Saturday, June 23, 2018

Budak kecil failed promise

MM Online - DAP’s Nga not made minister or deputy minister (extracts):

where's my piggy bank?

IPOH, June 23 — Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming has failed to be appointed as federal minister or even deputy minister, even though his party won the most state seats out of Pakatan Harapan (PH) in the state.

A source suggested that Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad may have rejected Nga for his apparently racist comments in the past.
Sources from Nga’s camp told Malay Mail that party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng broke the news to Nga yesterday before chairing the party’s emergency central executive committee meeting.

“He (Lim) was close to tears that he could not persuade the old man to appoint Nga as a minister,” said a source, referring to Dr Mahathir.

The source said the DAP did not deserve to be treated as such as it contributed many seats to enable PH to form federal government after the 14th general election.

In the May 9 elections, the DAP made a clean sweep of the 18 state seats it contested in Perak, compared to Parti Amanah Negara that won six seats, PKR four, and a single seat by Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s (PPBM).

On the federal level, the DAP contributed 42 seats, making it the second-biggest PH party in Parliament after PKR with 50 seats.

The source also said Dr Mahathir rejected Nga’s name for minister and deputy minister. He suggested Nga was rejected for his purported “ultraness”.

“His racially charged statements do not sit well with the PM who must have been told of the matter,” he added.

During campaigning in the 2018 election, Nga told voters that the DAP will use 92-year-old Dr Mahathir, who is PPBM and PH chairman, to defeat then-Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak before, Nga alluded, Dr Mahathir dies.

The source also said Nga was not the only big name to be left out from the Cabinet list, suggesting that a Sarawak DAP politician only received a deputy minister’s position.

During the 14th general election, Lim had told Teluk Intan voters that Nga would be made a minister if the latter won the seat and PH formed federal government.

(1) It shows Mahathir is STILL a very vindictive old man. It's natural he would resents Nga's remark that the DAP would use him to defeat Najib before he (Maddy) dies.

But to carry his resentment into political practice in a coalition shows his unforgivingness, his 'small mind', his 'meanness', very hostile emotions as he has shown towards Anwar and Najib and those who had joked about him or denied him or his family of anything, eg. Tunku, AAB, KJ.

(2) It also shows that Mahathir despite his 12 Pribumi seat versus DAP's 42 seats is still the No 1 Boss, and Guan Eng could do f-all.

(3) It teaches Guan Eng a bloody lesson not to make bullshit arrogant promises which embarrassingly for him, now cannot be met.

(4) It may also be an omen that Mahathir is now 'pulling back' from his liberalness as he moves to assuage Malay fears that his "government" may be too much Chinese-dominated.

Mind, Nga Kor Ming is not the sort of Chinese whom elite Malay gentlemen, patricians and country squires (eg. Ku Li, Tunku Aziz, Mahathir, HRH Sultan Perak, etc) would be comfortable with.

Nga's mateys would be more in the category of Hew Kuan Yau, wakakaka.

Malay elite and patricians prefer 'Killing softly with his song' rather than robust 'Kungfu fighting', wakakaka.

... and as a bonus to your guys, a third song from kaytee, wakakaka:


  1. Seriously, compared to DAP Mps who have been made Ministers so far, such as Gobind and Anthony Loke, Nga would be such a step would be like making Bung a Minister.


    Long as I remember the rain been coming down.
    Clouds of myst'ry pouring confusion on the ground.
    Good men through the ages, trying to find the sun;
    And I wonder, still I wonder, who'll stop the rain.

    I went down Virginia, seeking shelter from the storm.
    Caught up in the fable, I watched the tower grow.
    Five year plans and new deals, wrapped in golden chains.
    And I wonder, still I wonder who'll stop the rain.

    Heard the singers playing, how we cheered for more.
    The crowd had rushed together, trying to keep warm.
    Still the rain kept pouring, falling on my ears.
    And I wonder, still I wonder who'll stop the rain.


  4. Nostro piggy will tell cheebye what! Nga got lucrative lawyer jobs to do. Free to roam making lives especially cheebye kaytee life tough. Win win.

    Blessing in disguise

    Where is nostro pig?

  5. he may be a big shot in perak dap but it is not a big lost, liew chin tong would be a big lost if he ain't selected

    1. I dont think nga minds. Chin tong should be suitable to engage the oppo senators in senate.

      Nobody talks about how lge and dap blocked rais yatim being selected as dewan speaker....

      As usual, kaytee only speak half truth....his existence is also half truth. Till today susan loone refused to acknowledge kaytee existence

  6. This new government never ceases to amaze me. So much check and balance between PM and FM. Before this the PM check with himself. He never learnt the pitfalls of holding both positions.

    TDM refuses to appoint Nga as Minister or Deputy, despite receiving support from LGE. LGE kwai kwai accepts. Sheds a tear or two. Maybe Nga can be Chief Whip in Parliament, where his kung-fu skills can be put to good effect on lazy MPs who always ponteng.

    TDM 1-0 LGE. (World Cup spirit lah)

    Then LGE advises TDM that we cannot afford another National Car, just re-celup Proton v1.0 (which is already Malaysian) cukup lah. Good idea says TDM.

    TDM 1-1 LGE (HT)

    Then LGE tells TDM that 20B already masuk akaun China for ECRL, have to continue project, cannot stop. TDM reluctantly accepts advice, but tells LGE on his upcoming visit to China to ask for special diskaun. And find out where that 20B went to. Roger that said LGE.

    TDM 1-2 LGE

    The game continues....

    That's the way it should be. No shame. Check and Balance. Like the Dacing, Only Better. I'm Lovin It.

  7. The ECRL project must continue, 20B already paid to China. Nasi sudah jadi bubur. Now we have to finish it and we have to see what the heck will fill up these trains? What possible cargo from Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang needs to be rail-roaded to Port Klang? Perhaps Kelantan and Terengganu can help fund the project from that oil royalty (20% will be used up pretty quickly). After all the ECRL was supposed to benefit them right? Right?

    1. ECRL is one of the stupidest decisions made by Malaysian Official 1 ....and most probably linked to siphoning of funds...

      However, massive amounts of loans already drawn down. If Malaysia cancelled the project , it will never get the money back.

      We are back in pre-1957 power and financial arrangements now... except the Colonial Power is now China, not Britain.

    2. What is that cheebye kaytee take on this? He says he is a fucking expert. face and credential

    3. ECRL is part of One Belt China Rail Road.
      Long term, it will make Singapore port use less. Singapore do not have any raw materials to sell.
      This is long term to bring goods and raw materials all the way back to China. It is faster and cheaper than sea transport. Minus the sea pirates. Next is to built bridges from Pulau Tikus to Sumatera and Jawa where there are a lot more natural resources including durians/lulians available.
      China is Smart, Najib is also smarter.
      Similarly when we built Tanjong Pelepas Port under TDM and TD, the intention was to reduce the cargo going to Singapore port. Then the crooked bridge to divert the ships through the Tebrau Straits faster instead going around Singapore island. Some fools cancelled the project.
      Similarly, when we acquired M.V Augusta bikes. It was not for the bike technology but for the helicopter technology that can be used for military purpose. Malaysia has abundance of jungle and the best mean to fight for this type condition is a chopper.
      Remember TDM said we can buy the fighter from USA, but we can't shoot since we won't be given the source codes. Only for demos. Unlike Singapore that is given full access with its fighter stationed in Taiwan that can reach Malaysia within 30mins time. But someone sold it for a buck.
      When we are going to learn. The best is for Malaysians to form fresh parties and dump all these current and dinasour PoLieticians from both divides.
      GOD saves Malaysia. ( God is not TDM like what the AG said thank God when he was appointed to the post

    4. Hahahaha.....must be a speculator

    5. No! Yike E.

      "Then the crooked bridge to divert the ships through the Tebrau Straits faster instead going around Singapore island. Some fools cancelled the project."

      The Tebrau Strait is not deep enough for container ships and supertankers to pass through and the height of the existing Second Crossing at Tuas is not high enough for them to pass under.

      The crooked bridge will only allow free flow of water through the Tebrau Strait and the passage of small ships, so this argument that the crooked bridge will allow for the diversion of ships through the Tebrau Strait does not hold.

      For example, the draught (part of the hull below the water of the container vessel Emma Maersk is 16.02 metres.

      The anchorage depth of the Port of Johor is between 9.4 and 10 metres.

      Also, these figures of channel depths provided by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore show clearly that depths in the Tebrau Strait (a.k.a. Johor Strait) are not deep enough for a fully loaded vessel such as the Emma Maersk.


      Also, the depth of the strait where the crooked bridge will be is shallower than at the east and west ends of the strait.

      I have also observed the height of the second crossing at Tuas and see no way that a large container vessel or a large oil tanker can pass under it.

      So unless the Tebrau Strait is also dredged to make it deep enough to be passable by such large vessels and the height of the Second Crossing at Tuas raised high enough, these large ships will still have to sail around Singapore.

    6. Speculator your stinky foot

    7. Wakakakaka…

      A hp6 one too!

  8. MCA may be the one to switch the lights off BN.

    There are only 4 parties left in BN: UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan. MyPPP doesn't matter.

    Gerakan already decided to quit BN.

    UMNO will have elections next weekend, but the likelihood is the party will be declared illegal by ROS and Court.

    MIC will hold party elections in October and it is also likely they will leave BN, if UMNO is no longer around.

    MCA is only scheduled to hold elections in November. By then they may be the only party left in BN.

    Lights Out. Good Night.

    1. BN is now of no use to Gerakan, and Gerakan is of no use to BN.

      Best to part ways.
      The once great party of Tan Chew Khoon, Syed Hussain Alatas and Lim Chong Eu is now decrepit.

      Life is a cycle.
      Someday DAP will be like that too...sooner than you think..wakakaka..

      Same with PKR...

    2. There are few things i got to agree with kaytee. Amanah should merge with dap to form a new party. By then dr m is dead and hehehehe.....nga may be super minister.....patience lor

  9. Pribumi is Over represented in the Cabinet.
    Looks like PKR and DAP will be under represented in the Cabinet.

    The problem with DAP is CCC - China, Cabor and Christian.

    PKR because Pribumi need to outmaneuver Anwar.

    1. They are not over-represented. They are just the government branch of UMNO. So you have to count the UMNO MPs too.

  10. The Chinese in PKR are also feeling left out.
    The safest PKR Parliamentary seats are actually their urban, heavily Chinese seats. But they are feeling left out.

    1. The Chinese in PKR are like Chinese once in UMNO-controlled BN, and soon will be like DAP Chinese in Pribumi-controlled PH

    2. U want another pie in the face, lousy clairvoyant?

    3. And najib will be dead meat along with cheebye kaytee

    4. The key to maintaining an inclusive coalition is that, within the constraints of Competence, Qualifications and Character, you ensure key stakeholders are not left out.

      4 PKR seats won with massive majorities in GE14 are Bayan Baru and Kebun Bunga in Penang, PJ Selatan and Kelana Jaya in Selangor.

      All the 4 MPs are solid , well qualified individuals. If none of them get selected as a Cabinet member, something is not right.

    5. Ck....i prefer kaytee kenna punched in the face.....爽man

    6. Mahathir is PM a fucking second time and "something is not right" is reserved for when 4 MPs are not made Ministers.

    7. And you are still alive.....something is definitely not right

  11. i dun think its fair to claim mahathir as small mind in case like nga or hew.

    1. not because of nga or hew, BUT because of his mean-spiritedness

    2. Which one? You fucking cheebye kaytee....didnt you curse lim kit siang

      Cheebye kaytee shall die without a coffin.....i curse kaytee

    3. God says lim kit siang must win after cheebye motherfucker kaytee CURSED LKS....means what

      Even kaytee death mother will never forgive kaytee

      I know fucking penang inside father knows too

      Nobody know who cheebye kaytee is. Mariam mokthar told me kaytee is a fake

      Kaytee......come clean....

    4. (1) I say this again and again - I did NOT fCk your mother

      (2) you know fCk all about Penang, you bloody Sing, and stay away as we don't want contamination on the island

    5. Kaytee.....i know everything about penang through myself and my dad. Plus i know your petra is nobody in penang.

      Till today, i dont know who the fuck you are. Anil netto doesnt know. The entire usm faulties dont know you.

      Even the air itam laksa man also doesnt know...who are u.....cheebye kaytee

    6. A fucking blogger who blogged since show now photo of resumes....nothing.....

      Even susan loone told me that she doesnt know u.

      Who are u? Kaytee

    7. Ktemoc's modus operandi is to attack Mahathir 24 x 7.
      In this case the decision is actually defensible from an objective viewpoint. Nga is racially-charged candidate.

      But no...Ktemoc must make Mahathir mean-spirited regardless..

    8. wakakaka, what a bullshitter. I have never said I have been blogging since 1998. What a bloody liar. Only way to stop your fake news is to send you "home" to Pauline where she can "stuff" (wakakaka) your mouth

    9. modus operandi is to protect his lord and master, najib razak

  12. If PH is looking beyond the 5 years probationary mandate given by the Malays, It is the right thing to exclude people like Nga. Chinese of course will continue to stick to DAP, for the next 5 years. It is the Malays that bore the risk of abandoning UMNO. Many Malays are still sceptical of the change in view of Amanah’s lack lustre performance in Malay dominant constituencies. If PH does not want to be an one hit wonder, they need to win more Malay support across the board.

    Hew and Nga are not alike though they both are loud and brash.

    Hew is not a DAP member seeking a place in the govt but he continues to support their rallies. He is known for his vulgarity but don’t write him off on that alone. He is smart and knows how to effectively get the message across to the grassroot Chinese blue collars.

    Nga on the other hand, is an opportunist, more interested to sell himself than party agendas.

    1. U write like u have just awaken from that cozy ketuanan tempurung of melayu.

      New M'sia shall not be AGAIN a hive of those bigoted tongkat addicts.

      If the Malayana, post 509, still insisting on the format of melayu & the others THEN we have not achieved anything substantially.

      If the ketuanan freaks & the blur-sotongs still lamenting about those 'good old days' then let them!

      They r the dying breed. They r not the majority as most people like to think.

      Many melayu have risen up to the fact that ketuanan chant IS the shackle that tied them down all these yrs to the benefit of the few elites.

      No more!

      A pie in the face for u!

    2. nga n ngeh r warlords in Perak: they tried to kick out vet dapster Kula! They will try to kick out anyone blocking them for that matter.

      nga n ngeh are no different from the MCA/UMNO politicans who have looted the country for their own gain.

      Their track record speaks for them - the tailorgate, Kelantan land grab, showy white house and fancy cars, etc.

      nga is just a wannabe politician ready to do anything - utter racist remarks, etc.

      He is a super hypocrite gangster and the worst specimen of the Christian church he represents; if not the Chinese race!!

    3. I got news for you retard. The party that provides the PM has Pribumi in its name. We are still in zaman ketuanan you stupid fucking retard.

      Just like in the Jacobite uprising when the Highland clans made sure they had sons on BOTH sides, the Deep Malay State has operatives in BOTH Umno Baru and Umno Lagi Baru (aka Pribumi). They know the "change" will keep stupid fucking retards like you happy even if nothing changed.

      We are still in Zaman Ketuanan Melayu you stupid fucking retard. Except that fucking retards like you are cheering for it.

      Fucking retard.

    4. Retard!

      Yes, there r sympathizers at both extreme ends.

      The question is how good r they.

      U quoted the Jacobite uprising of the Scottish Highland clan conflicts. & yet yr analogy with the melayu/blur-sotongs of the heartland has a glaring fraud.

      The Highlanders r a hardened race that have gone through century of bloodthirsty infightings.

      Have the melayu/blur-sotongs of the heartland?

      Lagi teruk, for a bunch of modern weaklings soften by years of tongkat addiction!

      We are still in Zaman Ketuanan Melayu!!!

      Keep dreaming lah - you stupid fucking retard under the tempurung.

      Yr Scottish education, using my folk's tax contribution IS money down the drain!

    5. Being idealistic won't win you the government. There has to be a healthy dose of realpolitik involved to sustain the idealogical 'post 509' some people talked about. In fact, lots of it.

      While post 509 can hopefully bring the much needed legislative changes to set the country on the right path, mindsets are not as easily swayed by the stroke of a pen. Malay votes are the kingmakers.

      Quote: "(Ketuanan freaks) They are the dying breed. They are not the majority..."

      How many percent Malay votes did PH get? Around 25% ? Does that look like majority to you?

      The Chinese and Indians had their gripes about the UMNO govt, so it is easy for them to turn their back on UMNO. For the Malays, it takes a leap of faith for them to bite the hand that feeds, albeit it's just table scrap. The current administration will have the task to win the Malays' trust.

    6. There r tons of idealists here!

      Yes, the melayu r the majority.

      "How many percent Malay votes did PH get? Around 25% ? Does that look like majority to you?"

      But who won ge14¿

      For the old-timer Malays, it takes a leap of faith for them to bite the hand that feeds, albeit it's just table scrap.

      What about those millions of non-registered vote forfeiters? Majority of them r young, educated, delusional about the ketuanan elites! They r ALL melayu!

      Do u think they will go for the ketuanan freaks' political pack comes ge15?

    7. Quote: but who won GE14?

      What has this got to do with my question?

      Don't be disingenuous. You were the one who implied up there the MAJORITY of Malays are not "ketuanan freaks" and no longer interested in crutches. Since 25% of Malays voted for PH which signified change, therefore it is legitimate to beg the question, is 25% considered majority?

      Quote: ....millions of non-registered vote forfeiters? MAJORITY of them are young, educated, delusional about the ketuanan elites! There are ALL Melayu!

      Again, you said MAJORITY. You just know or you have some stats to back you up?


    8. Let's go into some 'numeric' discourse.

      Since there is NO reliable voting pattern research been done, we can only doing intelligent interpolations out from the actual voting results.

      As the population goes, the Malay is obviously a majority faction. But, Malay votes are the kingmaker no longer hold true in the current multi-factions contest within the Malay vote bank.

      Hence with ONLY 25% of Malay vote, PH got elected into the govt. This clearly shows who r the kingmakers. It also indirectly answered yr question of REAL bolihland politic!

      "....millions of non-registered vote forfeiters? MAJORITY of them are young, educated, delusional about the ketuanan elites! There are ALL Melayu!"

      Unfortunately, there is no firm statistical number to back this statement. However, we can always do projectional interpolations within the current known patterns of these youth.

      1) the Malay youth constitutes the largest vote bank out there. Most of them r educated, highly or otherwise, to make decision of their own.

      2) many of them NEVER bother to register as a voters.

      It bags the question of WHY they don't want to be participating voters in determining the future of their nation that has been treating them more than equal compared with the Nons.

      R they too comfortable about the constant alifbata chants, mixed with tongkat infusions, by their elites? They take for granted about the winning, thus, no point in doing any voting.

      Or r they truly disappointed, delusional, about the govt of their elites. They see no point in voting, as there r NO possibility of changing the govt of their elites.

      3) assuming both groups divide equally, then their votes cancel out each other. The voting pattern remains status quo, while the old diehard voting bank diminish in influences due to death & opinion changes as the new govt shows appreciable results.

      Thus, under all considerations, this original 25% is indeed a MAJORITY bcoz they r the Malay faction that helps PH wins the govt!

  13. Aah, don't get racist with all that ketuanan thingy theories.

    ngakorming happens to be Chinese, a "Christian," etc. He would do the same if he was Indian/Malay and Buddist/Muslim.

    Don;t even try to defend one of your "saviours" by twisting the logic. Nothing to do with any race here - this guy is inherently evil and have no place not only in politics, but a proper commercial company.

    He will play politics and use whatever means to get you down.
    Look what he did to Kula (Bravo, Kula. U have the last laugh!)

    He thinks he is King David from the Bible.

    But he is not.

    1. King David of the United Monarchy of the Kingdom of Israel was the most evil man in the Bible. He murdered, raped, betrayed, sodomised (Jonathan), assassinated, committed adultery, plagiarised, was treasonous towards Israel and a liar

  14. I see this platform is still smothered by senseless ad hominem comments by some gangters ala nga style.

    shows how insidious the dap zombie brigade is.

    1. For a newbie calling people like us - dap zombie brigade!

      Same MO as in that now half-dead Malaysia today blog.

      Senseless ad hominem comments?

      U actually meant yrself, right?

      Especially yr relentless 'attacks' on the nga.

      Bloody chicken shit, some more dare to defense that maruah-less seeyitfoong!

      Hell hound from a personal hateful lair. If nga 'offended' u, fight him openly lah. Or u have NO hoot?

  15. Yes Ktemoc,

    Nga thinks he can do as King david did....kill the husband of the woman he lust after...

    In other words, kill anyone in the way of anything he lusts after...

    But still remain holy and righteous in and outside church as he pillories others..

    He chose the name david for a reason, kaytee!