented clearly as flowing , through multiple intermediate steps, from SRC.

    His only defence is he "thought it was part of the Arab Donation".
    Lame defence.....without his parrot (now ex-) Attorney General, its going to be very tough for Najib to defend this corruption charge.

  7. Malaysiakini reports a legal musical chairs going on for Najib and Rosmah:

    Former premier Najib Abdul Razak's wife Rosmah Mansor has appointed a new defence team to accompany her to the MACC over its investigation on the misappropriation of SRC International funds.

    Lawyers K Kumaraendran and Geethan Ram Vincent are accompanying Rosmah to MACC today.

    "Yes, I am representing Rosmah with Geethan, but not Najib," senior counsel Kumaraendran told Malaysiakini when contacted.

    Meanwhile, in another development, former solicitor general II Yusof Zainal Abiden and senior lawyer M Puravalen are reported to have part ways with Najib on mutual consent.

    Puravalen in a statement to Malaysiakini said: "Yusof and I have ceased in representing Najib. I have also ceased from appearing for Rosmah.”

    If true, this is the second time Najib and Rosmah's lawyers had withdrawn themselves from representing the former prime minister and his wife.

    Previously, lawyer Harpal Singh appeared and gave statements as part of the legal team when the police probe began.

    Yusof and Puravalen represented Najib while he was questioned by the MACC.

    It remains uncertain who will be appearing for Najib in the police and MACC probe.

    All I can suggest is: Apandi will be free from today onwards.

    1. She DID it
      No...No...No....He DID it....

      Soon ....Rosmah and Najib pointing fingers at each other ?

      In the past, in many circles the snide remarks called Najib "Mr. Rosmah"..... guess who is the Boss in the family?

      Yusof Zainal Abiden and senior lawyer M Puravalen's withdrawal from representing Najib are symptoms of serious disagreements over the Najib defence strategy.

      Meanwhile...Najib has hired the prestigious (and no doubt very costly) legal firm of former US Attorney General to represent him in the US....
      Akan Datang ....United States Criminal charges against Najib

      a) SRC
      b) 1MDB
      c) Altantuya
      d) Scorpene

      ....after that the Yanks can have Najib....or what's left of him..

    2. Don't forget Pascal Najadi has always claimed that his father Hussein, founder of AmBank was murdered as he was about to expose the huge sums of money flowing into AmBank personal accounts.

  8. Malaysia breaks new ground. If my research is correct we are only the second country outside India to have a Minister at federal level, the other being Canada. Sikhs all over the world are congratulating Gobind. Go go Gobind !! After free World Cup now we want free Manny Pacquiao on July 15 !! After tickets are sold out of course but that should be no problem considering the huge Filipino population here.

  9. Looks like Monsterball is the resident commenter of KT's blog. Wakakaka..

    1. sometimes he made very matured, well informed and well considered comments, sometimes he moronically tok-kok wakakaka

    2. And you? Do you feel happy if i say you are akin to colonel nicholson